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X-2LM Auto-Abilities in Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission are gained by equipping a specific combination of dresspheres or an accessory. Auto-abilities obtained through dressphere combinations have a corresponding accessory with the same effect that is obtained after the player gains enough AP while having the auto-ability.


Ability AP Effect Usable via
1/2 Damage 87 Halves all damage received. Dresspheres: Gun Mage + White Mage + Mascot
Accessory: Soldier's Bandana
50% Discount 70 Items are 50% cheaper in shops. Dresspheres: Warrior + Samurai + Dark Knight
Accessory: VIP Card
Accuracy Training 50 Accuracy goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Gun Mage + Songstress
Accessory: Third Eye Rune
Berserkproof 40 Prevents the Berserk status. Dresspheres: Thief + Festivalist
Accessory: Flower Hairpin
Confuseproof 55 Prevents the Confusion status. Dresspheres: Gunner + Dark Knight
Accessory: Rune of Sanity
Curse Guard 40 Prevents the Curse status. Dresspheres: Lady Luck + Festivalist
Accessory: Hex Ward
Darkproof 55 Prevents the Darkness status. Dresspheres: Samurai + Festivalist
Accessory: Radiant Mascara
Darktouch 60 Inflicts Darkness when attacking physically. Dresspheres: Gun Mage + Dark Knight
Accessory: Dusk Choker
Detect Enemies 40 See all fiends' location on current floor. Dresspheres: Alchemist + Mascot
Accessory: Moon Goggles
Dress Guard 40 Prevents dresspheres from being removed. Dresspheres: Alchemist + Songstress
Accessory: Body Chains
Defeat to Heal HP 65 Recover HP after defeating an enemy. Dresspheres: Warrior + Songstress
Accessory: Asuran Seal
Defeat to Heal MP 75 Recover MP after defeating an enemy. Dresspheres: Gunner + Festivalist
Accessory: Larva Claw
Defensive Training 50 Defense goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Thief + Berserker
Accessory: Fighter Headband
Detect All Traps 75 All traps from the current floor are shown on the mini-map. Dresspheres: Thief + Trainer
Accessory: Trap Sensor
Detect Nearby Traps 50 Reveals traps if the character walks close to them. Dresspheres: Black Mage + Lady Luck
Accessory: Ninja's Comb
Doomproof 60 Prevents the Doom status. Dresspheres: Samurai + Dark Knight + Trainer
Accessory: Longevity Charm
Double Gil 50 Doubles earned Gil. Dresspheres: Psychic + Festivalist
Accessory: Sure Hands
Evade Traps 75 Traps do not activate under any circumstance. Dresspheres: Songstress + Thief + Psychic
Accessory: Stealth Cape
Evasion Training 50 Evasion goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Lady Luck + Mascot
Accessory: Steel Sandals
Fireproof 30 Nullify Fire-elemental attacks. Dresspheres: Gunner + White Mage
Accessory: Extinguisher Hood
Gil for EXP 60 Receive Gil instead of EXP. Dresspheres: Gunner + Psychic
Accessory: Silver Spoon
Gil for Damage 60 Receive gil equivalent to damage received. Dresspheres: Thief + Samurai
Accessory: Thrifty Purse
Gil Guard 40 Prevents the Gil Drop status. Dresspheres: Samurai + Mascot
Accessory: Purse String
Grace Under Pressure 45 Doubles damage dealt when HP is critical. Dresspheres: Samurai + Psychic
Accessory: Swan Feather
HP Heal Over Time 65 Restores a small amount of HP every few turns. Dresspheres: White Mage + Trainer + Mascot
Accessory: Bandage
Iceproof 30 Nullify Ice-elemental attacks. Dresspheres: Berserker + Songstress
Accessory: Heating Pad
Immobileproof 40 Prevents the Immobile status. Dresspheres: Warrior + Psychic
Accessory: Windy Pedicure
Impenetrable Front 97 No damage taken from frontal attacks. Dresspheres: Warrior + Berserker + Psychic
Accessory: Armored Vest
Lightning Eater N/A Absorb Lightning-elemental attacks. Accessory: Ltng. Dragon Ring
Lightningproof 30 Nullify Lightning-elemental attacks. Dresspheres: Black Mage + Trainer
Accessory: Lightning Rod
Magic Defense Training 50 Magic Defense goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Alchemist + Black Mage
Accessory: Spirit Emblem
Magic Training 50 Magic goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Dark Knight + White Mage
Accessory: Witch Earrings
Marksman 75 Attacks never miss. Dresspheres: Gunner + Gun Mage + Alchemist
Accessory: Sniper Cuffs
MP Cost Protection 40 Prevents the Double MP status. Dresspheres: Gun Mage + Trainer
Accessory: Fiendlord Sigil
MP Heal Over Time 75 Restores a small amount of MP every few turns. Dresspheres: Gun Mage + Dark Knight + Black Mage
Accessory: Magical Lip Gloss
Physical Training 50 Strength goes up easier when leveling up. Dresspheres: Warrior + Trainer
Accessory: Wristband
Poisontouch 70 Inflicts Poison when attacking physically. Dresspheres: Berserker + White Mage
Accessory: Viper Fang
Secret Items 87 Additional items appear on shop inventories. Dresspheres: Mascot + Festivalist
Accessory: Special Pass
Shoplift 75 Steal items while in a shop. Dresspheres: Gunner + Thief + Lady Luck
Accessory: Thief's Card
Silenceproof 40 Prevents the Silence status. Dresspheres: Songstress + Black Mage
Accessory: Megaphone
Sleepproof 55 Prevents the Sleep status. Dresspheres: Alchemist + Berserker
Accessory: Vigilance Sash
Slowproof 55 Prevents the Slow status. Dresspheres: White Mage + Lady Luck
Accessory: Fairy Socks

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