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The following is a list of all elements in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. All elements except Holy and Healing can be done by various monster attacks.


RoF Fire Icon

All Fire spells and lava are Fire.


RoF Ice Icon

All Blizzard spells and ice flows are Ice.


RoF Thunder Icon

All Thunder spells are Zap.


RoF Stun Icon

Players, especially Lilties, and enemy attacks cause Stun.


RoF Time-Space Icon

All Gravity and Slow spells are Time-Space element.


RoF Dark Icon

All Bio spells, poison, darkness (blind), and curse attacks are Dark element.


All Holy Spells and RelaCrystal (in only one boss fight) are Holy element.


All Cure, Clear, Raise, and Holy spells are of the healing element. This causes intangible monsters to appear and be susceptible to damage.

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