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FFX-2 Status Effects

Several statuses.

The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy X-2.


FFX-2 ACC Up Icon

Raises Accuracy. Effect stacks.


FFX-2 Auto-Life Icon

Automatically revives the affected character when their HP reaches 0.

DEF UpEdit

FFX-2 DEF Up Icon

Raises Defense. Effect stacks.

EVA UpEdit

FFX-2 EVA Up Icon

Raises Evasion. Effect stacks.


FFX-2 Haste Icon

Increases the speed at which the ATB Gauge recharges, but not casting speed.


FFX-2 Invincible Icon

Nullifies all damage, but not status effects. Only attainable via the ability Excellence on the Psychic dressphere in the International and HD Remaster versions of the game, the Hero Drink and the Alchemist's mix Miracle Drink. A similar effect can also be established using Floral Fallal and casting the abilities Barrier and Shield which completely negates magical and physical attacks respectively.


FFX-2 Luck Up Icon

Raises Luck. Effect stacks.

MAG UpEdit

FFX-2 MAG Up Icon

Raises Magic. Effect stacks.


FFX-2 MDEF Up Icon

Raises Magic Defense. Effect stacks.

Null MagicEdit

FFX-2 Null Magic Icon

Nullifies magic damage. Only attainable via the Magic Guard on the Psychic dressphere in the International and HD Remaster versions of the game and the special dressphere Floral Fallal's Barrier ability.

Null PhysicalEdit

FFX-2 Null Physical Icon

Nullifies physical damage. Only attainable via the Physics Guard on the Psychic dressphere in the International and HD Remaster versions of the game and the special dressphere Floral Fallal's Shield ability.



FFX-2 Protect Icon

Temporarily halves physical damage.

Game Element Type Effect
Protect White Magic Reduces damage done by physical attacks.
Assault Swordplay Grants Berserk, Shell, Haste, and Protect to the party.
Flurry Guard Flurry Restore one character's HP and cast Protect.
No Fear Bushido Bestows Protect and Shell on the user.
Moogle Wall Kupo! Casts Shell and Protect on one ally.
Moogle Wallja Kupo! Casts Shell and Protect on party.
Tough Nuts Fallalery Reduce physical damage inflicted on the party.
Protector Machinations Cast Protect on the party.
Auto-Protect Ability Automatically casts Protect.
SOS Protect Ability Casts Protect when HP is low.
Adamantite Accessory Generates constant Protect and Shell effects.
Defense Bracer Accessory Generates constant Protect and Shell effects.
Shining Bracer Accessory Generates constant Protect effect.


FFX-2 Reflect Icon

Reflects magic attacks back at user.


FFX-2 Regen Icon

Regenerates HP over time.


FFX-2 Shell Icon

Temporarily halves magic damage.


Magics and Abilities cost no MP.

STR UpEdit

FFX-2 STR Up Icon

Raises Strength. Effect stacks.

ACCU DownEdit

FFX-2 ACC Down Icon

Decreases Accuracy. Effect stacks.


The current pending action of the character is canceled.


FFX-2 Berserk Icon

The afflicted character has increased Attack but uncontrollably attacks enemies. Wears off on its own.


FFX-2 Confuse Icon

The afflicted character uses random actions on enemies and allies alike. Wears off on its own.


FFX-2 Curse Icon

The character cannot spherechange. Wears off on its own.


FFX-2 Blind Icon

Makes physical attacks more likely to miss. Does not wear off on its own.


FFX-2 Doom Icon

A timer appears over the target's head, and when it hits 0 the target instantly dies. Wears off upon death or when the battle ends.


Increases the ATB bar of the character's current pending action.

Defense DownEdit

FFX-2 DEF Down Icon

Decreases Defense. Effect stacks.


Forcefully removes target from battle. Equivalent to instant death.

EVA DownEdit

FFX-2 EVA Down Icon

Decreases Evasion. Effect stacks.


FFX-2 Itchy Icon

Disables all commands except Escape and Spherechange. Effect wears off after a spherechange.


FFX-2 Death Icon

Target cannot participate in battle.

LUCK DownEdit

FFX-2 Luck Down Icon

Decreases Luck. Effect stacks.

Magic Def. DownEdit

FFX-2 MDEF Down Icon

Decreases Magic Defense. Effect stacks.

Magic DownEdit

FFX-2 MAG Down Icon

Decreases Magic. Effect stacks.


FFX-2 Petrify Icon

Turns the target to stone. Can be cured, but character will shatter if physically attacked and removed from the fight. Does not wear off after battle.


FFX-2 Pointless Icon

Character does not receive EXP or AP during or after battle.


FFX-2 Poison Icon

Character takes damage over time. Does not wear off after battle.


May occur to a Petrified target if physically attacked, completely removing the target from the fight.


FFX-2 Silence Icon

Character cannot use Magic or Songstress's Sing command.


FFX-2 Sleep Icon

Character becomes unable to act. Wears off by itself or if attacked.


FFX-2 Slow Icon

ATB Gauge takes longer to refill. Wears off by itself.


FFX-2 Stop Icon

ATB Gauge and charging stops completely. Psychic's Time Trip can also inflict a variation that freezes everything onscreen except the user for 10 seconds.

Strength DownEdit

FFX-2 STR Down Icon

Decreases Strength. Effect stacks.


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