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IV The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy IV.

List of statsEdit


Often abbreviated as Lv, it represents the overall prowess of a character. It's also shortened as Lvl.



Experience PointsEdit

Experience points, known also as Experience or EXP, is a value used to determine when a character levels up.


Strength, also known as Str. in the older translations, partially determines the physical attack power of a character.


Speed was known Agil. in the older translations. It determines how fast the ATB bar gets filled.


Stamina was changed to Vit. in some of the older translations. It partially determines a character's defense.


Intellect, also known as Intelligence, was changed to Wisdom in the older translations. It determines the effectiveness of Black Magic, Ninjutsu, and Summons


Known as Will in some older translations, Spirit detrrmines the effectiveness of White Magic. It, along with Intellect, is used to calculate a character's Magic Defense.



Accuracy determines an attack's hit rate.It was called Attack% or Precision in older translations.


Defense is the user's endurance against physical attacks. It was called Defence in the older translations.


Evasion determines a character's dodge rate. It was deemed Defence% in some older translations.

Magic DefenseEdit

Magic Defense is the character's resistance against magical attacks. Mag Def was what it was called in older translations.

Magic EvasionEdit

Magic Evasion is the character's dodge rate for magic. Mag Def% in older translations, was what it was called.