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This is a list of the items that can be found in Final Fantasy V.

Recovery ItemsEdit

RPGe Name PS Name GBA Name Cost Description
Potion Tonic Potion 40 Restores 50 HP.
Hi-Potion Potion Hi-Potion 360 Restores 500 HP.
Tent Tent Tent 250 Restores some HP and MP.
Cabin Cottage Cottage 600 Fully restores party's HP and MP.
Ether Ether Ether 1500 Restores 40 MP.
PhenixDwn Phoenix Down Phoenix Down 1000 Revives a KO'd ally.
Elixir Elixir Elixir 50,000 Fully restores HP and MP.
Antidote Antidote Antidote 30 Cures Poison.
Soft Soft Gold Needle 150 Cures Stone.
Eye Drop Eye Drop Eye Drops 20 Cures Blind.
Maiden's Kiss Maiden Kiss Maiden's Kiss 60 Cures Toad.
Luck Mallet Cornucopia Mallet 50 Cures Mini.
Revivify Holy Water Holy Water 150 Cures Zombie.

Mix ItemsEdit

RPGe Name PS Name GBA Name Cost Description
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell Turtle Shell None Chemist mixing ingredient.
Power Drink Power Drink Power Drink 110 Is meant to raise attack power, but is bugged.
Speed Drink Speed Drink Speed Drink 110 Casts Haste.
Giant Drink Giant Drink Goliath Tonic 110 Doubles max HP.
Hero Drink Hero Drink Hero Cocktail 110 Raises strength.
Protect Drink Hard Body Iron Draft 110 Raises defense.
Dragon Fang Dragon Fang Dragon Fang None Chemist mixing ingredient.
Dark Matter Dark Matter Dark Matter None Chemist mixing ingredient.
N/A N/A Buckshot 200 Use with Cannoneer's "Combine" ability.
N/A N/A Blastshot 500 Use with Cannoneer's "Combine" ability.
N/A N/A Blitzshot 800 Use with Cannoneer's "Combine" ability.

Misc. ItemsEdit

RPGe Name PS Name GBA Name Obtained Description
Shoat Shoat Catoblepas Win: Catoblepas Use to learn Catoblepas summon.
Ramuh Ramuh Ramuh Win: Ramuh Use to learn Ramuh summon.
Golem Golem Golem Win: Golem by defeating enemies instead of ???? Use to learn Golem summon.
Omega Medal Omega Badge Omega Badge By defeating Omega. Proof of defeating Omega.
Dragon Crest Dragon Seal Dragon Seal By defeating Shinryu. Proof of defeating Shinryu.
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp Magic Lamp From the waterfall after riding Boco. Calls a summon from Bahamut backwards.
N/A N/A Medal of Smiting Complete Cloister of the Dead. Proof of completing the Cloister of the Dead.

Key ItemsEdit

RPGe Name PS Name GBA Name Obtained Description
Adamantium Adamantite Defeat Adamantoise. Used to warp to Galuf's World.
Canal Key Canal Key Receive in Tule from old man in the northern house. Used to open the Torna Canal.
? Memento Memento Automatically at beginning of game. Keepsake from Bartz's father.
Galuf's Brace Bracelet Galuf's Bangle After Galuf dies Memento of Galuf.
Pendant Pendant Pendant Automatically obtained when Lenna and Faris join the party, respectively. One half of a mystic royal jewel.
Dragon Grass Receive in North Mountain and in Drakenvale after defeating Dragon Pod. Needed to heal dragon.
Echo Plant Whisper Grass Whisper Weed Given to the party by Xezat. Allows you to speak across great distances.
Elder Branch Elder's Branch Guardian Branch Given to the party by Ghido. Opens the way to Moore's Forest.
Sealed Book Seal Book Sealed Tome Received at the Library of the Ancients in World 3. Shows the way to the legendary stones of Kuza.
World Map World Map World Map After a scene in the Ship Graveyard. Ancient map of the lands of the world.
N/A N/A Dungeon Key Given by the man in the Hall of Tranquility Key to the cell beneath the Sealed Temple.
Lithograph First Tablet/Second Tablet/Third Tablet/Fourth Tablet Received at the end of the Pyramid of Moore, Great Sea Trench, Istory Falls, and Island Shrine. Used to unlock the 12 Legendary Weapons.
N/A N/A Medal of Smiting Complete Cloister of Trials.


Special ListEdit

This section is dedicated to the drops, steals, and finds of the above items.

Recovery ItemsEdit

GBA Name Acquire
Potion Win: ????, Big Horn, Black Goblin, Bandersnatch, Bomb, Double Lizard, Elf Toad, Fins, Fishite, Karnak, Nut Eater, Page 128, Page 32, Pyramidia, Radiator, Sandboil, Spizzoner, Tarantula, Thunderpits, Tiny Mage, Trent, Twin Lizard, Verminator, Water Scorpion, Y-Burn, Byurobolos, Abductor
Steal: ???, A Rage, Acrophis, Adamangolem, Aquagel, Aquazone, Baretta, Big Horn, Black Goblin, Bandersnatch, Bomb, Cactus, Centipeelr, Cool Dust, Corral, Crew Dust, Crystal Slugs, DeemMaster, Defeater, Desertpedo, Diablo, Dragon Zombie, Druid, Elf Toad, Fan Wizards, Ferry Walk, Fins, Ghilacat, Gloom Widow, Gobbldigoo, Harpy, Ice Soldier, Ifrit (Metamorpha), Imp, Iron Dress, Karnak, Killer Bee, Kornago, Landsquid, Land Turtle, Landwort, Level Checker, Lumber Beast, Level Tripper, Magic Dragon, Mercury Bat, Money Mage, Mummy, Nut Eater, Octofist, Paddle Thru, Page 32, Page 64, Pao, Radiator, Ramuh (Metamorpha), Rock Cutter, Sandboil, Sergeant, Shell Fish, Shiva (Metamorpha), Slug, Soccer, Spizzoner, Steel Bat, Stray Cat, Stroper, Tatoo, Trent, Unknown (All), Verminator, Water Scorpion, Weresnake, White Snake, Wild Dog, Y-Burn, Zefa Zone, Wingraptor, Garula, Flame Thrower, Rocket Gun, Titan, Gargoyle, Omniscient, Alte Roi
Find: Tule (x2), Wind Shrine (x5), Pirate's Hideout (x10), Ship Graveyard
Hi-Potion Win: Adamngolem, Armon, Baretta, Blizzard, Centipeelr, Corbett, DeemMaster, Ferry Walk, Freeziabat, Grand Mummy, Grenade, Imp, Level Tripper, Magnities, Mamon, Mercury Bat, Shell Fish, Stone Golem, Weresnake, Y-Burn, Garula, Titan, Gargoyle, Exoray, Dark Elemental (2nd type), Mini Satana
Steal: A Rage, Abductor, Adamngolem, Aquagel, Archeotoad, Armon, Auspices, Bald Money, Big Butterfly, Blizzard, Bludgeoner, Centipeelr, Cure Beast, Devourer, Freeziabat, Gloom Widow, Gobbldigoo, Grand Mummy, Gravidead, Grenade, Grimalkin, Harpy, Hyudra, Imp, Kuzer, Landsquid, LilChariot, Magic Pot, Magic Dragon, Mamon, Maximums, Metamorpha, Mog Eater, Moss Fungus, Mummy, Page 256, Pao, Poltergeist, QuadrHarpy, Red Dragon, Red Harpy, Rock Status, Ronka Knight, Sea Devil, Shadow, Shell Bear, Sleepy, Trent, Stones, Soul Cannon (Phoenix Tower), Unknown (All), Garula, Launcher, Abductor, Gilgamesh (1st), Barrier, Exoray, Dark Elemental (2nd type), Assassin, Mini Satana
Find: Tycoon Castle, Ronka Ruins, Island Shrine, Fork Tower
Tent Win: Drippy, Iron Dress, Pao, Tatoo, Karl Boss
Steal: Sand Crawler, Skull Eater, Duelist
Find: Tule (x2), Wind Shrine, Pirate's Hideout, Ship Graveyard, Walz Castle, Jacole Cave
Cottage Win:' Duelist
Steal: Blue Dragon, Yojimbo, Catastroph
Find: Kerwin, Tycoon Castle (x3), Fire Ship, Ronka Ruins, Moogle Forest, Valley of the Dragons, Moore Forest, Pyramid of Moore, Interdimensional Rift - Ruins
Ether Win: Galacjelly, Ghilacat, Reflect Mage, Skelasaur, Sorcerer, Subterran, White Flame, Launcher, Abductor, Dark Elemental (3rd type)
Steal: Crystelle, Druid, Hyudra, Level Checker, Lumber Beast, Mottletrap, Page 128, Prototype, Soul Cannon (Phoenix Tower), Tiny Mage, Tote Avis, Water Bus, Yellow Dragon, Flame Thrower, Rocket Gun, Atomos, Grand Aevis, Dark Elemental (3rd type)
Find: Tule, Pirate's Hideout, Tycoon Castle (x2), Walz Tower, Library of Ancients, Ronka Ruins, Moogle Forest, Moore Forest, Ex-Death's Castle (x2), Island Shrine (x2), Fork Tower, Istory Falls, Great Sea Trench, Interdimensional Rift - Ruins
Phoenix Down Win: A Rage, Aquaus, Death Dealer, Druid, Gobbldigoo, Harpy, Hypnot, Kuzer, Oculus, Page 64, QuadrHarpy, Wingraptor, KimaBrain, Dragon Bulb, Behemoth
Steal: Archeosaur, Behemoth King, Hpynot, Pantera, Subterran, Ifrit, Gargoyle, Twin Tania (1st form), Ex-Death (2nd), Archeodemon, Behemoth
Find: Tycoon Meteor, Tule, Ship Graveyard (x2), North Mountain, Tycoon Castle (x2), Walz Castle, Fire Ship, Library of Ancients, Ronka Ruins, Grove of Moogles, Moogle Forest, Valley of the Dragons, Moore Forest, Istory Falls, Great Sea Trench, Phoenix Tower (x4)
Elixir Win: Alcumia, Crystal Slugs, Cure Beast, Fan Wizard, Harpy, Hypnot, Kuzer, La Mage, Landcrawler, Level Checker, Lumber Beast, Magic Pot, Mauldwin, Skull Eater, Sybaritic, Zefa Zone, Zuu, Gilgamesh (3rd), Tyrasaurus, Dragon Grass
Steal: Blockhead, Crystal Dragon, Tonberry, Fan Wizard, Flare, Gigas, Harpy, Pantera, Red Dragon, White Flame, Zuu, Zefa Zone, Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Ex-Death, Pantera, Triton, Nergade, Phobos, Leviathan, Catastroph, Azulmagia, Necrophobe, Neo Shinryu, Omega Mk.II
Find: Tycoon Castle (x2), Fire Ship (x3), Karnak Castle (x6), Ronka Ruins, Moore Forest, Ex-Death's Castle (x2), Pyramid of Moore (x4), Island Shrine, Interdimensional Rift - Ruins (x2), N-Zone
Antidote Win: Aquazone, Auspices, Bio Soldier, Moss Fungus, Poison Eagle, Sand Killer, Subterran, Wing Killer
Steal: Armon, Auspices, Bio Soldier, Desertpedo, Mandrake, Python, Sand Bear, Succubus, T-Wrecks, Dinozombie
Find: Ship Graveyard (x2), Kerwin
Gold Needle Win: Adamngolem, Cybis, Death Claw, Gatlings, Hedgehog, Rock Statue, Silent Bee, Catastroph, Medusa
Steal: Cactus, Cockataur, Cybis, Gatlings, Golem, Hedgehog, Hypnot, Oculus, Skelasaur, Stoned Mask, Stone Golem, Triton, Nergade, Phobos, Medusa
Find: North Mountain
Eye Drops Win: Blind Wolf, Crew Dust, Jestrex, Kornago, Python, Sergeant
Steal: Blind Wolf, Cool Dust, Galacjelly, Mandrake, Subterran, White Flame, Byurobolos
Maiden's Kiss Win: Elf Toad, Mellusion
Steal: Alcumia, Brand Lamia, Garula, Kestrel, Lamia, Ridicule
Find: Tycoon Castle, Walz Tower
Mallet Win: Shade Dancer
Steal: Liquid Flame (Phoenix Tower), Byblos
Holy Water Win: Bald Money, Blood Slime, Grimalkin, Landsquid, Mummy, Necromancer, Red Harpy, Shadow, The Damned, Soul Eater
Steal: Blood Slime, Death Dealer, Ferry Walk, Grand Mummy, Necromancer, The Damned, Alte Roit, Soul Eater

Mix ItemsEdit

GBA Name Acquire
Turtle Shell Win: Glastos, Sea Devil, Adamantaim, Carbuncle
Steal: Cycloskull, Glastos, Land Turtle, Sybaritic, JuraAvis
Find: Istory Falls
Power Drink Win: Dual Knight, Sand Crawler, Unknown (1 & 2), Falzer, Nergade
Steal: Cowpoke, Dragon Great, Dual Knight, Pyramidia, Ronka Knight, Ultragigas
Speed Drink Win: Aquagel, Black Flame, Cowpoke, Defeater, Unknown (3), Flame Thrower
Steal: Berserker, Black Flame, Jestrex
Goliath Tonic Win: Big Butterfly, Gigas, Iron, Iron Giant, Neogigas, Ultragigas, Phobos
Steal: Iron, Carbuncle
Find: Moore Forest, Istory Falls
Hero Cocktail Win: Ridicule
Steal: Death Claw, Fall Guard, Iron Claw, Neogigas, Gilgamesh (2nd)
Find: Val
Iron Draft Win: Groundpede, Nile, Unknown (4), Biblos, Rocket Gun, Triton
Steal: Corra, Cowpoke, QuadrHarpy, Harpy, Adamantaim
Find: Island Shrine
Dragon Fang Win: Archeosaur, Blue Dragon, Dragon Avis, Dragon Great, Dragon Zombie, Hyudra, Succubus, T-Wrecks, JuraAvis, Claret Dragon, Dinozombie
Steal: Aquaus, Blue Dragon, Dragon Great, Mini Dragon, Red Dragon, Skelasaur, KimaBrain
Find: Island Shrine, Great Sea Trench, Interdimensional Rift - Forest
Dark Matter Win: Aquaus, Desertpedo, Prototype, Red Dragon, Skelasaur, Ex-Death Soul, Atomos
Steal: Dragon Zombie, Oculus, Stingray, Biblos, Stoker
Find: Pyramid of Moore (x7), Island Shrine, Interdimensional Rift - Ruins
Buckshot Buy: Crescent after obtaining first three bonus jobs
Win: Dark Elemental (1st type)
Steal: Dark Elemental (1st type)
Find: Various chests in Sealed Temple
Blastshot Buy: Crescent after obtaining first three bonus jobs
Steal: Launcher, Claret Dragon
Find: Various chests in Sealed Temple
Blitzshot Buy: Crescent after obtaining first three bonus jobs
Steal: Wave Cannon, Guardian
Find: Various chests in Sealed Temple



  • Due to a bug, the Power Drink does not increase the player's attack power but rather the attack power on Goblin Punch in the SNES version.
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