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This article lists all doll-type weapons available in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Rarity 5Edit

Weapon Attack Magic Mind Accuracy Original Game
Initial Max Initial Max Initial Max Initial Max
Magical Mog
FFRK Magical Mog FFX
30 60 80 131 44 69 95 95 X
Soul Break: Firaga Fury (Lulu only)
Rune Mog
30 60 84 135 44 69 95 95 X
Super Soul Break: March of the Moogles (Lulu only), +10 MAG when Mastered
Magician Mog
FFRK Magician Mog FFX
Bonus Effect: Adds small boost to ice damage.
Super Soul Break: Icy Smile (Lulu only), +10 MAG when Mastered

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