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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

Playable charactersEdit

Non-playable charactersEdit

  • Chelinka: The "older" Clavat sister of her twin brother, Yuri, this spirited and determined lass combines a strong sense of justice with a softer, sensitive side. While she may flaunt her status as elder sibling, she actually finds the role intimidating. She has a luminous crystal that hangs around her neck that only glows if she holds it.
  • Latov: Father of Yuri and Chelinka.
  • Aleria: Mother of Yuri and Chelinka.
  • Princess Tilika: Daughter of King Kolka Tawantyn.
  • King Kolka: King of Rebena Te Ra and Princess Tilika's father.
  • Lich
  • Carbuncle
  • Artemicion
  • Stiltzkin


  • Cu Chaspel: A mysterious antagonist who brings trouble to Latov's family.
  • Galdes: A high priest who commands Cu Chaspel, he is the ultimate nemesis and the main antagonist.

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