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List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Items

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This is a list of Items that can be found in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Name Price Effect Description Magic Power

FFTA Potion

50 Restores: 25 HP
Element: Holy
Magical brew that heals wounded flesh. 40

FFTA Hi-Potion

200 Restores: 50 HP
Element: Holy
Potion made in a higher concentration. 60

FFTA X-Potion

700 Restores: 150 HP
Element: Holy
The most potent potion available. 80

FFTA Ether

700 Restores: 80 MP This draught restores lost magical power. -

FFTA Elixir

250,000 Restores: All HP and MP
Element: Holy
This fabulous draught both heals and restores magic. 100

FFTA Antidote

50 Removes: Poison This potion is an antidote to most forms of poison. -
Eye Drops

FFTA Eye Drops

50 Removes: Darkness Drink this potion to see through the darkness. -
Echo Screen

FFTA Echo Screen

50 Removes: Silence Drink this potion to break the silence. -
Maiden's Kiss

FFTA Maiden Kiss

50 Removes: Frog Drink this potion to restore true form. -


100 Removes: Petrify Drink this potion to soften stony skin. -
Holy Water

FFTA Holy Water

2,000 Removes: Zombie Holy water restores true life to zombies. -

FFTA Bandage

200 Removes: Disable, Immobilize Bandage wounded limbs to regain full movement. -

FFTA Cureall

500 Removes: Petrify, Frog, Poison, Blind, Conceal, Sleep, Silence, Confuse Fabulous drought that cures status ailments. -
Phoenix Down

FFTA Phoenix Down

300 Removes: KO
Element: Holy
Magical tail feather revives fallen allies. 90

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