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FFIX Status Effects

Various statuses as seen in battle, including Mini, Haste, and Silence.

This is a list of all status effects found in Final Fantasy IX.

KO Edit

Heat Edit

FFIX Heat Status Symbol

Mini Edit

FFIX Mini Symbol

Slow Edit

FFIX Slow Symbol

Stop Edit

FFIX Stop Symbol

Sleep Edit

FFIX Sleep Symbol

Virus Edit

FFIX Virus Symbol

Venom Edit

FFIX Venom Symbol

Freeze Edit

FFIX Freeze Symbol

Poison Edit

FFIX Poison Status Icon

Zombie Edit

FFIX Zombie Symbol

Berserk Edit

FFIX Berserk Symbol

Confuse Edit

FFIX Confuse Symbol

Petrify Edit

FFIX Petrify Symbol

Silence Edit

FFIX Silence Symbol

Trouble Edit

FFIX Trouble Symbol

Darkness Edit

FFIX Blind Symbol

Doom Edit

Gradual Petrify Edit

Haste Edit

FFIX Haste Symbol

Regen Edit

FFIX Regen Symbol

Float Edit

FFIX Float Symbol

Shell Edit

FFIX Shell Symbol

Vanish Edit

FFIX Vanish Symbol

Protect Edit

FFIX Protect Symbol

Reflect Edit

FFIX Reflect Symbol

Auto-Life Edit

FFIX Auto-Life Symbol

Gallery Edit

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