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The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Raises the target's Strength stat, increasing the damage inflicted by physical attacks (+75% Strength). Opposing ailment: Debrave.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Faith

Raises the target's Magic stat, increasing the damage inflicted by magical attacks (+75% Magic). Opposing ailment: Defaith.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Haste

Increases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills (+33% ATB Gauge speed). Most commonly seen by successfully achieving a Preemptive Strike. Opposing ailment: Slow.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Vigilance

Decreases target's odds of being interrupted (+20 "Keep" to all actions). Reduces Wound damage (+33% resistance to Wounds). Opposing ailment: Curse.


Imbues physical attacks with the fire element.


Imbues physical attacks with the ice element.


Imbues physical attacks with the lightning element.


Imbues physical attacks with the wind element.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Protect

Increases the target's resistance to physical attacks (+25% resistance to physical attacks). Opposing ailment: Deprotect.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Shell

Increases the target's resistance to magical attacks (+25% resistance to magical attacks). Opposing ailment: Deshell.


Increases the target's resistance to status aliments (+50% resistance to status ailments).


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Regen

Gradually restores the user's HP.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Raise

When HP reaches zero, this automatically revives the user.


Diminishes the victim's Strength stat (-50% Strength). Cure: Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Bravery, Bravega, Esuna.


Diminishes the victim's Magic stat (-50% Magic). Cure: Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Faith, Faithga, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Deprotect

Reduces the target's resistance to physical attacks (+30% damage from physical attacks). Cure: Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Protect, Protectga, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Deshell

Reduces the target's resistance to magical attacks (+30% damage from magical attacks). Cure: Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Shell, Shellga, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Poison

Deals gradual damage until removed or the effect expires. Cure: Antidote, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Imperil

Reduces the target's resistance to elemental attacks by one tier (Resistant -> Halved -> Normal -> Weakness). Cure: Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Slow

Reduces the rate at which the target's ATB gauge replenishes (-33% ATB Gauge speed).


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Fog

Disables magical abilities for the affected character or monster. Cure: Mallet, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Esuna.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Pain

Prevents the afflicted character or monster from using physical abilities. Cure: Painkiller, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Esuna.


Increases the chance that attacks will interrupt the use of abilities by the victim (-20 "Keep" to all actions). This also heightens "Wound" damage (+33% damage from Wounds). Cure: Holy Water, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Vigilance, Vigilaga, Esuna.


Stuns the target and increases the damage they sustain through attacks (target takes double damage; removed once target is attacked; enemy-only ability). Cure: Foul Liquid, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Esuna.


Sentinel role ability that, when successful, causes enemies to temporarily attack the caster. This allows Sentinels to shield other party members from taking damage.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Doom

Starts a countdown for the afflicted character. Once this expires, they die immediately. Cannot be dispelled or removed; only used by a handful of enemies.

Wound DamageEdit


Reduces the target's maximum HP for the duration of the battle. Cure: Wound Potion.


FFXIII-2 Status Icon Dispel
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