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III This is a list of all enemy abilities from Final Fantasy III.


B - C - D - E - F - G - L - M - P - Q - R - S - T - Z


B Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
WallChange Barrier Shift Changes elemental weakness and absorbs all other elemental attacks. Hein, Amon
Blind Blind Inflicts Blind. Dark Eye, Larva, Pugman, Far Darrig, Shadow, Shinobi, Ninja, Hellgaroo
Ice3 Blizzaga Major Ice-elemental damage. Kum Kum
Ice2 Blizzara Moderate Ice-elemental damage. Far Darrig, Petit Mage, Vulcan, Magician, Sorcerer, Flyer Mage, Hellgaroo Mage, Frostfly, Giant Rat, Hein, Sleipnir, Kraken, Goldor
Ice Blizzard Minor Ice-elemental damage. Petit, Lilliputian, Pugman, Manticore, Merman
Break Break Inflicts Gradual Petrify (1/2). Gold Bear, Hellgaroo Mage, Medusa (NES)
Brak2 Breakga Inflicts Petrify on one enemy. Rock Gargoyle, Fachan, Thanatos, Doga's Clone, Platinal, Kum Kum, Doga, Echidna
Breath Bad Breath Inflicts Paralyze. In 3D version, inflicts a multitude of status ailments. Black Flan, Tentacle (right), Parademon, Barometz, Ruinous Wave

C Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Cure2 Cura Restores moderate HP. Guardian, Ahriman
Cure1 Cure Restores small amount of HP. Gutsco (3D Version only)

D Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Death Death Instantly KOs target. Kum Kum, Echidna
Split Divide Creates a copy of user with same current HP as user. Eater, Azrael
Drain Drain Absorbs HP from target to heal own HP. Doga's Clone, Gomory, Garm, Doga, Echidna

E Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Quake Earthquake Major Earth-elemental damage to the party. Aeon

F Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Fire2 Fira Moderate Fire-elemental damage. Vulcan, Magician, Hellgaroo Mage, Sorcerer, Gutsco, Flyer Mage, Giant Rat, Hein, Goldor, Kraken
Fire3 Firaga Major Fire-elemental damage. Kum Kum
Fire Fire Minor Fire-elemental damage. Firefly, Djinn, Pugman, Lilliputian, Petit
Flame Flame Minor to moderate Fire-elemental damage. Salamander, Amon, Xande, Ahriman, Dragon, Azer
Flare Flare Major non-elemental damage to one target. Titan, Scylla, Echidna

G Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Glare Inflicts Sleep. Cursed Copper, Tangie, Flyer, Red Cap, Pharaoh, Plancti
Glare Inflicts Confuse. Rust Bird, Lamia, Stroper, Nightmare, Nemesis, Queen Lamia

L Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Libra Libra Scans target for HP. Xande, Xande's Clone
Thunder Lightning Moderate Lightning-elemental damage to the party. Garuda, Cerberus, Ahriman, Tentacle (left), Thor, Chimera Mage, Haokah

M Edit

NES 3S Description Enemy
Mega Flare Mega Flare Major non-elemental damage to the party. Bahamut
Meteo Meteor Major non-elemental damage to all enemies. Xande's Clone, Xande, Echidna, Behemoth, Ahriman
MindBlast Mind Blast Inflicts Paralyze on the party. Kunoichi
Mini Mini Inflicts Mini on the party. Gutsco (3D Version only)

P Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
FlareWave Particle Beam Massive non-elemental damage to the party. Cloud of Darkness
Venom Poison Minor non-elemental damage and Poison. Mummy, Pugman, Sleipnir, Far Darrig
Safe Protect Increases target's Defense and Magic Defense. Yormungand, Shadow Master

Q Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Quake Quake Major Earth-elemental damage to all enemies. Xande's Clone, Doga's Clone, Doga, Guardian, Xande, Echidna, Ahriman

R Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Wall Reflect Reflects one spell at a random target on caster's side. Unei, Unei's Clone, Guardian
Run Enemy will attempt to run away, but it can fail. Every enemy, except bosses

S Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Explode Self-Destruct KOs user to inflict damage to a target equal to 4x user's HP. Bomb, Balloon, Grenade
Shade Shade Inflicts Paralysis. Hellgaroo Mage
Mute Silence Inflicts Silence. Petit Mage
Sleep Sleep Inflicts Sleep. Pugman
Blizzard Snowstorm Minor Ice-elemental damage to the party. Unei, Unei's Clone, Ahriman
Stare Inflicts Petrify. Medusa, Red Cap, Stalagmite
Summon Summon Two versions. Version 1 summons Unei's Clone. Version 2 summons Doga's Clone. Bluck (version 2), Greater Demon (version 1)
Swipe Deals heavy damage to entire party. Iron Giant

T Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Bolt3 Thundaga Major Lightning-elemental damage. Kum Kum
Bolt2 Thundara Moderate Lightning-elemental damage. Vulcan, Magician, Hellgaroo Mage, Kraken, Goldor, Hein, Giant Rat, Flyer Mage
Bolt Thunder Minor Lightning-elemental damage. Petit, Lilliputian, Gold Warrior
Tsunami Tidal Wave Moderate Water-elemental damage to the party. Leviathan
Toad Toad Inflicts Toad. Far Darrig, Sleipnir
Wind Tornado Reduces HP to critical levels. Unei, Unei's Clone

Z Edit

NES 3D Description Enemy
Atom Edge Zantetsuken Major non-elemental damage to the party. Odin

Gallery Edit

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