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The following is a list of command abilities in Final Fantasy VIII. All characters always have the Attack command, but other commands can only be used by equipping a Guardian Force. In addition to Attack, each party member can equip three command abilities.

List of Commands Edit

Ability AP GF Item Description
Magic N/A All GF Magic Scroll Enables the Magic command.
Draw N/A All GF Draw Scroll Enables the Draw command.
GF N/A All GF GF Scroll Enables the GF command.
Item N/A All GF Item Scroll Enables the Item command.
Card 40 Quezacotl Gambler Spirit Turns HP Critical-HP enemies into cards for use in Triple Triad. May spawn boss cards randomly.
Doom 60 Shiva N/A Causes the status effect Doom.
Mad Rush 60 Ifrit, Eden N/A Casts Berserk, Haste and Protect on the entire party.
Treatment 100 Siren Med Kit Heals all negative status effects, apart from KO.
Defend 100 Brothers, Cactuar N/A User immune to physical attack and halves magical attacks damage.
Darkside 100 Diablos, Doomtrain, Eden N/A Triple the attack strength by sacrificing 10% of current HP.
Recover 200 Leviathan Healing Ring Fully recovers a target.
Absorb 100 Pandemona, Doomtrain N/A Drains 10% of the target's current HP.
Revive 200 Alexander Phoenix Spirit Revives a target and fully recovers its HP.
LV Down N/A Tonberry N/A Lowers an enemy's level, decreasing stats and drawable magic.
LV Up N/A Tonberry N/A Increases an enemy's level, stats and drawable magic.
Kamikaze 100 Cactuar Bomb Spirit Deals massive damage but removes the user.
Devour N/A Eden Hungry Cookpot Instant Death to an enemy, and additional effects to user depending on the enemy (can be positive or negative).
MiniMog 100 N/A Mog's Amulet Restores GF HP.

Dummied Commands Edit

The original PlayStation demo has two dummied command abilities that were removed for the second, non-Rinoa demo.

Ability Description
Fortify Fortify casts Cure, even if its description suggests it would heal a Guardian Force.
W-Item W-Item works the same its equivalent in Final Fantasy VII and uses two items per turn.

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