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FFIVTAY The following is a list of abilities in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

List of abilitiesEdit

Ability Charge Time Description Party Member Image
Attack 0 Attack with equipped weapons or bare fists. All Characters FFIV TAY iOS Attack
Items 0 Use an item from your inventory. All Characters
Band Varies Perform a previously learned Band move. All Characters
Defend 0 Take a defensive stance to reduce damage from physical attacks. All Characters
Swap Rows 0 Change position to the front or back row. All Characters
Equip 0 Change weapon or shield during battle. All Characters
Aim 1 100% hit rate for bow attacks. Rosa FFIV TAY iOS Aim
Analyze 0 Uncover the enemy's HP and weak points. Cid, Luca FF4PSP Ability Analyze
Awaken 4 Unleash Lunarian power for a temporary status boost. Ceodore FFIV TAY iOS Awaken
Bardsong 0 Various effects on allies or enemies. Edward FFIV TAY iOS Bardsong
Big Throw 1 Cause massive damage even from the back row. Luca FFIV-The-After-Years-iOS
Black Magic Varies Cast Black Magic. Fusoya, Palom, Biggs, Golbez, Rydia, Leonora FFIV TAY iOS Black Magic
Bluff 0 Lower enemy status and raise your own intellect. Palom FFIV TAY iOS Bluff
Bless 1 Bless all allies to restore their HP and MP. Fusoya FFIV TAY iOS Bless
Blessing 3 Bless all allies to restore their HP and MP. Rosa FFIV TAY iOS Blessing
Cease Cover 0 Stop taking damage in place of an ally. Cecil, Yang
Chakra 1 Restore HP and cures certain status effects. Ursula FFIV TAY iOS Chakra
Cover 0 Take damage in place of an ally. Cecil FF4PSP Ability Cover
Cover Counter 0 Take damage in place of an ally and counter attack. Yang FFIV TAY iOS Cover Counter
Dance 3 Performs a dance to cast random White Magic on the party. Brina FFIV TAY iOS Dance
Dualcast Varies (Average × 1.2 magic of both spells) Cast two magic spells in one turn. Only one of the following can learn it: Palom, Porom, Leonora FFIV TAY iOS Dualcast
Escape 0 Leave the battle and take no further action. Edward FF4PSP Ability Escape
Focus 4 Build power and strike for massive damage. Yang FFIV TAY iOS Focus
Gil Toss 3 Cause damage by throwing gil. Harley FFIV TAY iOS Gil Toss
Human Kite 4 Fly up into the sky, then attack for massive damage. Zangetsu FF4TAY Ability Human Kite iOS
Illusions 3 Confuse enemies. Izayoi FF4TAY Ability Illusions iOs
Jive 3 Performs a dance to cast random enemy abilities on the enemy party. Calca FF4PSP Ability Jive
Jump 4 Jumps into the sky and attack for massive damage. Kain, Kain? FF4PSP Ability JumpTAY
Kick 4 Attack all enemies with a flying kick. Yang, Ursula, Monk FFIV TAY iOS Kick
(Smash and Grab)
2 Attack and steal at the same time. Edge FFIV TAY iOS Mug
Ninjutsu Varies Perform various ninja arts. Edge, Gekkou, Tsukinowa, Izayoi, Zangetsu FFIV TAY iOS Ninjutsu
Piercing Sight 0 Remove magic effects and set a weak point. Harley FFIV TAY iOS Piercing Sight
Pray 3 Pray to restore HP for all allies. Porom FFIV TAY iOS Pray
Pressure 3 Stop enemies from moving. Golbez FFIV TAY iOS Pressure
Risk Strike 1 A risky attack that causes massive damage if it hits. Cid FFIV TAY iOS Risk Strike
Salve 1 Use a healing item on all allies at the same time. Edward FF4PSP Ability Salve
Shuriken 1 Throw a Shuriken at the target. Gekkou FFIV TAY iOS Shuriken
Steal 0 Steal items from an enemy. Tsukinowa FFIV TAY iOS Steal
Summon Varies Summon an Eidolon. Rydia FFIV TAY iOS Summon
Taunt 0 Draw the enemy's attack to the user. Golbez FFIV TAY iOS Taunt
Tenketsu 3 Strike an enemy's weak point for massive damage. Ursula FFIV TAY iOS Tenketsu
Throw 0 Throw a weapon to cause damage. Edge FFIV TAY iOS Throw
White Magic Varies Cast White Magic. Cecil, Rosa, Ceodore, Kain, White Mage, Fusoya, Porom, Wedge, Leonora, Elder of Mysidia FFIV TAY iOS White Magic

Dummied abilitiesEdit

There are quite a few dummied out battle commands found within the game's data. They all still function, except for the Blue Magic command.

Ability Charge Time Description Party Member Image
Knowledge Increase the effect of consumable offensive items. Dummied
Omni Attacks all enemies with a normal attack. Dummied
Double Item Allows the user to use two items in a row. Dummied
Double Throw Allows the user to throw two items in one turn. Dummied
Blue Magic An incomplete battle command and it doesn't have any spells. Dummied -


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