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The following is a list of Eidolons weaknesses found in Final Fantasy Explorers. Eidolon elemental and ailment weaknesses differ between parts, and some parts become weak after breaking.

Eidolon Part Element (Broken Part) Status (Broken Part)
All Slash, Water, Ice, Light, Dark Blind, Confuse, Fog, Freeze (except body), Silence, Slow, stat debuffs
All Strike, Fire, Light, Dark Burn, Slow, stat debuffs
Body Slash, Thrust, Shot
Back Silence
Legs Stop
All Slash, Strike, Thrust, Shot, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark Burn, Freeze, Poison
All Strike, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Dark Slow
All Shot, Water, Ice, Dark Freeze, Paralyze, Silence, Poison, Sleep, Slow, stat debuffs
Body Stop
All Thrust, Light Burn, Immobilize, Poison, Sleep, stat debuffs
All Earth Blind, Burn, Silence, Slow, stat debuffs
Head Strike
Body Thrust Stop
Legs Shot
Tail Slash Disable, Immobilize, Stop
All Shot, Dark
Body Slash, Strike, Thrust, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth
Arm Stop, stat debuffs
Tail Slash, Strike, Thrust (stat debuffs)
All Water, Ice
Body (Thrust) Blind, Confuse, Disable, Freeze, Immobilize, Paralyze, Poison, Sleep, Slow, stat debuffs, Stop
Mirrors (Strike) (Blind), (Confuse), (Disable), (Freeze), (Immobilize), (Poison), (Paralyze), (Sleep), (Slow), (stat debuffs)
All Fire, Light, Dark Burn, Slow, stat debuffs
Head Slash, Strike, Thrust, Shot Sleep
Body Stop
Fin Slash, Strike, Thrust, Shot Stop
All Light, Dark Burn
Body Slash, Strike Poison
Wings (Thrust), (Shot), (Wind), (Lightning) Poison, Stop
Legs Poison
Tail (Slash), (Thrust), (Shot), (Strike), (Wind), (Lightning) Silence, Slow, stat debuffs, Stop
All Earth, (Light), (Dark) All except Mantle: Blind, Burn, Confuse, Immobilize, Paralyze, Poison, Sleep, Slow, stat debuffs
Horns Slash, Strike, Thrust, (Shot), (Fire), (Water), (Ice) Stop
Mantle Slash, Strike, Thrust, Shot, Fire, Water, Ice
Horse (Slash), (Strike), (Thrust), Shot, Fire, Water, Ice
Body Slash, Thrust, Dark
Arms Shot, Light
Bits Dark
All Blind, Confuse, Immobilize, Paralyze, Sleep, Slow, stat debuffs
Head Strike, (Water) Burn, Poison
Body Thrust, (Earth)
Legs Slash, (Wind)
All Lightning Burn, Poison, Slow, stat debuffs
Antenna Slash, Strike, Thrust
Front Left Leg Slash
Front Right Leg Thrust
Back Left Leg Slash
Back Right Leg Shot

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