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FFIV-I- The following is a list of abilities in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Ability Charge Time Description Party Member Image
Attack 0 Attack with equipped weapons or bare fists. All Characters
Items 0 Use an item from your inventory. All Characters
Defend 0 Take a defensive stance to reduce damage from physical attacks. All Characters
Swap Rows 0 Change position to the front or back row. All Characters
Equip 0 Change weapon or shield during battle. All Characters
Aim 1 100% hit rate for bow attacks. Rosa
Analyze 0 Uncover the enemy's HP and weak points. Cid
Black Magic Varies Casts black magic. Rydia?, Palom, Rydia
Bluff 4 Raises your own intellect to make black magic more effective. Palom
Brace 1 Increase your own defenses with the same effect as Protect. Yang
Cease Cover 0 Stop taking damage in place of an ally. Cecil
Cry 4 Surprise and confuse monsters by pretending to cry. Porom
Cover 0 Take damage in place of an ally. Cecil
Focus 4 Build power and strike for massive damage. Yang
Kick 1 Attack all enemies with a flying kick. Yang, Monk A, Monk B
Ninjutsu Varies Perform various ninja arts. Edge
Pray 2 Pray to restore HP for all allies. Rosa
Steal 0 Steal items from an enemy. Edge
Summon Varies Summon an Eidolon. Rydia?, Rydia
Throw 0 Throw a weapon to cause damage. Edge
Twincast Varies Cast a powerful spell with two people. Palom, Porom
White Magic
Varies Casts white magic. Cecil, Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Porom, FuSoYa

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