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The following is a list of characters that appear in Final Fantasy Explorers.

Player charactersEdit


Non-player charactersEdit


  • Cid - Leader of the Explorers' Union and legendary explorer
  • Marie - the Union's Quest Desk staff and one of the main quest posters.
  • Head Researcher - A staff of the Monster Lab who handles monster creation.
  • Fortune-teller - Offers fortune in buffs in exchange for gil or Coin.
  • Workshop Owner - Offers to forge new equipment or upgrade old equipment with harvested materials.
  • Mika the Shopgirl - A shopkeeper and one of the main quest posters.
  • Moogle - A moogle who rewards the player with Trance magicites.
  • Mogroe - The 'Migrant Moogle Merchant' that offers items not found in the regular shop.
  • Ludio - An Explorer who offers tutorials to the player.
  • Rosaria - An Explorer who frequently admonishes the player while hiding admiration.
  • Ardo - A self-proclaimed rival Explorer to the player.
  • Beatrice - An Explorer with an interest on Surama.
  • Soltis - An acolyte of Naravean Church.
  • Fierty - An Equitissa of the Knight Orthodox from the Church of Madulas.
  • Clemeus - The Father; leader of the Church of Madulas.
  • Shion - An inspector from Querasua who handles monster research in Amostra.
  • Claire - A Court Mage of the Kingdom of Lillium.
  • Grauser - Colonel of the Imperial Gartian Army.
  • Biggs and Wedge - Soldiers of the Imperial Gartian Army.
  • Surama - A mysterious androgynous character who monitors the player's progress.

Trance charactersEdit

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