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The following is a list of abilities available to the characters in Final Fantasy IX. Abilities are learned by equipping certain equipment pieces which has the ability. When an equipment piece is equipped, any abilities contained within the piece are automatically usable by the character. As the character earns AP, they can master abilities and gain the ability to use them without the need for a corresponding equipment piece.

Command abilitiesEdit

FFIX Ability Icon

Command abilities can be used at any time, characters have different commands and have different action abilities. During Trance, one of the four battle command ability is upgraded and become more powerful.

Support abilitiesEdit

FFIX Support Ability Icon

Support abilities must be equipped to the character(s) using Magic Stones in the menu. Though many characters learn the same support abilities, the amount of AP to master them varies between the characters. All support abilities require the same amount of Magic Stones to equip regardless of character.


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