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There are four types of magic in Final Fantasy IX; White Magic and Summon magic, both used by both Dagger and Eiko; Black Magic, used by Vivi; and Blue Magic used by Quina.

All magic commands are sealed in Oeilvert, this includes; White Magic, Black Magic, Summon, Sword Magic, and Blue Magic.

Black MagicEdit

Main article: Blk Mag (Final Fantasy IX)

Blk Mag is Vivi's skillset. If Steiner is also in the party, Vivi's Black Magic can be used as part of his Sword Magic. In Trance Vivi's Blk Mag turns into Dbl Blk that allows Vivi to cast two spells per turn.

Black Magic spells include offensive elemental and non-elemental spells, and spells that inflict status ailments. If damaging used against multiple enemies, it will deal half the damage (if damaging spell) or infliction rate (if status spell) to each enemy, regardless of the number of enemies.

White MagicEdit

Main article: Wht Mag (Final Fantasy IX)

Wht Magic is a skillset for Dagger, Eiko and Beatrix. The spells focus on healing and support with a single damaging spell, Holy, and some offensive status inflicting spells. Of the two permanent party members, Eiko is more geared toward White Magic than Dagger, who is more focused on summon magic.

Blue MagicEdit

Main article: Blu Mag (Final Fantasy IX)

All Blue Magic spells are learned by eating enemies, this is the only way for Quina to learns new spells.

Summon MagicEdit

Main article: Summon (Final Fantasy IX)

Summon for Dagger and Eiko calls forth an eidolon for the cost of MP. The eidolons can be either supportive or offensive. The summons are learned from add-ons, mainly jewels, and their power depends on animation length, number of jewels in stock, and in Eiko's case, which add-on she has equipped.

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