FFIX Zidane Dagger Victory Pose

Zidane's victory pose with a dagger.

In Final Fantasy IX party members perform victory poses after a winning battle. Both permanent and guest party members perform them, but there are occasions the party member will not pose, and some characters are more than one pose, depending on which weapon they have equipped.

List of victory posesEdit

  • Zidane has two victory poses, depending on if he is wielding a dagger or a thief sword:
    • Dagger - he will perform two back flips, then hold his right hand in the air.
    • Thief Sword - he will spin the weapon above his head three times, then stand it on the ground to his right.
  • Dagger has two victory poses, depending on if she is wielding a rod or a racket:
    • Rod - she will spin it around a few times before putting it behind her back and crossing her legs while standing.
    • Racket - she will hold it on her right side and look off into the distance.
  • Vivi will twirl his staff in his right hand, before coming to an attention pose.
  • Steiner will place his right foot forward and making a scooping motion with his sword, holding it in front of himself.
  • Freya stands straight and rests her spear on her shoulder.
  • Quina dances around happily. The animation loops.
  • Eiko also has two victory poses, depending on whether she is wielding a flute or a racket:
    • Flute - she will dance happily while playing it. The animation loops.
    • Racket - she will hug it close and jump into the air several times. Somewhat resembling a friendly Yan in battle. The animation loops.
  • Amarant will sit cross-legged, arms folded, and head bowed.
  • Beatrix puts her sword away in its scabbard and flips her hair.
  • Blank slashes his sword once and holds it before him.
  • Marcus slashes the air in front of him with his sword in an X-shaped pattern and holds it at his side.
  • Cinna will jump once while stretching his right arm into the air, and will place both hands on his hips after landing.

When a victory pose is not usedEdit

In some cases, a character will not celebrate after battle, depending on a point in the storyline, meaning the character is facing a heavy emotional frustration or distress. Only Zidane, Freya, Quina, and Eiko pose consistently.

  • After Dagger loses her eidolons, she will not pose until after the party's first visit to Conde Petie. Later, when she loses her voice, she will not pose until after the battle with Meltigemini.
  • When Vivi is growing more depressed at Queen Brahne's use of black mages during their escape from Alexandria, he will not pose until after the party's first visit to Conde Petie.
  • When Steiner is in Alexandria Castle while Zorn and Thorn hold Garnet, he will not pose until he entrusts Zidane and Vivi with her as the three escape the castle.
  • From the time he joins the party up until the events at Ipsen's Castle, Amarant will not pose. This is likely due to not considering himself a true member of the group.
  • Since the only battle Cinna plays a part in is one where he does not pose, his victory animation is dummied.