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The following is a list of armor the player's character can wear in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Armor is usually found, but can sometimes be bought from certain people. Benjamin automatically equips new armor when it is acquired, as each armor piece has superior defenses to the prior piece with the same associated elemental and status protections, thus making the older armor inferior in every manner. Allies do not acquire new armor, though some of them have different armor when rejoining Benjamin at a later date.

Helmets Edit

Name Image Artwork Defense Evade Obtained
Steel Helm MQSteelHelmet FFMQ Steel Helm Artwork 4 5 Bought in Aquaria for 200 GP.
Attack +5.
Moon Helm MQMoonHelm FFMQ Moon Helm Artwork 9 9 Chest in Lava Dome.
Attack +5. Resist Fire.
Apollo Helm MQApolloHelm FFMQ Apollo Helm Artwork 15 15 Chest on Mount Gale.
Attack +5. Resist Fire.

Body armor Edit

Name Image Artwork Defense Evade Obtained
Steel Armor MQSteelArmor FFMQ Steel Armor Artwork 6 4 Initial equip on Benjamin.
Noble Armor MQNobleArmor FFMQ Noble Armor Artwork 12 10 Chest in Ice Pyramid.
Resist Water and Poison.
Gaia's Armor MQGaiaArmor FFMQ Gaia's Armor Artwork 15 11 Found on Mac's Ship.
Resist Water, Wind, Thunder, Poison, and Sleep.

Shields Edit

Name Image Artwork Defense Evade Obtained
Steel Shield MQSteelShield FFMQ Steel Shield Artwork 5 6 Chest in Bone Dungeon
Speed +5.
Venus Shield MQVenusShield FFMQ Venus Shield Artwork 10 12 Chest in Focus Tower.
Speed +5. Resist Paralyze.
Aegis Shield MQAegisShield FFMQ Aegis Shield Artwork 14 14 Chest in Doom Castle.
Speed +5. Resist Paralyze and Petrify.

Accessories Edit

Name Image Artwork Defense Evade Obtained
Charm MQCharm FFMQ Charm Artwork 1 1 Reward from a Battlefield north of Level Forest.
Magic +5.
Magic Ring MQMagicRing FFMQ Magic Ring Artwork 3 3 Reward from a Battlefield west of Aquaria.
Magic +5. Resist Silence.
Cupid Locket MQCupidLocket FFMQ Cupid Locket Artwork 6 6 Bought in Windia for 300 GP.
Magic +5. Resist Silence, Blind, and Confuse.

NPC armor Edit

NPC armor is armor that are used only by Benjamin's allies and cannot be equipped by the player.

Name Image Artwork Defense Evade Obtained
Black Robe MQ Black Robe 13 15 Equipped on Tristam.
Speed +5. Resist Fatal.
Flame Armor MQFlameArmor 14 14 Equipped on Reuben.
Resist Fire.
Mystic Robe MQ Mystic Robe 13 12 Equipped on Phoebe.
Resist Water, Wind, and Thunder.
Relica Armor MQ Replica Armor 15 15 Equipped on Kaeli.
Resist Water and Petrify.
Ether Shield MQEtherShield 12 12 Equipped on Phoebe when she rejoins Benjamin.
Speed +5. Resist Paralyze, Sleep, and Drain.

Protection chart Edit

There are eight elemental defense and special defenses, some of these protections are on many pieces of armor/accessories found in the game that grants protection to one or many elements/statues listed below. Some icons never show up on the status screen since no armor/accessories offer those protections. Thus the player can never have their protection, unless they use a cheating device.

Image Elemental Defense Image Special Defense
FFMQ Earth Icon Earth FFMQ Fatal Icon Fatal
FFMQ Water Icon Water FFMQ Petrify Icon Petrify
FFMQ Fire Icon Fire FFMQ Paralyze Icon Paralyze
FFMQ Wind-Thunder Icon Wind & Thunder FFMQ Sleep Icon Sleep
FFMQ Drain Icon Drain FFMQ Confusion Icon Confuse
FFMQ Reverse Drain Icon Reverse Drain FFMQ Poison Icon Poison
FFMQ Damage Icon Damage FFMQ Blind Icon Blind
FFMQ Shoot Icon Shoot FFMQ Silence Icon Silence

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