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The following is a list of achievements unlockable in the Windows Phone and PC versions of Final Fantasy III. There is a total of 18 achievements in the game. Unlike the original Final Fantasy on Windows Phone, achievements are hidden until they are unlocked.


Name Icon Task Achievement Points
Gone Adventuring with the Wind Gone Adventuring with the Wind icon Defeat Djinn and obtain the Wind Crystal. 5G
Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot icon Defeat Salamander and obtain the Fire Crystal. 5G
Release the Kraken Release the Kraken icon Defeat Kraken and obtain the Water Crystal. 5G
Quelling the Tremors Quelling the Tremors icon Defeat Titan and obtain the Earth Crystal. 5G
Warriors of Light Warriors of Light icon Defeated the Cloud of Darkness. 30G
Glutton for Arms Glutton for Arms icon Obtain every weapon in Forbidden Land Eureka. 5G
For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day icon Save up 50,000 gil. 5G
Who Wants to be a Gillionaire? Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire icon Save up 500,000 gil. 10G
My Little Esper My Little Esper icon Obtain a summonable creature. 5G
No Such Thing as Too Many No Such Thing as Too Many icon Obtain all the summonable creatures. 10G
Nose for Treasure Nose for Treasure icon Open 50% of all treasure chests. 5G
I, My, Me, Mine I My Me Mine icon Open all treasure chests. 15G
Collecting is Half the Battle Collecting is Half the Battle icon Complete 50% of the Bestiary. 5G
Filling Up the Grotesquerie Filling Up The Grotesquerie icon Complete the entire Bestiary. 15G
One Sword to Slay Them All One Sword to Slay Them All icon Obtain the Ultima Weapon from the Legendary Smith. 10G
Steely Resolve Steely Resolve icon Defeat Iron Giant. 20G
When I Grow Up I Want to Be... When I Grow Up I Want to Be icon Attain level 99 with any job. 15G
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades icon Attain level 99 with all jobs. 30G

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