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Accessories, along with weapons and armor, are equippable items in Final Fantasy XII that offer a multitude of effects to the wearer, from preventing negative Status Effectes, granting constant beneficial status effects, to enhancing damage and defense capabilities.

Many enhancing accessories actually correspond to certain augments and the effects do not stack; therefore it is pointless to equip the accessory if the character has already learned the skill on his or her License Board.

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Accessory Effect Cost LP, License Location
Orrachea Armlet Increases max HP by 25. 250 5, Acc.1 Giza Plains, given by Tomaj at the Sandsea.
Bangle Constant Libra status. 500 15, Acc.2 Giza Plains; Ashe joins with one.
Steel Gorget Regular damage is doubled when HP is critical. Same as the Adrenaline augment. 1500 15, Acc.2 Dalmasca Westersand
Armguard[1] Reduces damage taken by half when HP is critical. Same as the Last Stand augment. 800 25, Acc.3 Dalmasca Estersand
Berserker[2] Puts user in Berserk. +2 Def. 800 Dalmasca Estersand
Tourmaline Ring Immune to Poison. 300 25, Acc.3 Dalmasca Westersand, Basch joins with one.
Gauntlets Improves chance to block with a shield (adds 10% to evasion and/or magick evasion, depending which one(s) the equipped shield possesses). 1200 35, Acc.4 Dalmasca Westersand; Wraith hunt reward.
Battle Harness Automatically Counters physical attacks, adds 2 to strength. 1000 35, Acc.4 Dalmasca Westersand; Bazaar
Leather Gorget Raises magick power when HP is critical. Damage is doubled, healing is boosted by 50% and offensive status spells have double the normal accuracy. Same as the Spellbreaker augment. 1500 35, Acc.5 Dalmasca Westersand; Cerobi Steppe
Rose Corsage Immune to Silence. 800 35, Acc.5 Dalmasca Westersand
Amber Armlet Increases physical damage dealt when empty-handed. Same as the Brawler augment. 6600 35, Acc.6 Eruyt Village; Bazaar (Brawler's Fetish)
Sash Immune to Slow. 500 35, Acc.6 Eruyt Village
Argyle Armlet Immune to Blind. 600 40, Acc.7 Eruyt Village
Blazer Gloves Character deals 20% more damage when HP is full. Same as the Focus augment. 3200 40, Acc.7 Eruyt Village
Jade Collar Improves chance of avoiding attacks (grants Parry). 3200 40, Acc.7 Eruyt Village
Jackboots[1] Immune to Immobilize. 600 45, Acc.8 Rabanastre Lowtown, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Germinas Boots[2] Immune to Immobilize. Vit +20, Spd+50. 3600 Rabanastre Lowtown, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Black Belt Immune to Disable, adds 8 to vitality. 600 45, Acc.8 Rabanastre Lowtown, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Golden Amulet Doubles LP earned. Works for reserve members as well. 4500 45, Acc.8 Rabanastre Lowtown, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Magick Gloves Increases magick power when HP is full. Magickal damage +20%, healing +50%, and the accuracy of offensive status spells is doubled. Same as the Serenity augment. 3200 30, Acc.9 Eruyt Village, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Nishijin Belt Immune to Sleep. 800 40, Acc.10 Mt. Bur-Omisace
Thief's Cuffs Improves steal chance and chance of stealing rare items, can steal multiple items at once. 3000 40, Acc.10 Mt. Bur-Omisace
Gillie Boots Immune to Oil. 700 45, Acc.11 Phon Coast, Mt. Bur-Omisace; Bazaar
Quasimodo Boots Immune to Sap. 800 45, Acc.11 Phon Coast, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Ruby Ring Constant Reflect status. 8500 60, Acc.12 Phon Coast, Mt. Bur-Omisace
Firefly Earn no experience, adds 2 to strength. 5000 60, Acc.12 Phon Coast
Steel Poleyns Move safely past traps, adds 1 to defense. 1000 60, Acc.12 Phon Coast
Fuzzy Mitre Immune to Petrify 1200 60, Acc.13 Old Archades
Bowline Sash Immune to Confuse. 1000 60 Old Archades
Winged Boots Constant Float status. 500 60, Acc.13 Old Archades
Pheasant Netsuke Doubles the effect of restorative items and Fangs. 4000 70, Acc.14 Old Archades
Embroidered Tippet Doubles experience earned. 5000 70, Acc.14 Old Archades; Chest in Mosphoran Highwaste; steal from Coeurl
Cameo Belt Improves chance to hit by making it impossible for opponents to parry or block attacks. Character can still miss due to low accuracy. 9000 70, Acc.14 Balfonheim
Power Armlet Immune to Stop, adds 2 to strength. 9000 70, Acc.15 Balfonheim
Opal Ring Ignores enemies' or allies' Reflect status. 16000 70, Acc.15 Balfonheim; Chest in Ridorana Cataract.
Bubble Belt Constant Bubble status (does not fill HP to full like the spell does). 19800 70, Acc.15 Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre; Bazaar; Random treasure in Barheim Passage East-West Bypass (with Diamond Armlet); Reward for Antlion Hunt.
Ring of Renewal Constant Regen status, adds 6 to defense and 5 to magick resist. 18000 70, Acc.16 Necrohol of Nabudis, reward for Seven Sisters sidequest.
Indigo Pendant Character's status spells always hit, unless the target is immune. 5000 70, Acc.16 Inside airship from Balfonheim to Bhujerba (after Giruvegan); Bazaar; steal from Mandragora Prince.
Turtleshell Choker Cast magicks with gil instead of MP. Gil used = 50 x (MP x 1.28). 9300 80, Acc.17 Bhujerba; Bazaar; Random treasure at Barheim Passage East-West Bypass; Steal from Emeralditan.
Agate Ring Nullifies weather and terrain effects on elemental damage. 3000 80, Acc.17 Dalmasca Westersand
Diamond Armlet Chance to obtain rare treasures and more gil from treasure chests. 20000 50, Acc.18 Dalmasca Estersand, rare chest in the Tchita Uplands at the Garden of Lifes Circle area.
Hermes Sandals Constant Haste status. 20000 50, Acc.18 Barheim Passage; Bazaar
Sage's Ring Reduces MP cost by half, absorbs holy damage. 22000 100, Acc.19 Old Archades; Steal from Arioch.
Nihopalaoa Reverses effects of restorative items (Potion, Eye Drops, Remedy, Phoenix Down, etc), affects both allies and enemies. 30000 120, Acc.20 Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre's Muthru Bazaar; Bazaar.
Cat-ear Hood Adds 20 to vitality and 50 to speed. 30000 120, Acc.20 Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre's Muthru Bazaar; Bazaar.
Ribbon Immune to all negative status effects. 150, Ribbon Drops from Vishno and Lv.99 Red Chocobo, treasure in Henne Mines, Cerobi Steppe and Pharos at Ridorana.
Genji Gloves Improves chance of combo attacks. 150, Genji Gear Steal from the first encounter with Gilgamesh.
Goddess's Magicite Increases Magick Resist by 13, but reduces MP to 0. No license required Find in Rabanastre Palace.
Manufacted Nethicite Damage taken from all elemental attacks is halved, but user is in constant silence status. No license required Given to party on the Dreadnought Leviathan. Taken from the party in Henne Mines.
Dawn Shard Increases Magick Resist by 20, but reduces MP to 0. No license required Find in the Tomb of Raithwall.
  • 1 - Does not appear in the International Zodiac Job System version.
  • 2 - Only appears in the International Zodiac Job System version.

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