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The following is a list of weapons found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Daggers Edit

Name Attack Magick Spirit Effect Obtain Crafting Recipe
Bronze Knife
FFBE Bronze Knife
10 None Shop: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin, Grandport
Recipe: Tutorial
FFBE Copper Ore Copper Ore x3
20 Gil
5 minutes
A single-edged dagger made of bronze. It was designed to be small and easy to carry, but since it isn't practical to be used as weapon, it is mainly used for self-defense. However, its reasonable price and ease of use make it a popular tool for daily activities. Since no special training is required to handle the bronze knife, many use it for traveling and completing menial tasks.
FFBE Dagger
16 None Shop: Village of Kol, Grandport
Recipe: Village of Kol, Grandport
Reward: Earth Key #15 - Dalnakya Cavern (Exploration)
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x4
40 Gil
1 hour
A double-edged dagger designed to be more apt for battle. Although knives are meant to be used for daily tasks, the dagger's usefulness is better exercised in battle. Its abilities to pierce through the seams of tough armor and deflect incoming attacks make it indispensable as a supportive weapon on the field. Unfortunately, robbers from different areas currently use this easily concealable weapon to carry out their misdeeds.
Mythril Dagger
FFBE Mythril Dagger
20 None Shop: Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion
Recipe: Mobreeze Airship Factory (Exploration), Aquapolis Olderion
Reward: Quest - Hammer Time, Event - The Crystal Tower
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x5
100 Gil
6 hours
A double-edged dagger made of mythril which boasts flexibility and durability. Its battle power and incredible ease of use make it a formidable weapon, but the prized mythril used to forge it makes it a hard blade to acquire. No one surpasses the dwarves when it comes to superior mythril craftsmanship, which is why mythril daggers are mostly made in the Industrial City Dilmagia where many of them work.
Sleep Dagger
FFBE Sleep Dagger
22 Sleep (30%) Recipe: Quest - Pillow of Your Dreams
Chest: Mystic Woods (Exploration)
Reward: Colosseum - Beginner C-5
FFBE Water Cryst Water Cryst x3
FFBE Gaia's Tear Gaia's Tear x1
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x5
100 Gil
6 hours
An ordinary-looking dagger that has the ability to put foes to sleep. Though it was originally made to facilitate abductions and ambush attacks by those who work from the shadows, its special ability is never guaranteed to take effect, and thus even the most skilled of warriors found themselves unable to rely on it. However, it was indeed used from time to time, and still exists to this day, though quietly.
Main Gauche
FFBE Main Gauche
24 10 Recipe: Quest - M.I.A
Reward: Earth Key #1 - Lost Village of Marlo
FFBE Rockbeetle Husk Rockbeetle Husk x3
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x8
300 Gil
12 hours
A dagger with a large hilt that can be used to catch incoming enemy attacks and then parry them. It was mainly used for battle, but was also once a popular decorative piece adorned with family crests, elaborate patterns, and jewels all placed on its unique hilt. The most beautiful of these would usually fetch a hefty sum for its high artistic value.
Toxic Dagger
FFBE Toxic Dagger
35 Poison (15%) Reward: Colosseum - Advanced S-3
A dagger with a large hilt that can be used to catch incoming enemy attacks and then parry them. It was mainly used for battle, but was also once a popular decorative piece adorned with family crests, elaborate patterns, and jewels all placed on its unique hilt. The most beautiful of these would usually fetch a hefty sum for its high artistic value.
Mage Masher
FFBE Mage Masher
38 Silence (30%) Chest: Industrial City Dilmagia None
A short blade also known as the "magic-killer". It has the ability to render the foes it strikes silent, though much like the sleep dagger, this effect is never guaranteed to take hold. However, it does have the incredibly mysterious power to seal away dangerous magic whilst in battle. Thus, this blade would prove extremely useful in any battle involving a great number of mages.
Kitchen Knife
FFBE Kitchen Knife
52 Ability: Stab Reward: Event - Halloween, Night of the Pumpkin None
Rumor has it that this kitchen knife belonged to a great chef. The chef was a perfectionist who enjoyed sharpening the blade of his knife everyday till it was sharp enough to even cleave through thickened bones.
Survival Edges
FFBE Survival Edges
Air Knife
FFBE Air Knife
Venomous Edge
FFBE Venomous Edge
Second Knife
FFBE Second Knife
FFBE Orichalcum
FFBE Swordbreaker
Defender's Daggers*
FFBE Defender's Daggers
Gun Bowie Knife*
FFBE Gun Bowie Knife
Platinum Dagger*
FFBE Platinum Dagger
Galkan Dagger*
FFBE Galkan Dagger
Zwill Crossblade*
FFBE Zwill Crossblade
FFBE Avenger
Ulric's Dagger*
FFBE Ulric's Dagger
Rose Breath*
FFBE Rose Breath
72 48

Swords Edit

Name Attack Effect Obtain Crafting Recipe
FFBE Broadsword
15 None Shop: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin
Recipe: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin, Event - Lands of Plenty
Chest: Earth Shrine (Exploration)
FFBE Copper Ore Copper Ore x5
40 Gil
5 minutes
An ordinary long sword with more power than a dagger. Since it is created in mass quantities, not much can be expected from this blade used by lower class soldiers. The design of the broadsword varies slightly from region to region, and despite granting no special abilities to its user they are commonly used for basic defense.
Long Sword
FFBE Long Sword
20 None Shop: Village of Kol, Grandport
Recipe: Village of Kol, Grandport
Chest: Village of Kol
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x7
80 Gil
1 hour
Though of higher quality than the broadsword, this blade is still standard issue for soldiers. Young warriors who want to stand out from their peers compete with one another in secret to see who can rid themselves of this weapon the quickest by replacing it with a much stronger one. However, most of them cannot afford better equipment given the poor salary of most soldiers.
Fine Blade
FFBE Fine Blade
25 None Recipe: Event - Lands of Plenty FFBE Broadsword Broadsword x5
FFBE Copper Ore Copper Ore x15
FFBE Lumber Lumber x20
400 Gil
3 hours
A sharp long sword forged by master craftsmen. It is similar to normal broadswords in that it is created in mass quantities, and likewise is used by many an experienced soldier. Despite granting no special abilities to its user, it is commonly used for basic offense.
Mythril Sword
FFBE Mythril Sword
26 None Shop: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion
Recipe: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion
Chest: Wolfsfang Peak (Exploration)
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x9
200 Gil
6 hours
A sword made of mythril which boasts flexibility and durability. All soldiers dream of owning this blade and possession of it alone is said to raise a soldier above the rest of his peers. Unfortunately, the rare metal it is forged from makes the mythril sword a rare weapon to produce. Currently, a social experiment to boost troop morale by offering this blade as a prize is being conducted.
FFBE Flametongue
33 Element: Fire Chest: Zadehl Westersand (Exploration) None
A sword tempered with fire from the spirits of the deceased. The curved edged of this blade is said to be forever burning, thought its heat cannot be felt by whoever grasps it, and thus presents no actual danger to the wielder. However, it does burn any foe it strikes, immediately incinerating said target. Legend tells of a young warrior from the Military Nation of Zoldaad who used the flametongue to defeat countless beasts.
FFBE Icebrand
33 Element: Ice Recipe: Silver Chest - Aquapolis Olderion
Reward: Earth Key #24 - Wolfsfang Peak (Exploration)
FFBE Ice Cryst Ice Cryst x5
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x9
600 Gil
12 hours
A sword that looks as if carved out of transparent ice. As its design suggests, it envelops foes in a wave of severely cold temperatures, eventually freezing them. It is especially effective against fire beasts, and thus widely used in volcanic areas. The beauty of the icebrand has also seen it used in various ritualistic ceremonies where it is often carried by young maidens.
Coral Sword
FFBE Coral Sword
33 Element: Lightning Recipe: Kolobos Reef (Exploration)
Reward: Quest - Niche Dish Wish
FFBE Lightning Cryst Lightning Cryst x5
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x9
600 Gil
12 hours
A sword imbued with lightning that is very effective against aquatic foes. It is actually made from a piece of sea coral, an organism known to readily absorb magic, naturally charged with electricity. Apparently sea coral achieves this charged state by absorbing the electricity of any lightning that strikes the water it lives in. Electrified coral is still used in many regions to hunt for fish, especially in regions where thunderstorms often occur.
Sleep Sword
FFBE Sleep Sword
35 Sleep (30%) Chest: Mobreeze Airship Factory (Exploration) None
A sword with the ability to put foes to sleep as it strikes. ALthough its special effect is not always guaranteed to afflict others, the power it exhibits as a long sword makes this weapon easy enough to handle. Unfortunately, however, its sheer size complicates the process of sealing the sleep spell within the blade, making it impossible to produce this weapon in mass quantities. Instead, they can be found in locations such as old ruins, since they seem to originate from ancient times.
Superior Blade
FFBE Superior Blade
36 Blind (15%) Recipe: Event - Lands of Plenty FFBE Fine Blade Fine Blade x6
FFBE Copper Ore Copper Ore x30
FFBE Lumber Lumber x40
4,000 Gil
6 hours
A long sword that is only awarded to high-ranking Grandshelt officials who have mastered the art of sword-wielding. Such masters are said to wield their blades with such speed that their enemies rarely see them coming.
Royal Sword
FFBE Royal Sword
37 None Reward: Event - The Crystal Tower None
A sword from another world. A noble sword once passed down through generations in Castle Argus, it was stolen away by Hein, the man who, consumed by darkness, betrayed the king. Though it doesn't possess any special abilities, it is well-known for delivering consistent powerful attacks. After much trouble, it is said that it finally ended up in the hands of the Warriors of Light.
Shining Splendor
FFBE Shining Splendor
72 8 Defense
Blind (15%)
Recipe: Event - Lands of Plenty FFBE Superior Blade Superior Blade x3
FFBE Cavern Ore Cavern Ore x80
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x80
FFBE Silver Ore Silver Ore x80
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x50
150,000 Gil
2 days
A blade that is so tedious and expensive to craft, the blacksmith community cringes at the mere mention of this sword. This powerful sword is forged from various materials under extreme heat. Flames so hot they can instantly melt most metals are required to craft this sword, meaning that craftsmen who make them must also be able to bear such tremendous heat. Few blade-wielders have ever had the privilege of brandishing this blade, the shine of which blinds those who find themselves at the wrong end of one of its attacks.
FFBE Vernard BF
76 Element: Fire Reward: Event - Grand Gaia Chronicles None
A sword belonging to the summoner, Seria, who hails from another world. The edge of this bright red sword is both sharp and serrated, as if to reflect the heart of its mistress. Although many would consider this weapon much too big for a woman, the intricate designs and details decorating the blade give it a certain sense of elegance when Seria wields it. She has used this sword to protect both her friends and her world, yet it has managed to retain its beautiful luster in this world as well.
FFBE Enhancer
82 23 Magic Reward: Trial - Intangir None
A sword beloved by mystic knights for its ability to heighten the wielder's intelligence. The enhancer was made from materials that facilitate the flux of magic, precisely because many mystic knights tend to prefer this weapon. Its lightness compared to other swords also makes it easier to manuever, though it is uncertain how much of this is due to the influence of the wielder. The enhancer has become quite popular amongst soldiers for its ease of use, and for the great amount of offensive power it exhibits as a sword.
FFBE Moonblade
118 Element: Dark Trust Master: Delita None
A sword shrouded in darkness that boasts of incredible power. The discovery of this sword happened only recently, as the blade had originally been rumored to exist in a distant world. Unfortunately, so little information is known about this sword, that its name, history, and even source of darkness remain a mystery. The only thing about this sword that seems apparent is that its lack of embellishments point to it having been made specifically for battle.
Mana Blade
FFBE Mana Blade
Phantasmal Blade
FFBE Phantasmal Blade
Fryevia's Needle
FFBE Fryevia's Needle
S-Machine Sword*
FFBE S-Machine Sword
Cautery Sword*
FFBE Cautery Sword
FFBE Brotherhood
Cobalt Winglet
FFBE Cobalt Winglet
Ul'dahn Falchion
FFBE Ul'dahn Falchion
Platinum Sword*
FFBE Platinum Sword
Water Spirit Sword*
FFBE Water Spirit Sword
Earth Spirit Sword*
FFBE Earth Spirit Sword
Baroque Sword*
FFBE Baroque Sword
Basilisk Steel*
FFBE Basilisk Steel
FFBE Razzmatazz
Onion Sword*
FFBE Onion Sword
FFBE Sorcery
Seven Star Sword*
FFBE Seven Star Sword
FFBE Kamsheen
Rune Saber*
FFBE Rune Saber
100 5 Magic
FFBE Lohengrin
109 37 Magic
Ancient Overlord*
FFBE Ancient Overlord
FFBE Falchion

Great Swords Edit

Name Attack Effect Obtain Crafting Recipe
Great Sword
FFBE Great Sword
27 None Shop: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Recipe: Quest - Muse of the Anvil
FFBE Broken Blade Broken Blade x1
FFBE Iron Ore Iron Ore x10
300 Gil
6 hours
An extremely large sword. One strike from this blade can cause a vast amount of damage, but the great weight it carries limits the amount of people who can actually wield it. Even if one manages to lift it, swinging it may prove impossible for the average person. For this reason, the great sword is said to be more commonly used to mow down enemies, rather than actually cutting them.
Buster Sword
FFBE Buster Sword
35 None Shop: Grandport, Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Zadehl Westersand (Exploration)
FFBE Broken Blade Broken Blade x3
FFBE Silver Ore Silver Ore x14
300 Gil
6 hours
A wide sword as large as a full grown adult. Swinging it is a herculean task, but legend has it that a blond warrior with blue eyes from another world once wielded it with ease. It was a prized memento of the joys and sorrows he once shared with a certain friend. The buster sword doesn't have a scabbard, and its weight makes it particularly difficult to transport. It was therefore affixed with a magnetic component that allows it to be carried over the shoulder.
Giant's Sword
FFBE Giant's Sword
41 None Reward: Colosseum - Advanced S-5 None
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As far as this man-made weapon is concerned, a single swipe of a Giant's Sword can make them fall so hard their future generations can feel it. No material was spared in the making of this plus-sized weapon. It is said that the majority of the blacksmiths reject any contract related to the creation of this blade due to the amount of time and care needed to make this behemoth of a sword.
Mythril Saber
FFBE Mythril Saber
45 None Recipe: Gale Key #10 - Mystic Woods (Exploration)
Reward: Quest - Invasion Afoot!, Event - The Crystal Tower
FFBE Broken Blade Broken Blade x1
FFBE Mythril Ore Mythril Ore x16
900 Gil
12 hours
A great sword made of precious mythril. Its width and length do not differ from that of any other great sword, but the mythril that composes it makes this sword incredibly light. Although swinging it requires as much strength as handling a one-handed sword, a great deal of expertise is required to become accustomed to its reach. Thus, the mythril saber is best left for those veterans who know how to counterbalance its unique characteristics.
Golden Blade
FFBE Golden Blade
51 None Reward: Event - The Crystal Tower None
A great sword made of gold. Gold has always been renowned as the symbol for wealth and authority since ancient times thanks to its everlasting luster. However, the beauty of this material is not the only reason why so many pieces of golden equipment can be found around the world. Superstition is also deeply rooted in the manufacturing of these arms. One of these, the golden blade, is known to bring victory to whoever owns it, making it a product of high demand.
Blood Sword
FFBE Blood Sword
76 30 Spirit
Ability: Drainer
Recipe: Colosseum - Advanced (S-4) FFBE Giant's Sword Giant's Sword x1
FFBE Blood Alcryst Blood Alcryst x2
FFBE Blood Stone Blood Stone x3
FFBE Stainless Steel Stainless Steel x3
150,000 Gil
1 hour
This crimson cutter was clearly inspired by the bloodsucking fauna of Lapis. A royal vizier from a faraway magical kingdom created the schematics of this weapon for his king. On grounds of suspected treason, the king rewarded him with a one-stop visit to the guillotine. When wielded, this blade extracts some of its target's life force, granting it to its wielder. The sensation of the life force entering its owner is usually pleasant, so much so that some soon find themselves addicted to its effects.
Save the Queen
FFBE Save the Queen
112 Auto-Protect Trust Master: Agrias None
A sword given as proof of having taken an oath of loyalty. The spirit of integrity and tenacity that lives within this blade creates an invisible barrier that protects its wielder. It is one of the most prestigious honors a knight may ever receive, and extremely rare even among those sworn to serve the royal family. A knight's ability with the sword alone would not suffice to earn him this weapon, as he must first prove his high level of education and unshakable loyalty. Only those knights who meet all of the requirements may wield this blade.
FFBE Excalibur
120 Element: Light Trust Master: Cecil None
A legendary sword that emits a holy light. Its beautiful design bears the sun's crest on its hilt, and the blade itself is adorned with beautiful waves. The bright light it shines is also said to vanquish evil beings. This legendary weapon's whereabouts where unknown for quite a long time, but this didn't stop the hordes of frenzied soldiers from hunting down this fabled blade. Its scabbard is said to grant divine protection against agony and misfortune to whomever wears it.
FFBE Deathbringer
120 Element: Dark
Passive ability:Man-Eater
Trust Master: Dark Knight Cecil None
A great sword that hails from ancient times which holds incredible destructive power, and was thus aptly named the "deathbringer" by those who witnessed it. Although many mistake this weapon as evil due to its ominous name, the blade itself is actually free of any curse. However, the great darkness that lives within it requires a great amount of spiritual discipline in order to be manipulated effectively.
Rune Blade
FFBE Rune Blade
FFBE Excalipoor
FFBE Durandal
Erdrick's Sword*
FFBE Erdrick's Sword
Force Stealer
FFBE Force Stealer
FFBE Dandelga
FFBE Apocalypse
Crimson Saber*
FFBE Crimson Saber
FFBE Defender
FFBE Organics
FFBE Tonitrus
Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon*
FFBE Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon
Red Wing*
FFBE Red Wing
Platinum Saber*
FFBE Platinum Saber
Glauca's Greatsword*
FFBE Glauca's Greatsword
FFBE Masquerade
FFBE Unknown Greatsword 5
Tailor's Scissors*
FFBE Tailor's Scissors
Iron Duke*
FFBE Iron Duke
Save the Queen (FFIX)*
FFBE Save the Queen (Beatrix)
Excalibur II*
FFBE Excalibur II
Iron Will*
FFBE Iron Will

Katana Edit

Weapon Attack Effect Obtain
FFBE Ashura
FFBE Kotetsu
FFBE Kodachi
FFBE Kikuichimonji
FFBE Kazekiri
FFBE Osafune
FFBE Murasame
FFBE Sakura
FFBE Chirijiraden
Genji Blade
FFBE Genji Blade
FFBE Kiyomori
FFBE Yakei
Dwarven Sword (ドワーフの刀)
FFBE Dwarven Sword
FFBE Shiden
FFBE Raikiri
FFBE Unknown Katana
Wild Circle
FFBE Wild Circle
Virtuous Contract
FFBE Virtuous Contract
Cruel Oath
FFBE Cruel Oath
Platinum Katana
FFBE Platinum Katana

Staves Edit

Weapon Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
FFBE Staff
5 0 2 14
Cherry Staff
FFBE Cherry Staff
8 0 3 20
Healing Staff
FFBE Healing Staff
11 0 5 26
Wizard's Staff
FFBE Mage's Staff
13 0 6 32
Rune Staff
FFBE Rune Staff
15 0 6 38
Golden Staff
FFBE Golden Staff
13 0 6 38
Malboro Wand
FFBE Malboro Wand
15 0 0 60
Magi Staff
FFBE Magi Staff
25 0 12 70
Golem Staff
FFBE Golem Staff
17 0 7 42
White Staff
FFBE White Staff
19 0 9 38
Dream Watcher
FFBE Dreamwaker
19 0 15 49
FFBE DQ Weapon 3
21 0 12 53
Aura Staff
FFBE Aura Staff
49 0 51 21
Budding Wand
FFBE Budding Wand
21 0 12 53
Cypress Pole
FFBE Cypress Pole
12 0 30 68
Staff of Wrath
FFBE Staff of Wrath
30 20 0 40
Clown Stick
FFBE Clown Stick
18 36 0 35
Angel Wand
FFBE Angel Wand
2 12 0 48
Air Racket
FFBE Air Racket
28 0 0 28
Holy Wand Replica
FFBE Holy Wand Replica
8 0 0 60
Holy Wand
FFBE Holy Wand
16 0 0 120
Arc Arcana
FFBE Arc Arcana
19 0 68 110
FFBE Nirvana
0 0 68 68

Rods Edit

Weapon Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
8 0 10 0
Iron Rod
FFBE Iron Rod
10 0 18 0
Flame Rod
FFBE Flame Rod
14 0 26 0
Ice Rod
FFBE Ice Rod
14 0 26 0
Wizard Rod
FFBE Wizard Rod
18 0 72 0
Rod of Lightning
FFBE Rod of Lightning
14 0 26 0
Rod of Gravity
FFBE Rod of Gravity
8 0 35 0
Lilith Rod
FFBE Lilith Rod
0 0 60 0
FFBE Omnirod
20 0 91 0
Lovely Rod
FFBE Lovely Rod
5 0 55 12
Mateus's Malice
FFBE Mateus's Malice
19 0 109 0
FFBE Unknown Rod
10 0 35 0
Striking Staff
FFBE Striking Rod
16 0 42 0
Recovery Rod
FFBE Recovery Rod
18 0 51 18
Platinum Rod
FFBE Platinum Rod
14 0 40 0
Iridal Staff
FFBE Iridal Staff
19 0 82 0
Tactician Magician's Wand
FFBE Tactician Magician's Wand
16 0 38 0
Water Dragon Rod
FFBE Water Dragon Rod
11 0 48 0
Judge's Rod
FFBE Judge's Rod
9 0 81 0
FFBE Punisher
52 0 47 0
Glory Staff
FFBE Glory Staff
8 0 23 56
Glory Of Ivil
FFBE Unknown Rod
92 0 120
Golden Eye
Golden Eye
11 0 88
Variable Mog
FFBE Variable Mog
0 0 80 0
Onion Knight
FFBE Onion Knight FFX
21 0 120 0


Weapon Attack Effect Obtain
Short Bow
FFBE Shortbow
Long Bow
FFBE Longbow
Great Bow
FFBE Greatbow
Elven Bow
FFBE Elfin Bow
Killer Bow
FFBE Killer Bow
Mythril Bow
FFBE Mythril Bow
Blessed Bow
FFBE Blessed Bow
Goddess Bow
FFBE Goddess Bow
Poron Bow
FFBE Poron Bow SoM
Rune Bow
FFBE Rune Bow
Fey Bow (エルブンボウ)
FFBE Fey Bow
FFBE Unknown Bow
Platinum Bow
FFBE Platinum Bow
FFBE Ouroga Bow
Selene Bow
FFBE Selene Bow

Axes Edit

Weapon Attack Magick Spirit Effect Obtain
Battle Axe
FFBE Battle Axe
28 0 0
Great Axe
FFBE Greataxe
32 0 0
FFBE Ogrekiller
36 0 0
Giant's Axe
FFBE Giant's Axe
50 0 0
Golden Axe
FFBE Golden Axe
55 0 0
Vorpal Axe
FFBE Vorpal Axe
47 0 0
Mythril Axe
FFBE Mythril Axe
48 0 0
Rune Axe
FFBE Rune Axe
53 0 0
Viking Axe
FFBE Viking Axe
125 0 0
Gigas Axe
FFBE Gigas Axe
85 0 15
FFBE Gigantaxe
76 0 0
FFBE DQ Weapon 4
44 0 0
Moon Axe
FFBE Moon Axe
110 0 0
Leucous Voulge
FFBE Leucous Voulge
101 0 0
Demon Axe
FFBE Demon Axe
65 0 0
Assault Axe
FFBE Assault Axe
91 0 0
Platinum Axe
FFBE Platinum Axe
76 0 0
FFBE Francisca
78 0 0

Hammers Edit

Weapon Attack Effect Obtain
Wooden Hammer
FFBE Wooden Hammer
Iron Hammer
FFBE Iron Hammer
War Hammer
FFBE Warhammer
Mythril Hammer
FFBE Mythril Hammer
Blessed Hammer
FFBE Blessed Hammer
Mighty Hammer
FFBE Mighty Hammer
Beast Hammer
FFBE Beast Hammer
FFBE Sledgehammer
Master Craftsmans's Hammer (名匠のハンマー)
FFBE Master Craftsmans's Hammer
Platinum Hammer
FFBE Platinum Hammer

Spears Edit

Weapon Attack Effect Obtain
FFBE Javelin
FFBE Partisan
Mythril Spear
FFBE Mythril Spear
Flame Lance
FFBE Flame Lance
Thunder Spear
FFBE Thunder Spear
FFBE Trident
Wind Spear
FFBE Wind Spear
Lad Mirazh
FFBE Lad Mirazh BF
Death Scythe
FFBE Death Scythe
Calamity Spear
FFBE Calamity Spear
FFBE Gungnir
Demon Scythe
FFBE Demon Scythe BF
Ice Lance
FFBE Ice Lance
Dragon Spear Gae Bolg
FFBE Dragon Spear Gae Bolg
Twin Lance
FFBE Twin Lance
Holy Lance
FFBE Holy Lance
FFBE Unknown Spear 2
FFBE Artisan
Lamia's Scythe
FFBE Lamia's Scythe
Orc Piercer
FFBE Orc Piercer
Dragon Whisker
FFBE Dragon Whisker
Moogle Spear
FFBE Moogle Spear
FFBE Bentus
Zodiac Spear
FFBE Zodiac Spear
FFBE Unknown Spear
Platinum Lance
FFBE Platinum Lance
FFBE Unknown Spear 3
Wyvern Horn
FFBE Wyvern Horn
Dragoon Lance
FFBE Dragoon Lance

Music Instruments Edit

Weapon Attack Magick Spirit Effect Obtain
14 0 0
Silver Harp
FFBE Silver Harp
20 0 0
Madhura Harp
FFBE Madhura Harp
26 0 0
Dream Harp
FFBE Dream Harp
76 0 0
Rune Bell
FFBE Rune Bell
34 0 0
FFBE Microphone
14 58 15
Platinum Bell
FFBE Platinum Bell
38 0 0
Apollo Harp
FFBE Apollo Harp
34 0 0
FFBE Unknown Instrument
10 38 52
Angel Flute
FFBE Angel Flute
10 48 98

Whips Edit

Weapon Attack Effect Obtain
Leather Whip
FFBE Leather Whip
Chain Whip
FFBE Chain Whip
Shock Whip
FFBE Blitz Whip
Mythril Whip
FFBE Mythril Whip
Hayate Whip
FFBE Hayate Whip
Empress Birch
FFBE Empress Whip
Tamer's Whip
FFBE Tamer's Whip
FFBE Unknown Whip 2
Platinum Whip
FFBE Platinum Whip
FFBE Unknown Whip

Throwing weapons Edit

Weapon Attack Magick Spirit Effect Obtain
FFBE Boomerang
16 0 0
FFBE Chakram
21 0 0
Moon Ring Blade
FFBE Moon Ring Blade
26 0 0
FFBE Kangaroo
42 0 0
51 0 0
FFBE Tezcatlipoca
65 0 0
Rising Sun
FFBE Rising Sun
107 0 0
Ninja's Trump
FFBE Ninja's Trump
28 75 0
Battle Hoop
FFBE Battle Hoop
38 0 0
Fixed Dice
FFBE Fixed Dice
1 0 0
Switch Hitter
FFBE Switch Hitter
35 0 0
Hyper Ball
FFBE Hyper Ball
55 0 0
Over the Top
FFBE Over the Top
106 0 0
Slick Dart
FFBE Slick Dart
60 0 0
Platinum Edge
FFBE Platinum Edge
42 0 0
FFBE Hawkeye Weapon
36 42

Guns Edit

Weapon Attack Defense Magick Spirit Effect Obtain
FFBE Altair
20 0 0 0
FFBE Capella
26 0 0 0
40 0 0 0
FFBE Sirius
46 0 0 0
FFBE Betelgeuse
56 0 0 0
Hyades Magnums
FFBE Hyades Magnums
58 0 0 0
Candy Gun
FFBE Candy Gun
65 0 0 0
Romandan Pistol
FFBE Romandan Pistol
107 0 0 0
Rune Trigger
FFBE Rune Trigger
52 0 0 0
Ras Algethi
FFBE Ras Algethi
52 0 0 0
FFBE Sparky
Dragon's Roar
FFBE Dragon's Roar
72 0 0 0
FFBE Magnati
42 0 0 0
FFBE Rigel
60 0 0 0
FFBE Unknown Gun
120 0 0 0
FFBE Arcturus
135 0 0 0
FFBE Spica
78 0 0 0
Shark Gun
FFBE Shark Gun
80 0 0 0
FFBE Quasar
60 0 0 60
Assault Gun
FFBE Assault Gun
66 0 0 0
Platinum Musket
FFBE Platinum Musket
68 0 0

Maces Edit

Weapon Attack Magick Spirit Effect Obtain
Bronze Mace
FFBE Bronze Mace
14 0 0
Iron Mace
FFBE Iron Mace
19 0 0
FFBE Werebuster
25 0 0
Mythril Mace
FFBE Mythril Mace
30 0 0
Lunar Pestle
FFBE Lunar Pestle
60 0 0
Thorned Mace
FFBE Thorned Mace
78 0 0
Skull Crusher
FFBE Skull Crusher
35 0 0
FFBE Vesper
60 0 0
Platinum Mace
FFBE Platinum Mace
44 0 0
Thoth's Wand
FFBE Thoth's Wand
70 0 0
Nail Bat
FFBE Nail Bat
115 0 0

Fists Edit

Weapon Attack Defense Spirit Effect Obtain
Bronze Knuckles
FFBE Bronze Knuckle
16 0 0
Metal Knuckles
FFBE Metal Knuckle
20 0 0
Cat Claws
FFBE Cat Claws
42 0 0
Kaiser Knuckles
FFBE Kaiser Knuckles
101 0 0
Poison Knuckle
FFBE Poison Knuckle
40 0 0
Mythril Claw
FFBE Mythril Claw
42 0 0
Sonic Knuckles
FFBE Sonic Knuckle
51 0 0
Winged Saint
FFBE Winged Saint
56 0 0
Beast Cestus
FFBE Beast Cestus
51 0 14
Aura Glove
FFBE Aura Glove
45 32 45
FFBE DQ Weapon 6
36 0 0
FFBE Devastator
35 0 0
FFBE Override
50 0 0
Wyvern Claws
FFBE Wyvern Claws
58 0 0
Faerie Claws
FFBE Faerie Claws
47 0 0
FFBE Retaliators
96 0 0
FFBE Unknown Fist
145 0 0
Broken Arm
FFBE Broken Arm
29 0 0
Dragon Claws
FFBE Dragon Claws
82 0 0
FFBE Unknown Fist 2
88 0 0
Type-3 Fists
FFBE Type-3 Fists
60 0 0