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The following is a list of statuses in Final Fantasy Explorers.

Status ailmentsEdit

Status ailments give their targets certain disadvantages in battle. Can be recovered with abilities, items, or over time.


Sends the target to sleep. Sleep stops the target's movement and increases the damage it takes. A physical attack will remove Sleep.


Reduces the accuracy of all attacks. Greatly lowers P-Accuracy and M-Accuracy.


Reverses the directions on the circle pad or stuns enemies. An attack will remove confuse.


Prevents use of magical abilities. Cannot use White Magic, Black Magic, Time Magic or Blue Magic.


Prevents use of physical abilities. Cannot use Knuckle Skills, Sword Skills, Dagger Skills, Katana Skills, Spear Skills, Axe Skills, Club Skills, Bow Skills, Firearm Skills or Artillery Skills.


Prevents use of Crystal Surges.


Inflicts damage over time and reduces P-Defence and M-Defense. Burn deals 80*8=640 damage to susceptible monsters and 20*8=160 damage to you.


Inflicts damage over time and reduces P-Attack and M-Attack. Poison deals 100*5=500 damage to susceptible monsters and 25*5=125 damage to you. An Aberrant Dryad's poison deals 400*25=10,000 damage.


Reduces movement speed. Slow reduces Mobility and AP recovery speed. Cancels the effect of Haste.


Makes the target stop all movement.


Prevents all actions apart from movement.


Prevents all actions.


Prevents all actions. End the effect earlier by moving the circle pad.


Prevents all actions. End the effect earlier by moving the circle pad.


Prevents all actions apart from movement and reduces movement speed.


Drops the target's HP to zero, KO'ing him or her.

Stat ChangingEdit

P-Attack ↓: reduces P-Attack.

M-Attack ↓: reduces M-Attack.

P-Defense ↓: reduces P-Defense.

M-Defense ↓: reduces M-Defense.

Status enhancementsEdit

Status enhancements give their targets certain advantages in battle. They can be canceled with abilities or one can wait for them to disappear. These status effects will be removed upon activation of the Bypass Buffs Crystal Surge.


Increases movement speed. Haste increases Mobility and AP recovery speed. Cancels the effect of Slow.


Prevents damage from terrain (poison water, lava, etc). Also grants immunity to Quake spells.


Reflects magic attacks back at attacker. Does not affect all magic attacks.

Create ImageEdit

Evade physical attacks. Does not affect all physical attacks.


Become untargetable by enemies. An attack will remove Invisibility.


Regain HP over time. Regen (ability) restores 75% HP over time, while others abilities and mutations restore less.


Automatically revive after KO. Revive with 20% HP. Lasts until the character dies.

Stat ChangingEdit

P-Attack ↑: increases P-Attack.

M-Attack ↑: increases M-Attack.

P-Defense ↑: increases P-Defense.

M-Defense ↑: increases M-Defense.

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