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Weapon upgrade screen3

Weapon upgrade screen.

Most weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy XIII can be levelled up with components. Once the maximum level (indicated with a star as opposed to the item level appearing in the menu next to the item) has been reached, many are upgradable to another weapon or accessory altogether with catalyst minerals. The ability to upgrade is given early in the game and accomplished at save stations.


Catalysts, which cannot be improperly applied, are components used to upgrade weapons and accessories to their better counterparts. Catalysts can only be applied once the item has reached its maximum level, indicated by a star replacing the item's level in the menu. Trapezohedrons will always be used to transform a two-tier weapon into its third-tier form.

Weapon CatalystsEdit

Catalyst Applied to Becomes
Adamantite Axis BladeEnkindler
Healer's StaffPhysician's Staff
Cobaltite OrganyxApocalypse
Dark Matter ProcyonsBetelgeuse Customs
Perovskite Blazefire SaberFlamberge
Edged CarbineRazor Carbine
Wild BearFeral Pride
Unsetting SunMidnight Sun
Binding RodHunter's Rod
Pearlwing StaffBrightwing Staff
Rod of ThornsOrochi Rod
Vega 42sAltairs
Deneb DuellersCanopus AMPs
Pleiades Hi-PowersHyades Magnums
Bladed LanceGlaive
Scarletite LifesaberPeace Maker
LionheartUltima Weapon
PaladinWinged Saint
Power CircleBattle Standard
PunisherBanescissor Spear
Sacrificial CircleIndomitus
MistilteinnErinye's Cane
Gae BolgGungnir
Pandoran SpearCalamity Spear
Spica DefendersSirius Sidearms
Uraninite GladiusHelter-Skelter
Rebel HeartWarrior's Emblem
FeymarkSoul Blazer
Belladonna WandMalboro Wand
Heavenly AxisAbraxas
RigelsPolaris Specials
Antares DeluxesFomalhaut Elites
Dragoon LanceDragonhorn
Shamanic SpearHeretic Halberd
Taming PoleVenus Gospel

Accessory CatalystsEdit

Catalyst Applied to Becomes
Adamantite Diamond BangleAdamant Bangle
General's BeltChampion's Belt
Witch's BraceletMagus's Bracelet
Cobaltite Tungsten BangleTitanium Bangle
Power WristbandBrawler's Wristband
Magician's MarkShaman's Mark
Ember RingBlaze Ring
Frost RingIcicle Ring
Spark RingFulmen Ring
Aqua RingRiptide Ring
Zephyr RingGale Ring
Clay RingSiltstone Ring
Aurora ScarfNimbletoe Boots
Gold WatchChampion's Badge
Dark Matter Adamant BangleWurtzite Bangle
Power GloveKaiser Knuckles
Weirding GlyphMagistral Crest
Royal ArmletImperial Armlet
RibbonSuper Ribbon
Millerite Iron BangleSilver Bangle
Mnar Stone Mythril BanglePlatinum Bangle
Collector CatalogConnoisseur Catalog
Speed SashEnergy Sash
Fire CharmTwenty-sided Die
Ice CharmTwenty-sided Die
Lightning CharmTwenty-sided Die
Water CharmTwenty-sided Die
Wind CharmTwenty-sided Die
Earth CharmTwenty-sided Die
Perovskite Titanium BangleGold Bangle
Metal ArmbandCeramic Armband
Serenity SachetSafeguard Sachet
Giant's GloveWarlord's Glove
Glass BuckleTektite Buckle
Glass OrbDragonfly Orb
Star PendantStarfall Pendant
Pearl NecklaceGemstone Necklace
Warding TalismanHexbane Talisman
Pain DampenerPain Deflector
White CapeEffulgent Cape
Rainbow AnkletMoonbow Anklet
Cherub's CrownSeraph's Crown
Guardian AmuletShield Talisman
Auric AmuletSoulfront Talisman
Watchman's AmuletShrouding Talisman
Hero's AmuletMorale Talisman
Saint's AmuletBlessed Talisman
Zealot's AmuletBattle Talisman
Flamebane BroochFlameshield Earring
Frostbane BroochFrostshield Earring
Sparkbane BroochSparkshield Earring
Aquabane BroochAquashield Earring
Hermes SandalsSprint Shoes
Champion's BadgeSurvivalist Catalog
Rhodochrosite Silver BangleTungsten Bangle
Whistlewind ScarfAurora Scarf
Scarletite Warrior's WristbandPower Glove
Sorcerer's MarkWeirding Glyph
Tetradic CrownTetradic Tiara
Platinum BangleDiamond Bangle
Uraninite Gold BangleMithril Bangle
Brawler's WristbandWarrior's Wristband
Shaman's MarkSorcerer's Mark
Blaze RingSalamandrine Ring
Fulmen RingRaijin Ring
Icicle RingBoreal Ring
Riptide RingNereid Ring
Siltstone RingGaian Ring
Gale RingSylphid Ring
Black BeltGeneral's Belt
Rune BraceletWitch's Bracelet
Survivalist CatalogCollector Catalog
Hunter's FriendSpeed Sash
Entite RingGoddess's Favor

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