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Support abilities (サポートアビリティ, Sapōto Abiriti?) in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are learned via equipment. Each unit can only have one Support ability "equipped" at a time, but can master other Support abilities for later use. Support abilities are learned by equipping a weapon or armor.

Ability listEdit

Skill Equipment Jobs AP Effect
Concentrate Target Bow (Bow)/
Longbarrel (Gun)
Archer/Gunner 300 Greatly increases Accuracy.
Doublehand Venus Blade (Blade) Fighter/Gladiator 300 Hold one-handed weapons with both hands. Increases damage dealt.
Double Sword Nosada (Katana) Ninja 999 Wield two, one-handed weapons at the same time.
Geomancy Sage Robe Black Mage 300 Increases magic damage by shifting target's elemental resistances downward by one level [Absb > Null > Half > Norm > Weak].
Half MP Light Robe Bishop/Illusionist/Summoner 300 Half MP usage.
Immunity Survival Vest Beastmaster/Blue Mage 300 Provides status immunity to Blind, Confuse, Frog, Petrify, Poison, Sleep, and Slow.
Learning Blue Saber (Saber) Blue Mage 400 Learn Blue Mage skills after being attacked by them.
Magic Pow+ Colichemarde/Morning Star Alchemist/Red Mage 300 Increase Magic Power.
Maintenance Adaman Vest Alchemist/Thief 300 Absolutely ensures that equipped items cannot be stolen or destroyed. Includes Gil, EXP, JP, and Ability theft as well.
Monkey Grip Vigilante (Greatsword)/
Claymore (Broadsword)
Soldier/Warrior 300 Hold two-handed weapons with one hand, allows for shield-wielding.
Shieldbearer Bronze Shield/Round Shield/Opal Shield Fencer/Mog Knight/ Sage/Soldier/Warrior 300 Allows shield-wearing, regardless of Job.
Turbo MP White Robe White Mage 300 Doubles MP usage for increased damage and Accuracy.
Weapon Atk+ Nike Bow (Greatbow)/
Trident (Spear)
Hunter/Templar 300 Increases Weapon Attack power.
Weapon Def+ Diamond Armor/Dark Gear Defender/Paladin/Sage 300 Increase Weapon Defense.