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This article lists all accessories available in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, as well as the necessary designs and materials, and which tribes/genders can equip them.

Name Special Property Design Materials Tribe/Gender
Badge of the Flame Resist Fire +1 Flame Craft Iron Shard x2, Magma Rock x1 All
Badge of the Frost Resist Cold +1 Frost Craft Iron Shard x2, Chilly Gel x1 All
Badge of the Thunderbolt Resist Lightning +1 Lightning Craft Iron Shard x2, Thunderball x1 All
Accurate Watch Resist Slow +1 Clockwork Worm Antenna x1, Bronze Shard x3, Gear x1 All
Unfaltering Watch Resist Paralyze +1 New Clockwork Toad Oil x1, Bronze Shard x3, Gear x1 All
Blue Misanga Resist Poison +1 Blue Yarn Needle x1, Blue Silk x1 All
White Misanga Resist Curse +1 White Yarn Needle x1, White Silk x1 All
Gold Necklace Resist Petrify +1 Gold Craft Gold x2, Cockatrice's Scale x1 All
Force Ring Cannot be stunned Ring of Invincibility Orichalcum x1, Dark Sphere x1 All
Crystal Ring Resist Miasma +30 Ring of Light Tiny Crystal x1, Silver x1 All
Headband of Zeal Charge time -5 Zeal Kit Blue Silk x1, Tiny Crystal x1, Remedy x1 Male
Headband of Healing Regen Healing Kit White Silk x1, Tiny Crystal x1, Remedy x1 Male
Flower Bracer Casting time -5 Ladies' Accessories Ruby x1, Silver x2, Pressed Flower x1 Female
Jade Bracer Regen Fashion Kit Jade x1, Silver x2, Pressed Flower x1 Female
Talisman of Wisdom Casting time -15 Secrets of Wisdom Needle x1, Chimera's Horn x1 Clavat
Twisted Scope Spell Range +20 Designer Glasses Crystal Ball x2, Gold x1, Chimera's Horn x1 Clavat
Devil's Earring Spell Duration +60 Daemon Kit Gold x1, Devil's Claw x1 Clavat
Pixie's Earring Spell Duration (enemy) -30 Faerie Kit Gold x1, Faerie's Tear x1 Lilty
Power Goggles Focus Attack Range +20 Goggle Techniques Crystal Ball x2, Bronze x1 Lilty
Lion's Heart Focus Attacks +1 Soul of the Lion Ruby x1, Cerberus' Fang x1 Lilty
Dragon's Heart Focus Attacks +3 Soul of the Dragon Ruby x2, Dragon's Fang x1, Orc Belt x1 Lilty
Charm of Wisdom Casting time -10 Tome of Wisdom Needle x1, Coeurl's Whisker x1 Yuke
Daemon's Earring Spell Duration +30 Fiend Kit Gold x1, Fiend's Claw x1 Yuke
Twisted Spectacles Spell Range +20 Eyewear Techniques Crystal Ball x2, Silver x1 Yuke
Wizard's Soul Spell Damage +1 Tome of Magic Jade x1, Coeurl's Whisker x1 Yuke
Bishop's Soul Spell Damage +3 Tome of Sorcery Jade x2, Cursed Crook x1 Yuke
Elemental's Soul Spell Damage +5 Forbidden Tome Dweomer Spore x1, Ethereal Orb x1, Malboro Seed x1 Yuke
Charm of Speed Charge time -5 Tome of Speed Needle x1, Gigas Claw x1 Selkie
Talisman of Speed Charge time -10 Secrets of Speed Needle x1, Zu's Beak x1 Selkie
Thief's Emblem Charge time -15 Brigandology Wind Crystal x1, Orc Belt x1, Green Sphere x1 Selkie
Angel's Earring Spell Duration (enemy) -60 Angel Kit Gold x1, Angel's Tear x1 Selkie
Eagle Goggles Focus Attack Range +20 Designer Goggles Crystal Ball x2, Iron x1, Griffin's Wing x1 Selkie

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