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The following is a list of locations in Final Fantasy IV, found in Earth, the Underworld and the Red Moon.


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TroiaLodestone CavernMist CaveMist CaveVillage of MistBaronDamcyanUnderground WaterwayUnderground WaterwayUnderground WaterwayUnderground WaterwayKaipoAntlion's DenMt. HobsMt. HobsFabulMythrilCave of EblanEblanAgartMysidiaMount OrdealsFFIVDS World Map 1
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Sylph CaveTower of BabilDwarven CastleDwarven BaseKokkol's ForgeTomraSealed CaveFeymarchFFIVDS Underworld Map
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Red Moon
FFVI iOS Attack Magic Icon
Lunar TunnelLunar TunnelLunar TunnelLunar TunnelHummingway HomeCrystal PalaceLair of the FatherFFIVDS Moon Map
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Red MoonEdit

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