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This is a list of all the accessories that appear in the game Final Fantasy VII. All accessories in Final Fantasy VII can be equipped by everyone.

Accessories are sorted by price, that is strongly related to their usefulness. Accessories that cannot be bought are listed afterwards, as more rare and valuable. If looking for a particular one, press Ctrl+F.

The costs displayed here are the buy prices for these accessories. Not all accessories can be bought in stores, however, sell prices are calculated as half the buy price.

Improving attributesEdit

Accessory Price Acquired
Protect Vest
FF7 Protect vest
3500 Buy: Rocket Town
Drop: Rufus
Vitality +10
FF7 Talisman
4000 Buy: Gongaga Village, Rocket Town (disc 2 & 3)
Drop: Sample:H0512
Spirit +10
Power Wrist
FF7 Power wrist
7500 Buy: Rocket Town
Drop: Bottomswell
Strength +10
FF7 Earrings
[EarringsName in BradyGames guide]
7500 Buy: Rocket Town
Magic +10
Choco Feather
FF7 Chocofeather
10000 Buy: Wutai
Find: Battle Square (win all 8 battles when searching for Keystone)
Dexterity +10
FF7 Amulet
10000 Buy: Mideel
Luck +10
Champion Belt
FF7 Champion belt
(Championship BeltName when obtained.)
2 Find: Battle Square (40960 BPBefore Tiny Bronco / 25600 BPAfter Tiny Bronco / 16000 BPAfter Highwind)
Strength +30; Vitality +30
FF7 Circlet
2 Steal: Ultimate Weapon (air battles), Snow, Ho-chu
Magic +30; Spirit +30
Tough Ring
FF7 Touph ring
(Touph RingPlayStation name)
[Tough RingName in BradyGames guide—notable since guide was for PlayStation version]
2 Steal: Turks:Reno (Sunken Gelnika, Midgar Subway)
Vitality +50; Spirit +50
Curse Ring
FF7 Curse ring
2 Find: Mideel (examine door in shop, then go outside Accessory shop and search bridge until hearing a creaking noise. Check spot for 'Old Bent Key', then use key on door and pick option about trying to open door. Only before Ultimate Weapon attacks Mideel)
Steal: Ultimate Weapon - Mideel
Strength +35; Dexterity +15; Vitality +15; Spirit +15; Luck +10; Magic +35. Start battle with Death Sentence.

Improving statusEdit

Accessory Price Acquired
Sprint Shoes
FF7 Sprint shoes
500 Find: Gold Saucer (talk to woman outside Battle Square after winning all 8 rounds of Special Battle)
Prize: Chocobo Square (A Rank)
Automatically start battle with Haste.
Fury Ring
FF7 Fury ring
5000 Buy: Gongaga Village
Find: Battle Square (2560 BPBefore Tiny Bronco)
Automatically puts character in Berserk status.
Protect Ring
FF7 Protect ring
9000 Steal: Schizo - Right Neck
Morph: Mover
Automatically start battle with Barrier and MBarrier.
Reflect Ring
FF7 Reflect ring
12000 Drop: Jenova∙DEATH
Steal: Ultimate Weapon (ground battles only)
Automatically start battle with Reflect.
Sneak Glove
FF7 Sneak glove
129000 Buy: Wall Market (disc 2 & 3)
Increases Steal % rate.
FF7 Hypnocrown
2 Find: City of the Ancients (Corel Valley)
Increases Manipulation % rate.

Preventing status ailmentsEdit

Accessory Price Acquired
Silver Glasses
FF7 Silver glasses
3000 Buy: Junon (disc 1), Gongaga Village
Find: Junon (score 50 or less, during Rufus's send-off)
Prevents Blind.
FF7 Headband
3000 Buy: Junon (Disc 1), Gongaga Village
Prevents Sleep.
Star Pendant
FF7 Star pendant
4000 Buy: Gongaga Village
Find: Shinra Headquarters (trade in Coupon A), Mt. Corel (lefthand side when falling off tracks)
Drop: Motor Ball
Prevents Poison.
White Cape
FF7 White cape
5000 Buy: Gongaga Village, Mideel
Drop: Jenova∙BIRTH
Prevents Toad and Mini.
Fairy Ring
FF7 Fairy ring
7000 Buy: Mideel
Find: Cave of the Gi
Prevents Poison and Blind.
Jem Ring
FF7 Jem ring
7500 Buy: Mideel
Drop: Materia Keeper
Prevents Petrify, Gradual Petrify and Paralyze.
Peace Ring
FF7 Peace ring
7500 Buy: Rocket Town (Disc 2 & 3)
Find: Fort Condor (win 2nd battle)
Drop: Rapps
Prevents Berserk, Fury, Sadness, and Confuse.
Safety Bit
FF7 Safety bit
7500 Buy: Rocket Town (disc 2 & 3)
Find: Great Glacier, Wonder Square (Snowboarding game - get 89+ points on Course A)
Prevents Death, Death Sentence, Slow-numb, and Petrify.
FF7 Ribbon
2 Find: Gaea's Cliff, Temple of the Ancients, Battle Square (win 10 Special Battles)
Morph: Ho-chu and Master Tonberry
Prevents Sleep, Poison, Sadness, Fury, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Mini, Slow-numb, Petrify, Death sentence, Berserk, Paralysis, and Darkness.

Reducing damageEdit

Accessory Price Acquired
Fire Ring
FF7 Fire ring
8000 Buy: Mideel
Find: Costa del Sol (Villa Basement)
Nullifies Fire elemental damage.
Ice Ring
FF7 Ice ring
8000 Buy: Mideel
Drop: Chekhov
Nullifies Ice elemental damage.
Bolt Ring
FF7 Bolt ring
8000 Buy: Mideel
Find: Talk to Sleeping Man in cave near Junon, when last two digits of battle numbers are 22, 44, 66, or 88.
Nullifies Lightning elemental damage.
Water Ring
FF7 Water ring
[Water BraceletName in BradyGames guide]
2 Find: Coral Valley
Steal: Serpent, Acrophies
Absorbs Water elemental damage.
Poison Ring
FF7 Poison ring
20000 Find: Whirlwind Maze (area after defeating Jenova∙DEATH)
Protects against Poison status. Absorbs Poison elemental damage.
Tetra Elemental
FF7 Tetra elemental
2 Find: Northern Cave
Morph: Cactuer
Absorbs Fire, Ice, Earth and Lightning elemental damage.
Cat's Bell
FF7 Cat's bell
2 Prize: Chocobo Square (A/S Rank prize)
Recovers HP with each step.


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