FFV Accessory Icon iOSThis is a list of all accessories available in Final Fantasy V. This was the first game in the series to have an accessory system.

List of accessoriesEdit

Generic accessoriesEdit

These are the accessories that can be equipped by most jobs.

Name Cost Def. (Defense) M. Def. (Magic Defense) M. Eva. (Magic Evasion) W. (Weight) Acquired Image
Leather Shoes 1 1 0 1 Drop: Black Goblin
Steal: Melusine, Minotaur
Find: Tule (x2)
Fashionable and comfy!
Silver Specs
(Silver Glasses)
1 1 3 1 Drop: Iron Claw
Steal: Page 64, Headstone, Vilia
Find: Walse
Immune to Blind
Glasses that prevent darkness.
Reflect Ring
(Wall Ring)
0 0 0 1 Drop: Reflect Knight, Parthenope, Leviathan
Steal: Reflect Mage, Carbuncle, Barrier, Calofisteri, Fury, Lemure
Find: Istory Falls
Grants user Auto-Reflect.
Ring with the same effect as Reflect.
Hermes Sandals
(Winged Shoes)
50000 0 3 5 1 Buy: Phantom Village
Drop: Cherie
Find: Interdimensional Rift
Grants user Auto-Haste. Immune to Slow, Stop, Paralyze, and Sleep.
Shoes with the same effect as Haste.
Elven Mantle
(Elf Cloak)
0 3 5 1 Drop: Halicarnassus
Steal: Cherie
Find: Castle Walse, Karnak Castle, Moogle Village
Speed +1, Magic +1. 33% chance of evading attacks
Cloak that sometimes evades physical attacks.
Flame Ring
(Fire Ring)
50000 5 5 5 1 Buy: Istory, Phantom Village
Steal: Red Dragon
Find: Great Sea Trench
Absorbs Fire. Immune to Ice. Weak to Water.
Ring infused with the power of fire.
Coral Ring 50000 5 5 5 1 Buy: Istory, Phantom Village
Drop: Yellow Dragon
Steal: Parthenope
Find: Interdimensional Rift
Absorbs Water. Immune to Fire. Weak to Lightning.
Ring infused with the power of water.
Angel Ring 50000 5 10 10 1 Buy: Istory, Phantom Village
Drop: Vilia
Steal: Druid, Baldanders
Find: Interdimensional Rift
Immune to Instant Death, Old, and Zombie.
Ring that resists aging and zombification.
Protect Ring 10 10 10 1 Steal: Soul Cannon (Phoenix Tower), Odin
Find: Istory Falls, Pyramid of Moore, Island Shrine
Stamina +5. Grants user Auto-Regen.
Ring with same effect as Regen.
Cursed Ring
(Hex Ring)
25 5 10 1 Steal: Fury, Hades
Find: Pyramid of Moore
User starts battles with Doom.
Ring cursed with Doom!
Hyper Wrist 3 0 0 Find: Sealed Temple
Advance only. Strength +5, Attack +10
Wristband that increases attack.
Chaos Orb 0 8 10 1 Drop: Archeodemon
Advance only. Starts battles with Sap unless character has Undead ability or is a Necromancer, in which Regen is set instead. Raises power of all elemental attacks except Water by 50%.
Dark orb that increases the power of elemental magic.
Crystal Orb 0 20 0 1 Drop: Guardian
Advance only. Magic +5
Orb full of magic.
Sorceror's Mantle 0 0 20 1 Find: Sealed Temple
Advance only. Evasion +10%. Halves all elemental damage
Cloak that nullifies all elemental attacks.

Command-specific accessoriesEdit

These accessories can be equipped by most jobs, too, but they are especially useful for commands specific to some jobs.

Name Cost Defense Magic Defense Weight Acquired Image
Red Slippers (Red Shoes) 11 0 1 Steal: Cherie
Find: Interdimensional Rift
Can only be equipped by Dancers. Magic Evasion +3. Increases success rate of Flirt and chances of using Sword Dance through Dance. Immune to Confuse. Useful for the Dancer job.
Shoes that inspire the performance of Sword Dance.
Thief's Gloves 4 0 1 Steal: Sekhmet, Necrophobe
Find: Fire-Powered Ship
Can only be equipped by Thieves. Speed +1. Doubles Steal rate from 40% to 80%.
Increases the chance of successful steals.
Kaiser Knuckles 8 0 1 Drop: Steel Fist
Find: Great Sea Trench
Strength +5. Increases attack by 50 if barehanded. Useful for the Monk job.
Gloves favored by martial artists.
Kornago Gourd 0 0 15 Steal: Omniscient
Find: Quelb (give old man 10000 Gil and a Kornago)
Reduces requirement of using Catch from having to reduce enemy's HP to 12.5% to 50%. Useful for the Beastmaster job.
Increases the success rate of catching enemies.


Gauntlets can only be equipped by Knights, Dragoons, Samurais, Berserkers, Mystic Knights, Gladiators, and Mimes.

Name Cost Defense Magic Defense Weight Acquired Image
Mythril Gloves 600 3 0 5 Buy: Karnak
Drop: Mythril Dragon
Find: Fire-Powered Ship
Gloves forged from mythril.
Gauntlets 3000 6 1 5 Buy: Castle of Bal, Quelb, Castle Surgate
Steal: Gilgamesh (4th encounter), Prototype, Mecha Head
Gloves preferred by knights.
Genji Gloves 12 1 6 Steal: Gilgamesh (3rd battle) Genjiglove
Immune to Toad and Paralyze.
Gloves that prevent toad and paralysis.
Titan's Gloves (Giant's Gloves) 9 1 10 Steal: Azulmagia Giantg
Strength +5, Stamina +5, Magic -5, Speed -5. Immune to Mini
Gloves that prevent mini status.


Armlets can only be equipped by jobs that cannot equip Heavy Armor.

Name Cost Defense Magic Defense Weight Acquired Image
Silver Armlet (Silver Armband) 500 2 3 3 Buy: Karnak Silverarmband
Magic Evasion +5
Shiny and effective!
Power Armlet (Power Wrist) 2500 3 0 Buy: Quelb
Steal: Abductor, Shadow Dancer
Strength +3
Wristband that increases strength.
Diamond Armlet (Diamond Armband) 4000 4 5 3 Buy: Moore
Drop: Imp, Executor
Magic Evasion +5
A girl's best friend.

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  • The item description for the Diamond Armlet is "A girl's best friend," a reference to the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."