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The following is a list of weapons found in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Bronze Knife
FFBE Bronze Knife
10 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin, Grandport
Reward: Town of Mitra (recipe)
Craft: Copper Ore x3, 20 gil (5 minutes)
100 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★ - A dagger made of iron.
A single-edged dagger made of bronze. It was designed to be small and easy to carry, but since it isn't practical to be used as weapon, it is mainly used for self-defense. However, its reasonable price and ease of use make it a popular tool for daily activities. Since no special training is required to handle the bronze knife, many use it for traveling and completing menial tasks.
FFBE Dagger
16 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Reward: Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #15)
Craft: Iron Ore x4, 40 gil (1 hour)
200 FFBE Gil
60 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★ - A dagger customized for battle.
A double-edged dagger designed to be more apt for battle. Although knives are meant to be used for daily tasks, the dagger's usefulness is better exercised in battle. Its abilities to pierce through the seams of tough armor and deflect incoming attacks make it indispensable as a supportive weapon on the field. Unfortunately, robbers from different areas currently use this easily concealable weapon to carry out their misdeeds.
Mythril Dagger
FFBE Mythril Dagger
20 Buy: Aquapolis Olderion (weapon & recipe); Town of Kolts, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Find: Mobreeze Airship Factory
Reward: "Hammer Time", The Crystal Tower
Craft: Mythril Ore x5, 100 gil (6 hours)
500 FFBE Gil
150 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A battle dagger made of mythril.
A double-edged dagger made of mythril which boasts flexibility and durability. Its battle power and incredible ease of use make it a formidable weapon, but the prized mythril used to forge it makes it a hard blade to acquire. No one surpasses the dwarves when it comes to superior mythril craftsmanship, which is why mythril daggers are mostly made in the Industrial City Dilmagia where many of them work.
Sleep Dagger
FFBE Sleep Dagger
22 Find: Mystic Woods
Reward: "Pillow of Your Dreams" (recipe), Colosseum · BGN C-5
Craft: Water Cryst x3, Gaia's Tear x1, Iron Ore x5, 100 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Has a 30% chance to inflict Sleep
★★★ - A dagger that puts foes to sleep.
An ordinary-looking dagger that has the ability to put foes to sleep. Though it was originally made to facilitate abductions and ambush attacks by those who work from the shadows, its special ability is never guaranteed to take effect, and thus even the most skilled of warriors found themselves unable to rely on it. However, it was indeed used from time to time, and still exists to this day, though quietly.
Main Gauche
FFBE Main Gauche
24 10 Reward: "M.I.A" (recipe); Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #1)
Craft: Rockbeetle Husk x3, Iron Ore x8, 300 gil (12 hours)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A dagger that can parry enemy attacks.
A dagger with a large hilt that can be used to catch incoming enemy attacks and then parry them. It was mainly used for battle, but was also once a popular decorative piece adorned with family crests, elaborate patterns, and jewels all placed on its unique hilt. The most beautiful of these would usually fetch a hefty sum for its high artistic value.
Toxic Dagger
FFBE Toxic Dagger
35 Reward: Colosseum · ADV S-3
Effect: Has a 15% chance to inflict Poison
★ - ??
A dagger with a large hilt that can be used to catch incoming enemy attacks and then parry them. It was mainly used for battle, but was also once a popular decorative piece adorned with family crests, elaborate patterns, and jewels all placed on its unique hilt. The most beautiful of these would usually fetch a hefty sum for its high artistic value.
Mage Masher
FFBE Mage Masher
38 Find: Industrial City Dilmagia, Downtown Zoldaad
Effect: Has a 30% chance to inflict Silence
★★★★ - A short blade that renders foes silent.
A short blade also known as the "magic-killer". It has the ability to render the foes it strikes silent, though much like the sleep dagger, this effect is never guaranteed to take hold. However, it does have the incredibly mysterious power to seal away dangerous magic whilst in battle. Thus, this blade would prove extremely useful in any battle involving a great number of mages.
Kitchen Knife
FFBE Kitchen Knife
34 Buy: King Mog (Night of the Pumpkin) 8,000 FFBE Candy Corn
Effect: Enables use of Stab
★ - ??
Rumor has it that this kitchen knife belonged to a great chef. The chef was a perfectionist who enjoyed sharpening the blade of his knife everyday till it was sharp enough to even cleave through thickened bones.
Survival Edges
FFBE Survival Edges
34 Buy: King Mog (Akademeia) 2,000 FFBE Phantoma
Effect: HP +10%; Wind-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A short blade that greatly increases its wielder's chance of survival.
A short blade that made its way from the far away world of Orience. Not only is it a well balanced weapon, it also boosts its wielder's HP. Though short blades are usually reserved for use in emergency situations, if one were to wield this HP-boosting Survival Edge their chance of survival would be increased regardless the situation that befalls them.
Air Knife
FFBE Air Knife
48 Reward: Dirnado's Vault (completion)
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
★ - ??
An incredibly light knife, infused with the power of wind. For quite a while, it was praised among those who seeked dexterity necessary for stealth and evasive movement. However, there are not many around as the instructions to make them have been lost, though if they were to be found again it would possibly once again gain popularity.
Venomous Edge
FFBE Venomous Edge
85 Trust: Ling
Effect: Has a chance to inflict Poison (30%) and Paralyze (30%)
★★★★★★★ - A poisonous blade made specifically for assassination.
A small and poisonous blade designed specially for assassins. Due to its small size it can be easily concealed, though only well trained assassins can fully master the use of this blade. It is also laced with various deadly poisons that improve the weapon's lethality.
Second Knife
FFBE Second Knife
5 Buy: The Egg Seekers (recipe)
Craft: Staff of Wrath x2, Crown of Justice x1, Black Bandana x1, Crystal Egg of Power x1, 300,000 gil (instant)
1 FFBE Rainbow Egg
Effect: Grants Dual Wield
★★★★★★★ - A small knife usually used as a secondary weapon.
A small knife that is usually used by thieves as a secondary weapon. Although it is too weak to be used as a main weapon in battle, it can be used as a backup when desperate times call for desperate measures. Its compact size allows its wielder to equip two weapons at once.
FFBE Orichalcum
42 Reward: The Dreadnought · ADV
Effect: Grants Aquan Killer
★★★★★ - A dagger effective against water monsters.
A short sword from a faraway world which boasts high attack power against aquatic monsters. It is said this short sword was protected by a fearsome monster under a castle in the world from which it came. It is unknown if this has anything to do with the phantom metal orichalcum spoken of in various other lands. All that is known is that the existence of such a phantom metal has not been confirmed in this short sword's land of origin.
FFBE Swordbreaker
43 Reward: Zoldaad's Vault (Flamering Key #1)
Effect: Grants Swordbreaker
★ - ??
A unique comb-like short sword. As its name would suggest, it was made to break certain weapons, and upon receiving an attack with its ridged side, it can render the attacking weapon powerless. Though produced based on many different fighting styles, this short sword is quite difficult to use, and many are selective when it comes to which hand they use it with. Use of these weapons is usually forbidden in normal combat.
Defender's Daggers
FFBE Defender's Daggers
12 68 35 Buy: King Mog (The Battle of Judecca) 10,000 FFBE Blue Phantoma
Effect: Grants Manalchemy when equipped by Rem
★★★★★★ - A short sword that increases SPR.
A set of daggers from the distant world of Orience. The Defender's Daggers have the ability to heighten the spirit of the wearer, and though the name "Defender" may not seem entirely accurate for them, in their home world their abilities can be used to heal others by amplifying the wielder's spiritual and magical power. It is said that a kind and caring young woman well-versed in magic wielded these daggers back in Orience.
Bowie Knife
FFBE Gun Bowie Knife
82 Trust: Abel
Effect: Grants Dual Wield
★★★★★★★ - A large, custom-made knife.
A high quality dagger made by a talented blacksmith. Although great in size for a mere knife, its lightweight serves to make it more effective when wielded single-handedly. Were the wielder able to master using this weapon with one hand, it would allow them to carry one more weapon to further extend his or her reach. The bowie knife is considered to be the ideal blade of all dagger users, but its uniqueness makes it hard to obtain.
Platinum Dagger
FFBE Platinum Dagger
42 Find: Societal Ruins
Effect: None
★ - ??
A relatively high-quality dagger that shines in a radiant white hue. Platinum is a material favored for weapon-making, as it can survive prolonged use without suffering any significant damage or deterioration. It is for this reason that this dagger is popular with so many people. Some leaders of bandit groups and other experienced thieves even give their own platinum daggers to their subordinates as a symbol of their graduation to a higher rank within the group.
Zwill Crossblade
FFBE Zwill Crossblade
Galkan Dagger*
FFBE Galkan Dagger
★ - ??
Zwill Straightblade*
FFBE Zwill Straightblade
★ - ??
FFBE Avenger
★ - ??
Ulric's Dagger*
FFBE Ulric's Dagger
★ - ??
Rose Breath*
FFBE Rose Breath
73 48
★★★★★★★ - ??
Death Stroke*
FFBE Death Stroke
★★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Chocobo Claw


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Broadsword
15 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Reward: Lands of Plenty · BGN (recipe)
Find: Earth Shrine
Craft: Copper Ore x5, 40 gil (5 minutes)
100 FFBE Gil
60 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★ - An ordinary long sword.
An ordinary long sword with more power than a dagger. Since it is created in mass quantities, not much can be expected from this blade used by lower class soldiers. The design of the broadsword varies slightly from region to region, and despite granting no special abilities to its user they are commonly used for basic defense.
Long Sword
FFBE Long Sword
20 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Village of Kol
Craft: Iron Ore x7, 80 gil (1 hour)
400 FFBE Gil
120 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★ - A soldier's standard issue sword.
Though of higher quality than the broadsword, this blade is still standard issue for soldiers. Young warriors who want to stand out from their peers compete with one another in secret to see who can rid themselves of this weapon the quickest by replacing it with a much stronger one. However, most of them cannot afford better equipment given the poor salary of most soldiers.
Fine Blade
FFBE Fine Blade
25 Reward: Lands of Plenty · INT (recipe)
Craft: Broadsword x5, Copper Ore x15, Lumber x20, 400 gil (3 hours)
Effect: None
A sharp long sword forged by master craftsmen. It is similar to normal broadswords in that it is created in mass quantities, and likewise is used by many an experienced soldier. Despite granting no special abilities to its user, it is commonly used for basic offense.
Mythril Sword
FFBE Mythril Sword
26 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion (weapon & recipe); Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Nian Beast Challenges! · INT (Day 2)
Find: Wolfsfang Peak
Craft: Mythril Ore x9, 200 gil (6 hours)
1,000 FFBE Gil
300 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A long sword made of mythril.
A sword made of mythril which boasts flexibility and durability. All soldiers dream of owning this blade and possession of it alone is said to raise a soldier above the rest of his peers. Unfortunately, the rare metal it is forged from makes the mythril sword a rare weapon to produce. Currently, a social experiment to boost troop morale by offering this blade as a prize is being conducted.
FFBE Flametongue
33 Find: Ghost Ship (recipe); Zadehl Westersand
Craft: Fire Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x9, 600 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★ - ??
A sword tempered with fire from the spirits of the deceased. The curved edged of this blade is said to be forever burning, thought its heat cannot be felt by whoever grasps it, and thus presents no actual danger to the wielder. However, it does burn any foe it strikes, immediately incinerating said target. Legend tells of a young warrior from the Military Nation of Zoldaad who used the flametongue to defeat countless beasts.
FFBE Icebrand
33 Find: Aquapolis Olderion (recipe)
Reward: Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #24)
Craft: Ice Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x9, 600 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A sword that freezes foes.
A sword that looks as if carved out of transparent ice. As its design suggests, it envelops foes in a wave of severely cold temperatures, eventually freezing them. It is especially effective against fire beasts, and thus widely used in volcanic areas. The beauty of the icebrand has also seen it used in various ritualistic ceremonies where it is often carried by young maidens.
Coral Sword
FFBE Coral Sword
33 Find: Kolobos Reef (recipe)
Reward: "Niche Dish Wish"
Craft: Lightning Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x9, 600 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A sword that electrifies foes.
A sword imbued with lightning that is very effective against aquatic foes. It is actually made from a piece of sea coral, an organism known to readily absorb magic, naturally charged with electricity. Apparently sea coral achieves this charged state by absorbing the electricity of any lightning that strikes the water it lives in. Electrified coral is still used in many regions to hunt for fish, especially in regions where thunderstorms often occur.
Sleep Sword
FFBE Sleep Sword
35 Find: Fire Shrine (recipe); Mobreeze Airship Factory, The Dreadnought
Craft: Water Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x9, 600 gil (12 hours)
Effect: May inflict Sleep (30%).
★★★★ - A long sword that puts foes to sleep.
A sword with the ability to put foes to sleep as it strikes. Although its special effect is not always guaranteed to afflict others, the power it exhibits as a long sword makes this weapon easy enough to handle. Unfortunately, however, its sheer size complicates the process of sealing the sleep spell within the blade, making it impossible to produce this weapon in mass quantities. Instead, they can be found in locations such as old ruins, since they seem to originate from ancient times.
Superior Blade
FFBE Superior Blade
36 Reward: Lands of Plenty (recipe)
Craft: Fine Blade x6, Copper Ore x30, Lumber x40, 4,000 gil (6 hours)
Effect: May inflict Blind (15%).
A long sword that is only awarded to high-ranking Grandshelt officials who have mastered the art of sword-wielding. Such masters are said to wield their blades with such speed that their enemies rarely see them coming.
Royal Sword
FFBE Royal Sword
37 Reward: The Crystal Tower
Effect: None
★★★★ - A sword once owned by a king from another world.
A sword from another world. A noble sword once passed down through generations in Castle Argus, it was stolen away by Hein, the man who, consumed by darkness, betrayed the king. Though it doesn't possess any special abilities, it is well-known for delivering consistent powerful attacks. After much trouble, it is said that it finally ended up in the hands of the Warriors of Light.
Shining Splendor
FFBE Shining Splendor
72 8 Reward: Lands of Plenty (recipe)
Craft: Superior Blade x3, Cavern Ore x80, Iron Ore x80, Silver Ore x80, Mythril Ore x50, 150,000 Gil (2 days)
Effect: May inflict Blind (15%)
A blade that is so tedious and expensive to craft, the blacksmith community cringes at the mere mention of this sword. This powerful sword is forged from various materials under extreme heat. Flames so hot they can instantly melt most metals are required to craft this sword, meaning that craftsmen who make them must also be able to bear such tremendous heat. Few blade-wielders have ever had the privilege of brandishing this blade, the shine of which blinds those who find themselves at the wrong end of one of its attacks.
FFBE Vernard BF
76 Buy: King Mog (Grand Gaia Chronicles) 10,000 FFBE Karma
Effect: Fire-elemental attack
★★★★★★ - The sword of a fierce crimson goddess.
A sword belonging to the summoner, Seria, who hails from another world. The edge of this bright red sword is both sharp and serrated, as if to reflect the heart of its mistress. Although many would consider this weapon much too big for a woman, the intricate designs and details decorating the blade give it a certain sense of elegance when Seria wields it. She has used this sword to protect both her friends and her world, yet it has managed to retain its beautiful luster in this world as well.
FFBE Enhancer
82 23 Reward: Rebirth of the Intangir
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - A sword that heightens the wielder's intelligence.
A sword beloved by mystic knights for its ability to heighten the wielder's intelligence. The enhancer was made from materials that facilitate the flux of magic, precisely because many mystic knights tend to prefer this weapon. Its lightness compared to other swords also makes it easier to manuever, though it is uncertain how much of this is due to the influence of the wielder. The enhancer has become quite popular amongst soldiers for its ease of use, and for the great amount of offensive power it exhibits as a sword.
FFBE Moonblade
118 Trust: Delita
Effect: Dark-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A plain battle sword.
A sword shrouded in darkness that boasts of incredible power. The discovery of this sword happened only recently, as the blade had originally been rumored to exist in a distant world. Unfortunately, so little information is known about this sword, that its name, history, and even source of darkness remain a mystery. The only thing about this sword that seems apparent is that its lack of embellishments point to it having been made specifically for battle.
Mana Blade
FFBE Mana Blade
101 8 8 8 Trust: Randi
Effect: None
★★★★★★★★ - A holy sword often spoken of in the Farplane.
A holy sword spoken of in a far away world. Called by different names in various tales, it is said to unleash its true power only when the world falls into chaos. When the ancient weapon Mana Fortress showed signs of reawakening it angered the gods, at which time this sword chose a timid young boy from Potos Village to whom it bestowed its power.
Phantasmal Blade
FFBE Phantasmal Blade
78 Buy: King Mog (Operation MA Demolition) 10,000 FFBE White Phantoma
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - An otherwordly sword imbued with a mysterious power.
A blade from another world said to hold mysterious power. Its attacks are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. It isn't known what sort of power it contains, but what is known is that it is a great one. The appear [sic] to be no mentions of this weapon in texts in the world of Orience from whence it came.
Fryevia's Needle
FFBE Fryevia's Needle
92 112 Trust: Fryevia
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A fencing sword owned by one of the greatest duelists in history.
A fencing sword owned by one of the greatest duelists in history. It was passed down to Fryevia by her grandfather when she came of age. It is decorated with emeralds, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Curiously enough, however, these elaborate embellishments do not affect its functionality as a duelist weapon.
S-Machine Sword*
FFBE S-Machine Sword
★ - ??
Cautery Sword*
FFBE Cautery Sword
FFBE Brotherhood
Cobalt Winglet
FFBE Cobalt Winglet
28 20 20 Reward: March on Ifrit (reach 132,500 pts) (recipe), March on Titan (reach 99,600 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Desert Mineral x20, Old Jungle Tree x10, Ancient Writings x10, High-grade Armor Oil x8, Mysterious Drop x3, 2,000 gil (24 hours)
Effect: HP +10%, MP +10% (Exclusive: Minfilia)
★★★★★ - A one-handed sword with a white blade from another world. (Minfilia only)
A weapon from the distant world of Eorzea. This one-handed sword boasts of a beautiful ivory blade, and was forged by a group of talented blacksmiths. Many gladiators and knights are said to love this weapon.
Ul'dahn Falchion
FFBE Ul'dahn Falchion
70 Reward: March on Ifrit (reach 110,000 pts) (recipe), March on Titan (reach 78,100 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Desert Mineral x20, Old Jungle Tree x10, Alter Blade x10, Dream Blossom x8, Quality Gold Dust x3, 600 gil (12 hours)
Effect: HP +10%, DEF +10% (Exclusive: Thancred)
★★★★ - A scale-patterned, one-handed sword from another world. (Thancred only)
A weapon from the distant world of Eorzea. Its lightweight and easy maneuverability make it a powerful weapon amongst gladiators and knights. The sword features the design of a set of scales, marking it as a military-issue blade of a certtain Eorzean nation.
Platinum Sword
FFBE Platinum Sword
51 Find: Underworld Gaberada
Effect: None
★★★★★ - A sword made from platinum.
A sword boasting of incredibly high durability that radiates with a brilliant white sheen. Being both remarkably beautiful and useful, this sword is immensely popular with many. However, since platinum is far heavier than gold, equipping it adds a considerable amount of weight for the wielder to handle. Owning this blade is seen as proof of an experienced knight's growth through their hard training.
Aqua Blade
FFBE Water Spirit Sword
90 Trust: Camille
Effect: Water-elemental attack; grants Two Blade Stance.
★★★★★★★ - A sword that contains the power of a water spirit.
A sword housing a water spirit. Although it is a blade of massive size, its unique ability allows the wielder to fight with two blades at once. It was passed down from one generation to the next in a certain village, and thus has a long history behind it. In fact, it was originally a set of two blades, with the Aqua Blade being meant to be used in unison with the Gaia Blade. The cerulean wave of mist it emits as its strikes down its foes is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Gaia Blade
FFBE Earth Spirit Sword
60 Reward: The Gathering
Effect: Earth-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A sword that contains the power of an earth spirit.
A sword housing an earth spirit that emits a brown aura from its blade. It was passed down from one generation to the next in a certain village, and thus has a long history behind it. According to popular belief, an earth spirit was trapped within the blade as a way to communicate with the god of agriculture, and each year a girl would dance with this blade in hand to pray for a bountiful harvest. However, it was originally a set of two blades, with the Gaia Blade being meant to be used in unison with the Aqua Blade.
Baroque Sword*
FFBE Baroque Sword
Basilisk Steel*
FFBE Basilisk Steel
FFBE Razzmatazz
Onion Sword*
FFBE Onion Sword
FFBE Sorcery
Seven Star Sword*
FFBE Seven Star Sword
FFBE Kamsheen
Rune Saber*
FFBE Rune Saber
★★★★ - ??
FFBE Lohengrin
109 37
Ancient Overlord*
FFBE Ancient Overlord
FFBE Falchion
★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Lumiere
Rusted Sword*
FFBE Rusted Sword
Rock Saber*
FFBE Rock Saber
FFBE Unknown Sword 2
FFBE Unknown Sword
Chaos Blade*
FFBE Chaos Blade
Night Emperor*
FFBE Night Emperor
FFBE Darkbringer
Improved Enhancer*
FFBE Chocobo Wing

Great SwordsEdit

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Great Sword
FFBE Great Sword
27 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Reward: "Muse of the Anvil" (recipe)
Craft: Broken Blade x1, Iron Ore x10, 300 gil (6 hours)
1,500 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★ - An great sword that deals heavy damage.
An extremely large sword. One strike from this blade can cause a vast amount of damage, but the great weight it carries limits the amount of people who can actually wield it. Even if one manages to lift it, swinging it may prove impossible for the average person. For this reason, the great sword is said to be more commonly used to mow down enemies, rather than actually cutting them.
Buster Sword
FFBE Buster Sword
35 Buy: Grandport (recipe); Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion
Find: Zadehl Westersand
Craft: Broken Blade x3, Silver Ore x14, 300 gil (6 hours)
1,500 FFBE Gil
450 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A sword big as a full-sized human.
A wide sword as large as a full grown adult. Swinging it is a herculean task, but legend has it that a blond warrior with blue eyes from another world once wielded it with ease. It was a prized memento of the joys and sorrows he once shared with a certain friend. The buster sword doesn't have a scabbard, and its weight makes it particularly difficult to transport. It was therefore affixed with a magnetic component that allows it to be carried over the shoulder.
Giant's Sword
FFBE Giant's Sword
41 Reward: Colosseum · ADV S-5
Effect: None
★ - ??
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As far as this man-made weapon is concerned, a single swipe of a Giant's Sword can make them fall so hard their future generations can feel it. No material was spared in the making of this plus-sized weapon. It is said that the majority of the blacksmiths reject any contract related to the creation of this blade due to the amount of time and care needed to make this behemoth of a sword.
Mythril Saber
FFBE Mythril Saber
45 Buy: Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Dirnado's Vault (Gale Key #10) (recipe)
Reward: "Invasion Afoot!", The Crystal Tower, Lunar New Year
Craft: Broken Blade x1, Mythril Ore x16, 900 gil (12 hours)
4,500 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★★ - A great sword made of mythril.
A great sword made of precious mythril. Its width and length do not differ from that of any other great sword, but the mythril that composes it makes this sword incredibly light. Although swinging it requires as much strength as handling a one-handed sword, a great deal of expertise is required to become accustomed to its reach. Thus, the mythril saber is best left for those veterans who know how to counterbalance its unique characteristics.
Golden Blade
FFBE Golden Blade
51 Find: Grono Shrine Entrance (recipe); Zoldaad Castle Grounds, Trials of Love
Reward: The Crystal Tower
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Craft: Mythril Saber x1, Gold Ore x1, Lumber x1, 900 gil (12 hours)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A sword that glimmers with gold.
A great sword made of gold. Gold has always been renowned as the symbol for wealth and authority since ancient times thanks to its everlasting luster. However, the beauty of this material is not the only reason why so many pieces of golden equipment can be found around the world. Superstition is also deeply rooted in the manufacturing of these arms. One of these, the golden blade, is known to bring victory to whoever owns it, making it a product of high demand.
Blood Sword
FFBE Blood Sword
76 30 Reward: Colosseum · ADV S-4
Craft: Giant's Sword x1, Blood Alcryst x2, Blood Stone x3, Stainless Steel x3, 150,000 gil (1 hour)
Effect: Enables use of Drainer
★★★★★★★ - A blood-sucking blade that isn't too picky on its targets.
This crimson cutter was clearly inspired by the bloodsucking fauna of Lapis. A royal vizier from a faraway magical kingdom created the schematics of this weapon for his king. On grounds of suspected treason, the king rewarded him with a one-stop visit to the guillotine. When wielded, this blade extracts some of its target's life force, granting it to its wielder. The sensation of the life force entering its owner is usually pleasant, so much so that some soon find themselves addicted to its effects.
Save the Queen
FFBE Save the Queen
112 Trust: Agrias
Effect: Grants Auto-Protect
★★★★★★★ - A loyal blade that protects its mater until the end.
A sword given as proof of having taken an oath of loyalty. The spirit of integrity and tenacity that lives within this blade creates an invisible barrier that protects its wielder. It is one of the most prestigious honors a knight may ever receive, and extremely rare even among those sworn to serve the royal family. A knight's ability with the sword alone would not suffice to earn him this weapon, as he must first prove his high level of education and unshakable loyalty. Only those knights who meet all of the requirements may wield this blade.
FFBE Excalibur
120 Trust: Cecil
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - A legenday sun with the sun's crest.
A legendary sword that emits a holy light. Its beautiful design bears the sun's crest on its hilt, and the blade itself is adorned with beautiful waves. The bright light it shines is also said to vanquish evil beings. This legendary weapon's whereabouts where unknown for quite a long time, but this didn't stop the hordes of frenzied soldiers from hunting down this fabled blade. Its scabbard is said to grant divine protection against agony and misfortune to whomever wears it.
FFBE Deathbringer
120 Trust: Dark Knight Cecil
Effect: Dark-elemental attack; grants Man-Eater
★★★★★★★★ - A great sword endowed with the power of darkness.
A great sword that hails from ancient times which holds incredible destructive power, and was thus aptly named the "deathbringer" by those who witnessed it. Although many mistake this weapon as evil due to its ominous name, the blade itself is actually free of any curse. However, the great darkness that lives within it requires a great amount of spiritual discipline in order to be manipulated effectively.
Rune Blade
FFBE Rune Blade
27 10 Find: Surging Volcano
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
A great sword of mysterious power engraved with ancient writing that emits a sacred aura. The archaic symbols belonging to an ancient civilization that have been chiseled into the blade hold the mysterious hidden power that give this weapon its special ability. Unfortunately, replicating the rune blade is quite difficult, as there are currently only a handful of people left who can effectively read and write these characters, in addition to understanding the sorcery behind them.
FFBE Excalipoor
1 Drop: The Big Bridge (Gilgamesh)
Effect: None
★★★★★★★ - An imitation of a legendary holy sword.
A sword modeled after the Excalibur. Though at first look it appears as if it would boast high ATK, this couldn't be further from the truth. Still, many seek this sword, which is surprisingly hard to find. It is though this blade was made specifically for such people. Replicated down to the finest detail, one would be pressed to tell it from the real thing just by looking at it.
FFBE Durandal
74 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) 18,000 FFBE Red Orb
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A large sword which name means immortal blade.
A large sword once wielded by a great hero. It's [sic] name means the immortal blade. There is a story about a hero who, when on the brink of death, in order for the durandal not to fall in enemy hands slammed it to the floor which actually caused the floor to split open. It is unclear whether or not this anecdote is true, but there is no denying the pin-point sharpness this holy blade boasts.
Erdrick's Sword*
FFBE Erdrick's Sword
Force Stealer
FFBE Force Stealer
58 Reward: "Beloved Equipment"
Effect: None
A terrifying great sword that unknowingly eats away at the wielder's spirit. Shining in a beautiful yet ominous shade of purple, this blade has crushed the will of many adventurers that have fallen under the trance it induces. Carrying it alone can have serious consequences for the bearer, and thus extreme care is required to handle it. However, regardless of the many risks, its usefulness as a weapon cannot be denied.
FFBE Dandelga
130 Trust: Vargas
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A large sword once owned by the hero of flames.
The great sword of the hero Vargas, who hails from another world. Legend has it that Dandelga was the masterpiece of one of Vargas's friends, a blacksmith who used special minerals and volcanic fire in order to forge it. This blade engulfed in flames is said to boost the abilities of the wielder, having given Vargas himself the incomparable audacity and bravery to challenge the gods during the great war that took place in his world long ago.
FFBE Apocalypse
Crimson Saber*
FFBE Crimson Saber
90 Reward: Trial of the Burning Soul
Effect: Grants Crimson Soul when equipped by Rain.
A large sword that shines like burning flames used by a knight of Grandshelt named Rain. The beautiful, silver blade reacts to the wielder's emotions to let out a shimmer reminiscent of flames. It is said that this sword was made using a special technique, featuring a unique curve along the center of the blade that is not found on any other swords. (Enables special abilities when equipped by Rain)
FFBE Defender
FFBE Organics
FFBE Tonitrus
Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon*
FFBE Great Flamesword of the Fire Dragon
Red Wing*
FFBE Red Wing
Platinum Saber*
FFBE Platinum Saber
Glauca's Greatsword*
FFBE Glauca's Greatsword
FFBE Masquerade
FFBE Unknown Greatsword 5
★★★★★★★ - ??
Tailor's Scissors*
FFBE Tailor's Scissors
★★★★★★★ - ??
Iron Duke*
FFBE Iron Duke
★★★★★★★ - ??
Save the Queen (FFIX)*
FFBE Save the Queen (Beatrix)
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Excalibur II*
FFBE Excalibur II
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Iron Will*
FFBE Iron Will
FFBE Unknown Greatsword


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Ashura
21 Buy: Ordol Port 560 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★ - A katana named after a god of war.
A katana that shares the same name as the war gods that the ninja revere. Though it bears an impressive moniker, the katana itself is quite ordinary and has no real special abilities. Its use is widespread since basically anyone who handles it can wield it. However, most people probably use it more for the divine protection it provides, rather than its actual battle power.
FFBE Kotetsu
25 Buy: Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Craft: Thickened Hide x3, Iron Ore x5, Lumber x3, 280 gil (6 hours)
1,400 FFBE Gil
420 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A small katana.
A katana that, although short, cuts very well. Originally it was meant to be equipped as a spare weapon to replace a warrior's main blade should it be damage and rendered unusable. However, its convenient size made it easy to carry and facilitated fighting in narrow spaces, which led many people to begin carrying the Kotetsu as their main weapon. This blade is so popular that it is not uncommon to see cheap replicas of it for sale.
FFBE Kodachi
26 Buy: Lost Village of Marlo (weapon & recipe)
Craft: Thickened Hide x3, Iron Ore x5, Lumber x3, 280 gil (6 hours)
1,400 FFBE Gil
420 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A smallish katana favored by ninjas.
A katana smaller than its regular counterpart, as its name suggests. Many ninjas use this weapon as a tool to carry out quick actions because it is not only as sharp as a normal katana, but is easy to maneuver in tight spots as well. It's blade is razor-sharp, and its convenient size allows it to be used to deflect incoming attacks.
FFBE Kikuichimonji
30 Buy: Lost Village of Marlo (weapon & recipe)
Find: "Missing on the Mountain"
Craft: Thickened Hide x3, Silver Ore x5, Lumber x3, 280 gil (6 hours)
1,400 FFBE Gil
420 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A katana adorned with chrysanthemums.
A katana of such beauty it is a pity to put to use. The chrysanthemums that adorn its scabbard are a symbol of nobility that was often used as a coat of arms. Originally this type of blade as forged exclusively for the royal family, and thus only a handful of blacksmiths were allowed to use this design on their pieces. For a samurai, receiving the kiku-ichimonji from his lord was the ultimate honor.
FFBE Kazekiri
35 Buy: Felicitas Town, Village of Ambel, Town of Amore, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: "The Icemen Overcometh" (recipe); Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #13); A Frosty Offensive (reach 100 pts)
Craft: Wind Cryst x5, Thickened Hide x3, Silver Ore x5, Lumber x3, 280 gil (6 hours)
1,400 FFBE Gil
420 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
★★★ - A katana rumored capable of cutting air.
A katana praised for its ability to slice anything, including the air itself. It is said to be able to cut the whirlwinds created by giant birds in half. There was once an incident where a great many people were hacked down by this blade in the dark of night. The resulting mound of dismembered bodies was said to resemble the aftermath of a ferocious metal-clawed beast.
FFBE Osafune
42 Find: Wind Shrine (recipe); Lost Village of Marlo
Craft: Thickened Hide x7, Otherworldly Bone x3, Cursed Tusk x5, Silver Ore x10, Lumber x1, 840 gil (12 hours)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A sturdy and reliable vintage katana.
A katana created by a craftsman who founded his own school. He took in many pupils in order to leave his skills as a blacksmith for posterity. All of his students currently work as a group, producing this highly prized blade as a brand name item. Poor quality mass-reproductions can occasionally be found, but true collectors know to look for the osafune's certified traditional finish.
FFBE Murasame
61 Reward: Farplane · Tower of Earth (White Dragon)
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - A sinister katana that drains blood.
An infamous katana. Legend has it that it converts its owners desires into power, and that they beauty of its blade draws others towards it. The murasame shines most after it has drained the blood of a living creature, and though powerful, it eventually leads whomever wields it to kill meaninglessly. Thus, rumors say that no one has been in possession of it for very long.
FFBE Sakura
98 Trust: Miyuki
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - A katana adorned with cherry blossoms.
A ninja sword adorned with cherry blossoms, a flower that blooms but once a year for a short period of time only to wither away in an instant. The beauty of its blade and scabbard make it a highly coveted piece of art, but any who may find themselves on the receiving end of one of its attacks will meet their end as quickly as the beautiful flowers that adorn it.
FFBE Chirijiraden
80 Reward: Orbonne Monastery Vaults · ADV (recipe)
Craft: Bugross Ore x1, Ulric Iron x50, Core Dust x40, Abyss Pearl x30, 5,600 gil (3 days)
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - An esquisitely crafted and detailed sword.
A sword endowed with the power of fire, and nicknamed the "fire-eater". Rumor had it that this blade slept in the depths of an abyss until a recipe found in the underground libraries of another world revealed its manufacturing process. Apparently, the samurai from that world were highly skilled in beckoning the spirits of weapons. This katana's spirit in particular is a gorgeous blue flame said to incinerate anything it touches.
Genji Blade
FFBE Genji Blade
107 Reward: Gilgamesh's Offensive
Effect: None
★★★★★★★ - The beloved blade of a wanderer from another world.
A beloved item once owned by a man said to be a collector of weapons who fought against heroes in various worlds. From its name, it is assumed to be related to the legendary Genji clan, and is said to have a cutting edge so sharp it can cut any lesser weapons right in two. If one were able to defeat this mysterious man who deeply admires the heroes he faces, this blade might very well find itself a new owner.
FFBE Kiyomori
79 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) 50,000 FFBE Red Orb
Effect: Grants Evade
★★★★★★★ - An expertly forged and renowned katana.
A weapon wielded by the samurai of Ivalice. This exquisitely crafted katana has a unique pattern etched onto its blade, and boasts of a splendid cutting edge. Although it could prove to be an invaluable asset on the field, it is quite difficult to obtain, and only those who have shown resilience in battle have been known to wield it.
FFBE Yakei
52 Reward: Zoldaad's Vault (Flamering Key #6)
Effect: May inflict Poison (30%).
Originally called the jagehakkei, its blade is seeping with poison, and is able to bring down even giants [sic] monsters with the smallest of scratches. It's [sic] name seemingly having no meaning, though various theories have been passed around over the years, this blade is still surrounded in mystery.
Dwarven Sword*
FFBE Dwarven Sword
Purple Lightning*
FFBE Shiden
98 Reward: Trial of the Tranquil Will
Effect: Grants Azure Soul when equipped by Lasswell.
A katana used by Lasswell that gives off a beautiful blue shine. The blade is very straight and has an ethereal feel to it, which reacts to the wielder's emotions to let out a cold, yet beautiful shimmer. Under the tender care of Lasswell, this katana, which was originally used by Rain's father, Raegan, has weathered many years without dueling. (Enables special abilities when equipped by Lasswell)
FFBE Raikiri
FFBE Unknown Katana
★★★★★★★ - ??
Wild Circle*
FFBE Wild Circle
Virtuous Contract*
FFBE Virtuous Contract
Cruel Oath*
FFBE Cruel Oath
Platinum Katana*
FFBE Platinum Katana
★★★★★★ - ??
Improved Murasame*
FFBE Improved Murasame
FFBE Unknown Katana 2
FFBE Ise-no-Kami
Sasuke's Blade*
FFBE Sasuke's Blade
Replica Sasuke's Blade*
FFBE Replica Sasuke's Blade


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Staff
5 2 14 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Latius Woods
Craft: Lumber x3, 32 gil (5 minutes)
160 FFBE Gil
48 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★ - An ordinary staff of plain design.
The first staff that apprentice mages use. It is produced in mass quantities and its reasonable price makes it easily affordable. Staves are crafted to amplify the magical powers of their owners, and thus are made from wood which excels at gathering magic, or even from trees which hold spiritual powers. However, since a mistake while gathering magical power could end up breaking the staff, only cheap versions of this weapon are given to beginners.
Cherry Staff
FFBE Cherry Staff
8 3 20 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Phantom Forest
Craft: Glowseeds x3, Lumber x3, 64 gil (1 hour)
320 FFBE Gil
96 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Enables use of Aero
★★ - A staff with the color of cherry blossoms that calls the wind.
A pink staff imbued with wind magic that allows its owner to cast aero. The wind it invokes is known to have a very pleasant aroma. Once there was a mage who became so enamored with the scent, that he began conjuring magic in a frenzy, causing quite the commotion. However, nowadays many popular perfumes and types of incense mimic the aroma of the wind born from this staff.
Healing Staff
FFBE Healing Staff
11 5 26 Buy: Lost Village of Marlo 10 FFBE Star Quartz
Effect: Light-elemental attack; enables use of Cura
★★★ - A staff with healing powers.
A staff filled with compassion that allows its owner to cast cura. The crafting process of this staff requires a spiritual tree of high vitality that must be first purified in holy water after it is cut, and then carved into shape. This process is what gives the healing staff its restorative powers. Curiously, a staff of the same name that heal others as it strikes them is said to exist in another world. Owners of the healing staff should take great care not to confuse one with the other.
Wizard's Staff
FFBE Mage's Staff
13 6 32 Buy: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Find: Zadehl Westersand (recipe)
Craft: Fire Cryst x3, Farplane Soul x1, Silver Ore x1, Lumber x5, 160 gil (6 hours)
800 FFBE Gil
Effect: Enables use of Fire
★★★ - A staff that grants the power of fire.
A staff imbued with magic that allows its owner to cast fire. There are many beasts who instinctually fear flames, regardless of their elemental affinity. Thus, it is essential for a mage to be able to cast fire in battle. However, the results this weapon yields fluctuate greatly depending on its user, making the wizard's staff only as reliable as rudimentary magic.
Rune Staff
FFBE Rune Staff
15 6 38 Find: Town of Kolts
Reward: "Preserving the Peace" (recipe)
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Gaia's Tear x1, Silver Ore x1, Lumber x5, 160 gil (6 hours)
Effect: May inflict Silence (30%); enables use of Silence.
★★★ - A staff with dormant magic sealed within.
A staff of sacred power engraved with ancient writing. It can inflict silence when used to strike an opponent, but also allows its owner to cast silence by using green magic. This staff makes it apparent that ancient people sought ways in which to neutralize the menacing power of magic to break their foe's psyche, a tactic many people use till this day. Silencing an enemy in battle could be an effective way to gain the advantage.
Golden Staff
FFBE Golden Staff
19 9 48 Find: Mysidia Tower (recipe); Invincible Interior
Reward: Colosseum · ADV B-4, The Crystal Tower
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Craft: Mythril Ore x8, Gold Ore x16, Lumber x7, 480 gil (12 hours)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A staff that glimmers brightly with gold.
A shiny staff made from gold. Having been made to look as extravagant as possible, there is a clear divide between those who love it and those who hate it. However, it is not simply a case of form over function, and it will surely serve well any who are fortunate enough to get their hands on one. However, there are many who complain that it is so flashy that it literally hurts their eyes to look upon.
Malboro Wand
FFBE Malboro Wand
15 60 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,500 FFBE Trochoid Gear
Effect: May inflict Blind (10%) and Poison (10%). Enables use of Jinx. (Exclusive: Vanille)
A weapon which carries the name of the legendary Malboro, a beast whose breath is capable of inflicting all manner of ailment, and has been responsible for many tragedies. Like its name would suggest, this weapon too is capable of weakening its enemies. Though as powerful as this weapon may be, it is only able to be wielded by those skilled enough to use it.
Magi Staff
FFBE Magi Staff
25 12 70 Trust: Lenna
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - A staff said to have blonged to a sage.
A mysterious staff that increases the spirit for those who hold it. It is said to have been once wielded by a great mage known as a magi. It is said this magi circled the world, dedicating his or her life to helping the sick and wounded, but who exactly this person was is shrouded in mystery. Some places claimed him to have been an old man, while in other areas she was claimed to be a beautiful woman.
Golem's Staff
FFBE Golem Staff
17 7 42 Reward: Dirnado's Vault (Gale Key #8)
Effect: Earth-elemntal attack; may inflict Petrify (30%).
A fearsome cane capable of turning those it hits to stone. Long ago, there was once a widely feared tyrant. With this cane he fought back against any who defied him, turning them to stone. Citizens, his retainers, even his family, none were spared mercy. It is said that in the end, when his castle had become full of stone statues leaving him all alone, he then used the cane on himself.
White Staff
FFBE White Staff
12 5 29 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) 1,000 FFBE Red Orb
Effect: Enables use of Poisona.
A beloved white cane once owned by an otherworldly cleric. It has the power to focus the SPR of anyone who holds it. It doesn't function well as a weapon, but it does provide divine protection in the form of the white magic poisona. Because of this, it can become a valuable lifeline for any party as anyone can use it in an anti-poison role, helping your party save on antidotes.
FFBE Dreamwaker
19 15 49 Trust: Ovelia
Effect: MP +15%
FFBE DQ Weapon 3
21 12 53
Aura Staff
FFBE Aura Staff
49 51 21 Reward: Zoldaad's Vault (Flamering Key #10)
Effect: Enables use of Dispel
A staff that shines a blue light when held. It has the ability to greatly bolster the ATK, MAG, and SPR of the wielder. The extent of the aura emitted from the staff depends on the physical and mental condition of the person who wields it. While it shines in a bright bluish hue in the hands of the righteous, it releases a subdued air of miasma when held by those with evil intentions, unsettling fears, and the seriously ill.
Budding Maple Wand
FFBE Budding Maple Wand
12 30 68 Reward: March on Ifrit (reach 155,000 pts) (recipe), March on Titan (reach 161,100 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Desert Mineral x20, Old Jungle Tree x10, Miraculous Thread x10, Hide of the Guardian x8, Seed of Illusions x3, 4,000 gil (72 hours)
Effect: HP +10%, MP +10% (Exclusive: Y'shtola)
★★★★★★ - A mythical one-handed wand from another world. (Y'shtola only)
A tool used by conjurers of the distant world of Eorzea. This magical weapon was created from materials found in nature, and uses the aether in its surroundings as its main source of power. Conjurers then manipulate this magical energy to achieve their own ends.
Cypress Pole*
FFBE Cypress Pole
12 30 68
Staff of Wrath
FFBE Staff of Wrath
30 20 40 Buy: The Egg Seekers (recipe)
Craft: Radiant Egg x2, 10,000 gil (instant)
1 FFBE Rainbow Egg
Effect: None
★★★★★ - A staff wielded by a hot-blooded cleric of old.
A staff wielded by a hot-blooded cleric of old. According to written accounts of said cleric, he was quite short-tempered by nature, and had the tendency to physically attack enemies on the field when the rest of his party members did not dispose of them quickly enough. This led his comrades to dub his weapon the Staff of Wrath to match its wielder's impatience.
Clown Stick*
FFBE Clown Stick
18 36 35
★★★★★★★ - ??
Angel Wand*
FFBE Angel Wand
2 12 48
★★★★★★ - ??
Air Racket*
FFBE Air Racket
28 28
★★★ - ??
Holy Wand Replica*
FFBE Holy Wand Replica
8 60
★★★★★★ - ??
Holy Wand*
FFBE Holy Wand
16 120
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Arc Arcana*
FFBE Arc Arcana
19 68 110
★★★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Nirvana
68 68
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Yggdrasil Staff*
FFBE Yggdrasil Staff
- ??
FFBE Chocobo Memoria
- ??
Fury Wand*
- ??


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
8 10 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Latius Woods
Craft: Copper Ore x1, Lumber x3, 28 gil (5 minutes)
140 FFBE Gil
42 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★ - A simple rod for apprentices.
An ordinary rod with no special traits. This is the first rod given to apprentice mages. Both rods and staves heighten a mage's spirit, but some of them have magical powers of their own. Thus beginners practice their magic with much less powerful weapons in order to avoid dangerous accidents caused by high concentrations of magical energy.
Iron Rod
FFBE Iron Rod
10 18 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Phantom Forest
Craft: Iron Ore x5, 56 gil (1 hour)
280 FFBE Gil
84 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★ - A heavy rod made of iron.
A rod made of iron, a metal known for its extensive compatibility and for its ability to collect magical energy easily. Unfortunately, this metal is also the rod's biggest flaw, as it makes it too heavy to carry. And since most mages have little physical strength, they end up putting more effort into lifting the rod than they do into concentrating on casting their magic spells. Most humans cannot use this rod correctly, so it is recommended only for mages who are confident in their physical strength.
Fire Rod
FFBE Flame Rod
14 26 Find: Dwarves' Forge
Reward: "Paper Chase" (recipe)
Craft: Fire Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x3, Lumber x3, 140 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Fire-elemental attack; enables use of Fira.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Fira ability.
A rod endowed with the power of fire that grants its wielder the ability to use the fira spell. Exploiting an enemy's weakness is an indispensable battle tactic, and magical attacks can make a world of difference when targetting such vulnerabilities. Owning this rod could make one's journey far easier, as foes who are weak against fire are by no means uncommon.
Ice Rod
FFBE Ice Rod
14 26 Find: Timber Tracks, Magi Nation Mysidia (recipe)
Reward: Colosseum · INT D-4
Craft: Ice Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x3, Lumber x3, 140 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Ice-elemental attack; enables use of Blizzara.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Blizzara ability.
A rod endowed with the power of ice that grants its wielder the ability to use the blizzara spell. The ice rod can be used for a multitude of purposes besides attacking, such as regulating hot temperatures, extinguishing fires, freezing water, or virtually anything its owner can imagine. However, it is always best to use the ice rod in the company of others, as the blizzara spell sealed within the rod can sometimes backfire and freeze the wielder.
Rod of Lightning
FFBE Rod of Lightning
14 26 Find: Invincible Interior (recipe), Village of Ambel
Craft: Lightning Cryst x5, Mythril Ore x3, Lumber x3, 140 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack; enables use of Thundara.
★★★ - A rod that grants the Thundara ability.
A rod endowed with the power of thunder that grants its wielder the ability to use the thundara spell. Not only is its magical power useful on the battlefield, but tests have also been conducted that prove its use as a power source. Unfortunately, however, collecting the electricity created by this rod has proved impossible, which has limited its widespread use. Also, since a mage is required to chant the spells that call forth the thunder produced by the rod, it does not serve well as a practical source of electricity.
Wizard Rod
FFBE Wizard Rod
18 72 Reward: Surging Menace
Effect: None
★★★★★★ - A rod with great dormant magical powers.
A rod of fearsome magical power that is believed to be a remnant of ancient times. The term "wizard" was a special title given only to the best of mages, but it has since lost this original meaning after black mages began using the term to refer to themselves and their secret activities. The wizard rod, however, has not lost any of the power it has housed since times of old.
Rod of Gravity
FFBE Rod of Gravity
5 35 Recipe: Demons Unleashed · INT (recipe)
Craft: Massive Stone x1, Void Vessel x44, Litrock x66, Earth's Core x66, Demon Heart x80, 3,200 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Enables use of Gravity
A rod that is so heavy that it is of little use as an offensive weapon. Meant more for the defensive-minded, it is said that users of this rod carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Lilith Rod
FFBE Lilith Rod
60 Reward: The Giant of Babel · PRO
Effect: Enables use of Drain.
★★★★★★ - A rod that robs foes of their vitality.
A rod that grants its wielder the ability to use the drain spell. Originally owned by a monster named Lilith, the rod seems to have absorbed some of its powerful magical energy while in its possession. It was believed to be exclusively used by these creatures from another world, but the recently opened path towards the Giant of Babel seems to have somehow transported it here.
FFBE Omnirod
20 91 Trust: Arc
Effect: None
★★★★★★★ - An otherwordly rod that boasts high magical power.
An otherworldly rod that boasts high MAG and even boosts ATK a little. Though spoken of in texts concerning the the legend of the flood of darkness and Warriors of Light, where it was found and what it was capable of vary greatly by book. Legends can be interpreted differently depending on the point of view, but the huge gap between the flood of darkness and the Warriors of Light has researchers greatly worried.
Draco Spike
FFBE Draco Spike
30 101 Trust: Zyrus
Effect: Grants Dracoslayer
★★★★★★★★ - A rod that is especially effective against dragons.
A rod that boasts immense destructive powers against dragons. Rumor has it that its original owner engaged in blood rituals, and infused the rod with his blood and intense hatred for dragons over his countless battles against them.
Lovely Rod
FFBE Lovely Rod
5 55 12 Find: Trials of Love
Effect: Increases resistance to Dark (+20%). Females only.
★★★★★ - A rod left behind by the fairy of love. (Females only)
This rod is pink in color and about a meter in length. Its main appeal is that it offers its wielder, should their magic power be sufficient, the ability to summon the person of their dreams at will.
Mateus's Malice
FFBE Mateus's Malice
19 129 Trust: Emperor
Effect: HP +10%
★★★★★★★★ - The desires of a tyrant turned into a rod.
A rod handed down from another world. It was said to have been owned by an tyrannical emperor who had aspirations of world domination. This rod full of demonic power was created with an insatiable hunger for subjugation, the overflowing power of which sucks away at the SPR of any who come close to it. If one wishes to handle this weapon, it is necessary that they are of unshakably strong will.
Drakesclaw Rod
FFBE Drakesclaw Rod
10 35 Reward: Vision of Bahamut (reach 10,000 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Shadow Bahamut Gem x1, Shadow Bahamuts Ore x40, Shadow Bahamut Fang x40, Shadow Bahamut Heart x50, 5,000 gil (1 hour)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A rod constructed from a dragon's claw.
A rod made from a precious dragons claw. Materials from dragons are capable of being turned into superior weapons and equipment, however they are both difficult to procure, and the ability of those who work with them is not very advanced, so not many of such items are in circulation. Because of this, equipment made from parts of dragons are seen as a status symbol by adventurers.
Striking Staff
FFBE Striking Rod
16 42 Reward: Mysidia's Vault (Aurora Key #3)
Effect: None
A mysterious weapon made for mages that not only increases their magical powers, but their physical strength as well. Although its striking power may not compare to that of the swords normal warriors carry, it gives the usually feeble mage a chance to protect him or herself when the situation calls for hand-to-hand combat. Apparently, a great number of female mages can be seen carrying this weapon about for self-defense purposes.
Golden Eye
FFBE Golden Eye
11 88 Reward: March on Titan (reach 158,700 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Desert Mineral x20, Old Jungle Tree x10, Miasma Chunk x10, Aetherochemical Fiber x8, Corrupt Weed x3, 1,400 gil (instant)
Effect: HP +10%, MP +10% (Exclusive: Papalymo)
★★★★★ - A scepter brought from another world. (Papalymo only)
A scepter used by people known as thaumaturges from the faraway world of Eorzea. Handed down through generations of the male Lalafell's family who serves the Scions of the Seventh Down, the organization responsible for keeping Eorzea safe, it gets its name from the gem attached to its tip. It holds superior power in being able to concentrate magic.
Recovery Rod*
FFBE Recovery Rod
18 51 18 Reward: Mysidia's Vault (Aurora Key #9)
Effect: Enables use of Cura.
★★★★★★ - ??
Since ancient times most rods have been made to amplify the magical powers of mages. However, the recovery rod boosts both ATK and MAG, as well as bolsters the SPR needed to render white magic more effective. It also grants its wielder the ability to use the Cura spell, making it a popular weapon for many thanks to its wide variety of uses.
Holy Rod
FFBE Holy Rod
Platinum Rod*
FFBE Platinum Rod
14 40
Iridal Staff*
FFBE Iridal Staff
19 82
Tactician Magician's Wand*
FFBE Tactician Magician's Wand
16 38
Water Dragon Rod*
FFBE Water Dragon Rod
11 48
★★★★★ -??
Judge's Rod*
FFBE Judge's Rod
9 81
FFBE Punisher
52 47
Glory Staff*
FFBE Glory Staff
8 23 56
Glory Of Ivil*
FFBE Unknown Rod
92 120
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Variable Mog*
FFBE Variable Mog
★★★★★★ - ??
Onion Knight*
FFBE Onion Knight FFX
21 120
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Bone Rod*
FFBE Bone Rod
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Chocobo Feather


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Short Bow
FFBE Shortbow
18 Buy: Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Ordol Port
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Raptor Feather x1, Lumber x5, 52 gil (5 minutes)
260 FFBE Gil
78 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★ - A standard bow used by hunters.
An ordinary bow used as a tool for hunting wild game. Although originally built for purposes of daily life, it wasn't long until the bow was used to strike menacing beasts from a safe distance during their constant attacks. It is fairly easy to use without proper training, but its flaws lies in its lack of power. However, it is still effective against flying monsters.
Long Bow
FFBE Longbow
24 Buy: Village of Kol, Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Zadehl Westersand
Craft: Wind Cryst x5, Raptor Feather x5, Iron Ore x3, 104 gil (1 hour)
520 FFBE Gil
156 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★ - An ordinary long bow.
A bow as large as a full-grown adult that can shoot across a great distance. It has more firepower than the short bow, and its ability to pierce enemies in the air is also extraordinary. The best location to shoot this bow is either from far away, or from a point of high altitude, as its great size makes it difficult to maneuver in close combat. Therefore it is essential that the necessary precautions are taken before putting this weapon to use.
Great Bow
FFBE Greatbow
36 Buy: Lost Village of Marlo (weapon & recipe), Underworld Gaberada
Craft: Wind Cryst x5, Abominable Wing x3, Silver Ore x3, 260 gil (6 hours)
1,300 FFBE Gil
390 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★ - A bow of considerable might.
An evolved form of the long bow that can knock enemies out of the sky. This bow is longer and heavier than its predecessor, and thus even more difficult to maneuver. However, when shot from a high altitude the power its arrow carries as it catches momentum downwards can cause massive damage, especially in great numbers. If the enemy has archers on the battlefield, it is best to bring the great bow up to striking distance as soon as possible.
Elven Bow
FFBE Elfin Bow
42 10 Find: Devastated Town (recipe), Trials of Love
Reward: "Unfinished Business"
Craft: Wind Megacryst x10, Wind Cryst x5, Abominable Wing x5, Mythril Ore x3, 780 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★★ - A bow made by forest elves.
A bow that excels in eliminating targets mid-air rumored to have been made by forest elves. The elves are extremely beautiful creatures that enjoy the gift of longevity, but keep themselves distanced from human civilization. They are also very proficient in magic, and are said to have the power to hear the voices of nature itself. Although they sustain themselves by hunting off the land, they never take more than what they need, and they always aim at the vital organs of their targets to keep them from any unnecessary suffering.
Killer Bow
FFBE Killer Bow
60 Reward: Farplane · Tower of Earth (Brachiosaur)
Effect: Dark-elemental attack. Grants Bird Killer, Bug Killer, Plant Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★★★★ - A mighty bow designed for expert archers.
A bow said to be designed for and preferred by expert archers that is perfect for eliminating targets mid-air. As its name suggests, its high ability to kill instantaneously requires infallible accuracy, and can prove incredibly dangerous in untrained hands. Due to this, many regions have banned the use of the killer bow, though it is safe to say that those with the ability to use it deserve the title of true masters.
Mythril Bow
FFBE Mythril Bow
38 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion (recipe); Village of Ambel, Town of Amore
Find: Windy Heights West
Craft: Wind Cryst x6, Abominable Wing x1, Mythril Ore x15, 260 gil (6 hours)
1,300 FFBE Gil
390 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★ - A bow made of mythril.
A bow made of mythril perfect for targeting beasts midair. Its light weight makes it easy to carry, which can be convenient for cavalry, as it usually struggles with the hefty weight of regular bows. The sturdy mythril it is crafted from can serve for other purposes as well, such as using the bow to strike opponents directly and create an opening for a quick getaway. This tactic, however, is highly frowned upon.
Blessed Bow
FFBE Blessed Bow
80 40 Trust: White Witch Fina
Effect: Grants Bird Killer and Undead Killer. Two-handed weapon.
There was once a great healer in a village who could heal any fatal wound. It was rumoured that she once healed 10,000 at once in a war, turning the tides of battle. The opposing lord was so angered by her actions that he sent a highly trained assassin to poision [sic] her. After the thousandth attempt, she finally succumbed to the poison. Just before she died, she sealed her spirit within this bow, granting great healing powers to whoever uses it.
Goddess Bow
FFBE Goddess Bow
91 40 Trust: Rosa
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★★★★★ - A bow housing the affections of a goddess.
A mysterious bow that not only boasts of great power, but also grants its wielder divine protection and spiritual strength. It is especially effective against aerial foes, and is said to get its power from the hunter goddess that once possessed it. This particular goddess was also known as a guardian of female warriors, and thus this bow was once given to those ladies who showed the most promise in the military arts.
Polon Bow
FFBE Poron Bow SoM
30 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 1,000 FFBE Candy
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
An otherworldly bow and arrow swept in by a great flood.
Rune Bow
FFBE Rune Bow
48 Find: Underworld Gaberada
Effect: Grants Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
★★★★★ - A bow inscribed with ancient writings.
A bow decorated with ancient engravings that hold mystical power. The carvings upon it are said to have been made by a civilization that lived long ago, and are believed to be what makes this weapon more powerful than the average bow. Its string never snaps or loses its tension either, making it a valuable weapon that others hope to imitate in order to make a profit. Fortunately, a forgery can be easily spotted by simply testing the limits of the bow's string.
Fey Bow*
FFBE Fey Bow
FFBE Unknown Bow
45 Reward: Trial of the Pure Heart
Effect: Grants Girl of Rebirth when equipped by Fina and Bird Killer. Two-handed weapon.
A beautiful bow, designed to look like wings, used by the amnesic, yet bright and spirited Fina. The bow's shape and the materials used to create it are so unusual that no other bow comes close to its design. There are no records pointing to who the creator of the bow is. The bow looks quite cumbersome for a young girl to use, but it is actually enchanted so that it is as light as a feather. (Enables special abilities when equipped by Fina)
Platinum Bow*
FFBE Platinum Bow
FFBE Ouroga Bow
Selene Bow*
FFBE Selene Bow
★★★★★★ - ??
Improved Killer Bow*
FFBE Improved Killer Bow
FFBE Chocobo Menace


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Battle Axe
FFBE Battle Axe
28 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandshelt Catacombs
Craft: Iron Ore x10, Lumber x3, 360 gil (6 hours)
1,800 FFBE Gil
540 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - An axe designed to be effective in battle.
An axe used for ordinary tasks that was enhanced to serve as a weapon on the battlefield. In ancient times, the axe was a necessary tool for daily life activities, such as chopping wood. It is believed that its implementation as a weapon at the time stems from how instinctually users would draw this reliable tool when surrounded by beasts or enemies. However, being heavier than a sword, using it requires broad swings that unfortunately reduce accuracy.
Great Axe
FFBE Greataxe
32 Buy: Village of Kol, Felicitas Town, Town of Amore
Find: Lost Village of Marlo
Reward: "Don't Stop!" (recipe)
Craft: Iron Ore x12, Lumber x3, 360 gil (6 hours)
1,800 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★ - A reinforced axe designed for the battlefield.
An axe stronger than the battle axe. It didn't take long for the axe to be considered a proper weapon once people began using it in battle. Unlike the sword and the bow, which require extensive training, the convenience of the axe comes from the destruction it can cause by simply being swung about. Research on axe enhancements, such as how to make them easier to handle, more durable, and lighter, still continues to this day.
FFBE Ogrekiller
36 Find: Junkyard
Reward: Colosseum · BGN B-4
Effect: None
★★★ - An axe said to have the power to drive off ogres.
Once there was a man-eating ogre that lived in a cave near a village it constantly tormented. However, legend has it that just when the village people had given up hope, a mysterious old man wandered in and gave them an axe that instantly split the man-eating ogre in half. The ogrekiller that exists today shares the same folklore.
Giant's Axe
FFBE Giant's Axe
50 Buy: Underworld Gaberada
Find: Magic Library (recipe); Aquatic Cove
Reward: Colosseum · INT A-5
Craft: Broken Blade x3, Mythril Ore x14, Lumber x3, 1,080 gil (12 hours)
5,400 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★★ - An axe that hits with the force of a giant.
An axe dropped by a giant...or rather, a plain axe of bigger size than the standard. Its destructive power corresponds to its great size, rendering it capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage when swung with momentum. However, since the blade carries most of the weapon's weight, those powerless to handle it correctly may see the blade return full circle in their direction. Perhaps the strength of a giant is required to wield this axe after all.
Golden Axe
FFBE Golden Axe
55 Find: Abandoned Orphanage
Reward: Colosseum · ADV A-3
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Effect: None
An axe that grants a flux of spiritual energy to the righteous man or woman who wields it. Although it may appear to be a normal golden axe at first glance, its blade remains unusually intact. Legend also has it that it possesses such strength that it can cut down great trees with the slightest swing. Merchants revere the golden axe as a charm that brings good fortune, and thus many of their stores bear its image as a symbol of respectable business.
Vorpal Axe*
FFBE Vorpal Axe
Mythril Axe
FFBE Mythril Axe
48 Buy: Town of Kolts
Find: Lake Dorr(recipe); Wind Shrine
Reward: A Frosty Offensive (reach ??? pts)
Craft: Mythril Ore x14, 360 gil (6 hours)
1,800 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★ - An axe forged from mythril.
An axe made of mythril that is lighter, stronger, and easier to control than standard axes. However, since axes are known for their incredible weight, the unfamiliar weightlessness of this particular axe does not sit well with many. Although its blade is extremely sharp and it is easy enough to carry around, it lacks the usual sensation of smashing whatever it strikes, and has thus faced some voices of disapproval.
Rune Axe
FFBE Rune Axe
53 12 Find: Ghost Ship, Magi Nation Mysidia
Effect: None
An axe engraved with ancient writings. It is said to increase the ability to focus for its bearer. There are currently still scholars who study and understand these writings. However, it has been found that simply writing these characters produces no effect. Nowadays, only a tiny portion of shaman are capable of engraving these words to the same effect, making this axe incredibly rare.
Viking Axe
FFBE Viking Axe
125 Trust: Mercedes
Effect: Water-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - An axe belonging to the one who controls the seas.
An axe with high ATK only allowed to be wielded by head pirates. The outlaws of the seas known as pirates aren't as lawless as they seem, and actually adhere very strictly to the pirate code. When one becomes the leader of pirates they receive this axe along with the responsibility of watching over their henchmen, and ruthlessly punishing any who break the pirate code.
Gigas Axe
FFBE Gigas Axe
85 15 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 50,000 FFBE Candy
Effect: None
An axe that increases the strength of the wielder. It can be obtained in the Mana Fortress, located in a distant realm.
FFBE Gigantaxe
76 Find: Dreadnought · PRO
Effect: HP +15%
★★★★★★ - An axe said to have been wielded by a giant.
An axe from a faraway world that boosts HP when equipped. It got its name from the legend that says it was once held by a giant. This legend is however doubted seeing as though the axe may be large, it is still able to be held by normal humans. On the other hand, it is so incredibly heavy that giant-like strength is necessary to even pick it up.
FFBE DQ Weapon 4
Moon Axe*
FFBE Moon Axe
Leucous Voulge*
FFBE Leucous Voulge
Demon Axe*
FFBE Demon Axe
Assault Axe*
FFBE Assault Axe
Platinum Axe*
FFBE Platinum Axe
FFBE Francisca
Beast's Axe*
Refined Engine Axe*
FFBE Refined Engine Axe


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Wooden Hammer
FFBE Wooden Hammer
18 Buy: Port City Lodin
Find: Dalnakya Cavern (recipe)
Craft: Lumber x5, 68 gil (5 minutes)
340 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★ - A hammer crafted from wood.
An ordinary hammer made of wood, as its name suggests. Its power is low because it was originally created to serve as a tool, and not as a weapon. The wooden hammer doesn't even compare to other tools made of metal, and thus could prove risky if used for a long period of time. If the owner has the ability to acquire a better weapon in its stead, it is highly recommended that he or she do so as quickly as possible.
Iron Hammer
FFBE Iron Hammer
24 Buy: Village of Kol (weapon & recipe)
Find: Zadehl Westersand
Craft: Iron Ore x8, Copper Ore x5, Lumber x3, 136 gil (1 hour)
680 FFBE Gil
204 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★ - A hammer forged from iron.
A hammer made of iron. It boasts of more power than the wooden hammer, but it is still a mere tool in nature. Although it may be considered a weapon due to the strong force it exhibits when it strikes, it would most likely never prove a match for a sword or lance. Curiously, many have taken to calling people unable to swim "iron hammers", as just like this weapon, they sink as soon as they enter a body of water.
War Hammer
FFBE Warhammer
30 Buy: Felicitas Town, Village of Ambel, Town of Amore
Find: Grandport (recipe)
Reward: Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #4)
Craft: Silver Ore x12, Iron Ore x8, Lumber x3, 340 gil (6 hours)
1,700 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★ - A hammer made for use in battle.
The sword and the lance were considered formidable weapons despite the fact that they were not always effective against heavily armored opponents. An opening in the armor was essential to deal damage with these sharp weapons, but targeting such small crevices during battle was extremely difficult. Thus, the war hammer was created to crush armor instead of cutting through it. Its size is bigger than that of a regular hammer, and its head resembles a pickaxe.
Mythril Hammer
FFBE Mythril Hammer
37 Buy: Underworld Gaberada
Find: Dwarves' Forge (recipe); Golzas Canyon
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Craft: Mythril Ore x14, Silver Ore x10, Lumber x3, 1,000 gil (1 hour)
5,100 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★★ - A hammer made of mythril.
A hammer made of mythril often used by dwarves in battle. The dwarves, who excel in smithing and the industrial arts, live underground and rarely form ties with other peoples. Although stubborn in nature, dwarves are diligent workers with a strong sense of duty. Those who manage to earn their support and favor could very well benefit from the mighty weapons and armor that come from their forges.
Blessed Hammer
FFBE Blessed Hammer
44 6 28 Find: Mysidia Underground (recipe)
Reward: Dirnado's Vault (Gale Key #7)
Craft: Light Cryst x5, Light Megacryst x10, Mythril Ore x12, Silver Ore x7, 1,020 gil (12 hours)
Effect: None
★★★★ - A hammer gifted with a divine blessing.
Those who serve the gods are forbidden from using pointed, sharp weapons such as swords, lances, and even bows. For this very reason, they opt for this hammer instead to defend themselves and their temples from danger. Although originally intended to be used for self-defense only, a single blow from this blessed weapon can cause a massive amount of damage. However, unlike most hammers of its kind, its design has a graceful and polished finish.
Mighty Hammer
FFBE Mighty Hammer
72 Reward: The Crystal Tower · PRO
Effect: HP +15%; Lightning-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - An otherwordly hammer which harnesses the power of lightning.
A hammer from another world. Imbued with the power of lightning, it also boasts decent ATK. In the world it originally came from, this weapon is said to have only been able to have been used by those who have mastered the job of "viking," riders of the rough seas. Only able to be produced by those known as legendary smiths, they are very rare and even more valuable.
Beast Hammer
FFBE Beast Hammer
54 Reward: Shadow of the Empire · ADV
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A hammer made from the hide of a beast.
A hammer shaped after ferocious fighting spirit of beast-like warriors. These are made using the pelts of ferocious beasts. There are some who believe that equipping this unlocks a person's hidden potential, allowing them to fight even more bravely than before, however there is no such unique effect held within the weapon itself. It is thought to present its wielder with the illusion that their spirit or fighting potential has been boosted.
FFBE Sledgehammer
50 Find: Mysidia Tower
Effect: May inflict Confuse (30%).
A simple large hammer made with a head and hilt of metal. Different from the war hammer, this particular weapon has a head that is flat on both striking points, allowing any momentum received from one side to be released in the form of a counterblow through the other. Unfortunately, great physical strength is required to wield the sledgehammer, reducing the number of warriors who use this weapon. On the other hand, miners have been known to use it as a tool while working in tunnels.
Master Craftsman's Hammer*
FFBE Master Craftsmans's Hammer
Platinum Hammer*
FFBE Platinum Hammer
★★★★★ - ??
Platinum Hammer*
FFBE Platinum Hammer
Replica Thor's Hammer*
FFBE Replica Thor's Hammer
Thor's Hammer*
FFBE Thor's Hammer
Frying Pan*
FFBE Frying Pan


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Javelin
22 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Find: Grandshelt Catacombs (recipe); Fulan Pass
Craft: Iron Ore x8, 128 gil (1 hour)
640 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★ - A spear designed to be used as a throwing weapon.
The javelin was originally thrown high into the sky to attack foes from a great distance. With the improvements on cost and transportation of weapons brought by the emergence of the bow and arrow, however, the use of the javelin to attack long distance gradually diminished. Since this weapon was meant to be disposable, it was produced in such large numbers that it is now often used for lance training.
FFBE Partisan
31 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Lost Village of Marlo
Craft: Silver Ore x10, Copper Ore x5, 320 gil (6 hours)
1,600 FFBE Gil
480 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None
★★★ - A wide spear with three points.
A large and wide spear with a three-pointed tip. Its heavy metal head was designed to slash better than other lances, which was an enhancement made for soldiers of smaller nations to deal damage more efficiently against larger, more powerful adversaries. Subsequently, the partisan came to be associated with small squadrons carrying out raid attacks. It is now the weapon many soldiers turn to after they have finished their training with the javelin.
Mythril Spear
FFBE Mythril Spear
40 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Colosseum · INT B-4 (recipe)
Craft: Mythril Ore x12, Iron Ore x5, 320 gil (6 hours)
1,600 FFBE Gil
Effect: None
★★★ - A spear made of mythril.
A lance made of mythril with prongs that shine in a beautiful silver hue. It is extremely light and easy to maneuver, as equipment made of mythril often tends to be. Although many are under the impression that this rare material can only be made into arms by dwarves, this is not always the case. An applied blacksmith with the appropriate skillset may be able to forge such weapons and armor, though perhaps not with the inherited techniques and innate talent passed down through generations of dwarves.
Flame Lance
FFBE Flame Lance
48 Find: Surging Volcano (recipe)
Reward: "Settling the Score"
Craft: Fire Cryst x8, Fire Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that burns brightly.
A lance endowed with the power of fire that when swung releases flames from its tip. Its enchanted blade was forged in the same manner as a mystical sword's, but it lacks the raw power of the weapons tempered by mages. Due to this, its flames do not burn brightly enough, driving most owners to search tirelessly for ways to enhance it. However, the flame lance still proves very effective against foes who are helpless against fire.
Thunder Spear
FFBE Thunder Spear
48 Find: Lake Dorr, The Empire of Light and Dark · PRO
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that procures lightning.
A lance endowed with the power of thunder that when swung releases lightning from its tip. Its enchanted blade was forged in the same manner as a mystical sword's, and it always glows in a white and bluish hue that makes it very aesthetically pleasing. A famous knight in the Kingdom of Pharm is known to wield this spear, and appears to boast of many young admirers. They can often be seen playing in the streets shouting "You shall be judged by my thunder!" holding twigs meant to mimic this spear in their hands.
FFBE Trident
48 Find: Zoldaad Castle Grounds (recipe); Shrine of Decay
Craft: Water Cryst x8, Water Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Water-elemental attack.
A three-pronged lance said to be the property of the god who protects the seas. This belief originated from the association of the trident to the fishermen who originally used it to catch their prey. Curiously enough, since this weapon can also be thrown like a harpoon, it can sometimes be found lodged in the stomach of giant fish. The trident is a weapon fishermen know in great depth.
Wind Spear
FFBE Wind Spear
48 Reward: "A Fair Day's Wage" (recipe)
Craft: Wind Cryst x8, Wind Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 5,000 gil (3 hours)
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A lance that calls forth whirlwinds.
A spear infused with the power of wind that can produce whirlwinds from its tip when swung about. Its magical blade was created in the same manner that mystical swords come to be forged. The wind spear also increases the jumping power of the wielder, making it the perfect weapon for the usually airborne dragoons. This weapon was one adorned with decorations such as bird feathers to accentuate its beauty as it descends rattling during an attack. However, the decorations soon proved distracting, ending this trend almost immediately.
Lad Mirazh
FFBE Lad Mirazh BF
62 Buy: King Mog (Grand Gaia Chronicles) 3,000 FFBE Karma
3,000 Crimson OreUpdate
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A lance that houses a spirit of azure hue within.
A lance belonging to the summoner, Karl, who hails from another world. An amalgamation of both spear and axe, this peculiar weapon represents Karl as leader of one of the demon slayers divisions organized by the Akras Summoners' Hall. He has used this weapon against countless foes during his travels, including a multitude of gods that sought to gain control over Grand Gaia. And although Karl has continuously used it to protect his friends as well, it has yet to lose its edge, even in this world.
Death Scythe
FFBE Death Scythe
70 Reward: Pumpking Dread Knight Arrives
Effect: Enables use of Reap Blood
Nobody knows the origin of this infamous weapon, but it is known that it should be wielded with caution. This evil scythe will bind itself onto its wielder as it actively seeks for more souls to consume. The previous wielders of the scythe that were unable to satisfy its quenchless thirst were either driven insane or had their own soul consumed by it.
Calamity Spear
FFBE Calamity Spear
75 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,000 FFBE Trochoid Gear
Effect: Wind-elemental attack. Enables use of Aero Blitz. (Exclusive: Fang)
A spear given the name of a horrible disaster. Equipping it rapidly increases its wielder's ATK, and enables him or her to carry out attacks infused with the power of wind. Only a qualified few are capable of wielding this uniquely shaped item with two tips at each end.
Bahamut's Fang
FFBE Bahamut's Fang
76 Reward: Vision of Bahamut (reach 410,000 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Shadow Bahamut Jade x1, Shadow Bahamuts Ore x70, Shadow Bahamut Fang x60, Shadow Bahamut Heart x70, 120,000 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★ - A spear that is made from parts of the shadow bahamut.
A spear that is made from parts of the shadow bahamut. Since it holds the power of dragons, legend has it that only the most powerful warriors capable of defeating said mythical beasts may wield it. There are countless stories of warriors said to have owned this weapon who pierced their enemies from the sky as they soared like flying dragons.
Crimson Blood
FFBE Crimson Blood
128 Trust: Reberta
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer.
★★★★★★★★ - A spear that is heavily tainted by dragon blood.
A spear made specially to defeat dragons. It's [sic] red tint comes from the blood of dragons that seeps through its blade. Legend has it that this spear craves dragon blood and will blesses [sic] its wielder with extra strength when fighting against dragons.
FFBE Gungnir
90 Trust: Kain
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A lance of the god of war said to bring victory.
A lance that promises its owner victory. Once owned by a war god, the gungnir's might lives up to its reputation. According to legend, this lance would penetrate any target it was thrown at, and eventually make its own way back to its master. Scholars remain speculative about its supposed divine origins, but there is no doubt that the gungnir has always brought peace over the course of history.
Demon Scythe
FFBE Demon Scythe BF
120 Trust: Elza
Effect: Dark-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★ - An evil scythe with immense destructive power.
A gigantic scythe rumoured to possess the eerie ability to slash through both its enemies and their shadows. According to myth, this weapon feeds on the souls of its vanquished foes to amplify its power, and its insatiable thirst is said to drive some to madness as the energy collected within begins opening a rift past the realm of the living.
Ice Lance
FFBE Ice Lance
48 Find: Snowy Woods (recipe); Town of Amore
Craft: Ice Cryst x8, Ice Megacryst x5, Iron Ore x3, Mythril Ore x12, 960 gil (12 hours)
Effect: Ice-elemental attack.
★★★★ - A spear with a cool air abour it.
A spear with a cool air about it. Its blade was made using a method that imbues blades with magic. Many who traverse deserts and volcanoes brandish these to fight off the heat. Despite the multiple incidences per year of frostbite and regardless of how they are labeled, the manufacturers are troubled as to how they can keep their customers safe.
Dragon Spear Gae Bolg*
FFBE Dragon Spear Gae Bolg
Twin Lance
FFBE Twin Lance
52 Reward: The Big Bridge · PRO
Effect: Grants Two-Hit Combo.
★★★★★★ - An otherwordly weapon that enables normal attacks to hit two times.
A special weapon from the Farplane. Equipping it enables the wielder's normal attack to hit two times in one turn. A strangely shaped pole with a blade affixed at its tip, capable of striking an enemy multiple times when spun. Though described in Farplane texts as a "unique spear," the debate over what type of weapon it really is might never end.
Holy Lance
FFBE Holy Lance
82 Buy: Devastated Town 100 FFBE Star Quartz
Effect: Light-elemental attack.
★★★★★★ - A blessed lance that shines with divine light.
A lance bearing the name of holy magic. The blessed light that it shines eradicates all evil, and the divine protection it offers is said to guard its owner from any calamity that may befall him or her. The silver hued holy lance boasts both raw power and beauty. Only those who are gifted and righteous may wield this sacred lance. Legend has it the holy lance is one of the relics given to mankind by the God of Light.
FFBE Unknown Spear 2
FFBE Artisan
135 Trust: Aileen
Effect: Earth-elemental attack.
★★★★★★★★ - A high-spec weapon made by a dedicated craftsman.
A weapon made using a combination of cutting edge Dilmagia technologies which launches spears from its giant muzzle. Its construction is extremely complex, and without sufficient mechanical knowledge one wouldn't be able to produce one, let alone repair one. Also, they are a lot lighter than they look, and given the apparent attention to detail it is assumed this was created by quite an outstanding craftsman.
Lamia's Scythe
FFBE Lamia's Scythe
51 Buy: King Mog (The Battle of Judecca) 3,000 FFBE Blue Phantoma
Effect: MP +15%; grants Bewitching Fragrance when equipped by Sice
★★★★★ - A scythe from another world that boosts MP.
A great scythe from the distant world of Orience. Lamia's Scythe raises the wielder's MP upon equipping it, and although it boasts of great power, not everyone is qualified to use this destructive weapon at will. In Orience, a young girl is said to have taken this scythe as her weapon, which was in no way lighter in her hands. However, some speculate that her incredible prowess and skill in battle allowed her to wield the scythe with ease.
Orc Piercer*
FFBE Orc Piercer
Dragon Whisker*
FFBE Dragon Whisker
Moogle Spear*
FFBE Moogle Spear
FFBE Bentus
Zodiac Spear*
FFBE Zodiac Spear
FFBE Unknown Spear
Platinum Lance*
FFBE Platinum Lance
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Unknown Spear 3
★★★★★★★ - ??
Wyvern Horn*
FFBE Wyvern Horn
★★★★★ - ??
Dragoon Lance*
FFBE Dragoon Lance
FFBE Unknown Spear 4
Replica Wyvern Lance*
FFBE Replica Wyvern Lance
Wyvern Lance*
FFBE Wyvern Lance
Precision Lance*
FFBE Precision Lance
Stoss Spear*
FFBE Stoss Spear
Beast Piercer*
FFBE Beast Piercer
Crimson Blood*

Music InstrumentsEdit

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
14 Buy: Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Reward: "Ode to Boy"
Craft: Spellsilk x1, Lumber x3, 32 gil (5 minutes)
160 FFBE Gil
48 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
★ - An ordinary harp.
An ordinary harp that can be played by strumming its strings. Its convenient size makes it easy to carry for wandering bards, and thus many prefer it. Though some harps hold magical powers within, this particular harp is but a mere musical instrument. For this very reason, its effects rely completely on the performing skills and the songs of its owner, which can be said to make this hard difficult to handle.
Silver Harp
FFBE Silver Harp
20 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe), Felicitas Town, Village of Ambel, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Town of Amore
Craft: Spellsilk x3, Silver Ore x3, 64 gil (1 hour)
320 FFBE Gil
96 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
★★ - A harp adroned with silver ornamentation.
A harp embellished with silver. It can easily lose its luster, rendering its effects weaker, and thus makes upkeep an arduous task. Though bards may not use this harp to attack directly, they use it to affect the heart of whoever hears its song. Its melody can inspire allies in battle, while in other cases weaken the enemy's fighting spirit by inducing nostalgia and guilt. The silver harp's incredible and bewitching power can even be used to heal pain.
Madhura Harp
FFBE Madhura Harp
26 Find: Devastated Town
Reward: "A Neverending Nightmare"
Effect: May inflict Confuse (30%). Two-handed weapon.
★★★★ - A magical harp with the power to confuse others.
Once there was a stunning village maiden named Madhura who had a beautiful singing voice. When a certain lord first witnessed her beauty, he asked for her hand in marriage. However, Madhura refused in favor of her childhood sweetheart. Out of spite for Madhura's rejection, the lord commanded that her village be burnt to the ground, leaving Madhura as the sole survivor. Heartbroken, the gorgeous maiden threw herself down a ravine while holding her harp close. Rumor has it that a beautiful voice can still be hear singing in the area.
Dream Harp
FFBE Dream Harp
76 41 Trust: Gilbert
Effect: May inflict Sleep (40%). Two-handed weapon.
A mysterious harp that plays a wonderfully soothing sound. The soft melody it produces appeases its audience, lulling them to sleep. Its ability to grant pleasant dreams to those it lures into slumber makes it a prized harp for many musicians. Furthermore, expert harpists can actually induce such realistic dreams that the line between reality and fantasy becomes distorted, leaving some of those listening unable to ever wake up again.
Rune Bell
FFBE Rune Bell
34 Reward: The Big Bridge · INT
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
★★★★ - An otherwordly bell engraved with ancient writings.
A bell from the Farplane. Engraved with ancient writings, it appears to be a normal bell, but when equipped offers a decent boost to ATK. It is written in Farplane documents that they are held by monsters that appear in the Dimensional Vortex. However, whether the "Dimensional Vortex" they speak of is the same as the one we know of is unknown.
FFBE Microphone
14 58 15 Reward: Dangerous Woman Tour
Effect: Nullifies Silence. (Exclusive: Dangerous Ariana)
★★★★★ - A bright glimmering microphone made of crystal.
A bright glimmering microphone made of crystal. Some say that this was specially crafted for a famous singer from a distant world. Upon holding it, one will definitely feel an uncontrollable urge to sing!
Platinum Bell*
FFBE Platinum Bell
Apollo Harp*
FFBE Apollo Harp
FFBE Unknown Instrument
10 38 52
★★★★★★ - ??
Angel Flute*
FFBE Angel Flute
10 48 98
★★★★★★★★ - ??


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Leather Whip
FFBE Leather Whip
17 Buy: Port City Lodin
Find: Port City Lodin (recipe); Grandshelt Catacombs
Craft: Thickened Hide x3, 36 gil (5 minutes)
180 FFBE Gil
Effect: May inflict Paralyze (5%).
★ - A whip made of leather.
A whip made of finely braided leather. Though whips were initially made to keep livestock in line, there are some regions which currently use them for other purposes. Just like the bow, the axe, and the hammer, the whip was one of many weapons originally made to facilitate daily tasks. It can be used to strike things directly, and the intimidating sound it makes when it cracks can be useful as well. And though it may not be as reliable as a sword, it makes up for this with it's lack of risk of coming back to hit the wielder in the event of a counterattack.
Chain Whip
FFBE Chain Whip
21 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandport
Craft: Thickened Hide x3, Iron Ore x3, 72 gil (1 hour)
360 FFBE Gil
108 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: May inflict Paralyze (5%).
★★ - A whip fashioned from iron chainlinks.
A whip made from chains instead of leather. It is much heavier than its leather counterpart, but makes up for this with its great attack power. It also boasts of quite a long reach, making it a very useful weapon for offensive fighting. However, the loud sound it makes as it is being carried and its inability to land fatal strikes make the chain whip unsuitable for infiltration and covert missions.
Shock Whip
FFBE Blitz Whip
29 Find: Kolobos Marsh (recipe)
Craft: Lightning Cryst x5, Thickened Hide x3, Iron Ore x3, Silver Ore x1, 180 gil (6 hours)
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack. May inflict Paralyze (15%). Enables use of Thunder.
★★★ - A whip that electrocutes and paralyzes foes.
A whip infused with electricity that can paralyze any foe it strikes. Though the shock whip is not powerful enough to send enemies soaring through the air, its ability to render them immobile can provide an advantage on the battlefield. However, it is important for owners to remember where to reach for this weapon on their person, lest they accidentally electrocute themselves. Equipping the shock whip also grants the wielder the power of thunder.
Mythril Whip
FFBE Mythril Whip
35 Buy: Village of Ambel (weapon & recipe)
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Craft: Lightning Cryst x5, Thickened Hide x3, Mythril Ore x3, 180 gil (6 hours)
900 FFBE Gil
270 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★★ - A whip made of mythril.
A whip made of mythril. Compared to the chain whip, similarly made form metal, it is light and easy to wield. Its silvery shine makes it far more attractive than other whips which are otherwise feared for the pain they can inflict. There are even some who find it holds a curious charm when wielded by a beautiful woman, regarding it as a piece of art.
Hayate Whip
FFBE Hayate Whip
45 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 3,000 FFBE Candy
Effect: None.
A whip from a far away world. Originally an ordinary leather whip, thanks to the efforts of the dwarf blacksmith Watts, this whip which bears the name "Hayate" is both stable and powerful. It is said that the heroes of the holy sword used this whip not only in battle, but also as a tool to grapple their way from place to place.
Empress Birch
FFBE Empress Whip
12 64 Reward: Memories from the Aquapolis · PRO
Effect: May inflict Blind (30%) and Silence (30%).
★★★★★★ - A mysterious whip that gives off a bewitching light.
A whip that gives off a bewitching shine. It is thought to be the same one as was written of in ancient texts. It is unsure if its name, Empress Birch, is correct or not as it was based on the legend of the beautiful woman who wielded this red whip in ancient times, but by someone of a later generation than her. It is said that those hit with this whip are entrapped by darkness, and left so scared they are unable to speak.
Tamer's Whip
FFBE Tamer's Whip
65 Reward: Lunar New Year
Effect: Grants Beast Killer.
A whip made from the tail of nian beasts. Rumor has it that other beasts fear anyone who wields it.
FFBE Unknown Whip 2
Platinum Whip*
FFBE Platinum Whip
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Unknown Whip
★★★★★★ - ??

Throwing weaponsEdit

Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Boomerang
16 Buy: Port City Lodin (weapon & recipe)
Find: Dalnakya Cavern
Craft: Lumber x3, 40 gil (5 minutes)
200 FFBE Gil
60 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★ - A boomerang made of wood.
A boomerang made of wood. This tool for hunting wild game was initially used to lure out animals by threatening them. It draws an arch in the air as it is thrown and eventually returns to the hands of its owner, allowing him or her to attack foes from a distance. The boomerang is currently used to fluster opponents who excel with close range weapons, such as swords.
FFBE Chakram
21 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Lanzelt Highlands
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Iron Ore x5, 80 gil (1 hour)
400 FFBE Gil
120 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★ - A throwing weapon with circular blades.
A circular disk with a hole in the middle that has a bladed outer edge. It is meant to be held by the aperture in the middle, and then thrown to attack enemies from a distance. Out of all of the throwing weapons, the chakram stands out as the only one to have been customized with blades in order to dismember its target. Since it can be thrown a great distance, it is very effective against aerial enemies, such as birds.
Moon Ring Blade
FFBE Moon Ring Blade
26 Buy: Town of Kolts, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway
Find: Lanzelt Ruins (recipe)
Reward: "Lootiful Dreamer"
Craft: Wind Cryst x3, Silver Ore x5, 200 gil (6 hours)
1,000 FFBE Gil
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★ - A throwing weapon enhanced by ninjas.
A disk-like weapon much like the chakram. Ninjas, who specialize in infiltrations and assassinations, customized the sharpness of its bladed edge and expanded its range. Holding much more power than its predecessor, the moon ring blade can cut through denser objects, such as tree branches. People fear its presence on the battle field as there is no way to tell where it may suddenly appear to deal a great amount of damage. It is particularly effective against aerial foes.
FFBE Kangaroo
42 Reward: Colosseum · ADV A-4
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
The story behind this boomerang is more elaborate than its design suggests. According to myth, the Kangaroo was a cursed weapon that, when thrown, would attract itself to the closest creature with even the slightest of bird-like features. Stories suggest that it was created by a witch who got sick of the chirpings of magpies and sparrows in her bird-loving neighborhood. One single toss of the boomerang was accompanied by multiple high-pitched, bird-like screams.
51 82 Trust: Hope
Effect: None
A boomerang from another world created through advanced techniques that incorporate the ingenious idea of hiding its form until ready to strike. Great in both size and power, there are very few who can handle this difficult weapon effectively. However, legends from the Nue's place of origin claim that a young boy was able to master its use completely.
FFBE Tezcatlipoca
65 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,500 FFBE Trochoid Gear
Effect: HP +20%. (Exclusive: Hope)
A boomerang specially designed to take down large game. Since it was made heavy to increase its force, there are few who can wield it. It seems one can build their muscles just by wielding it.
Rising Sun
FFBE Rising Sun
107 Trust: Locke
Effect: Grants Bird Killer.
★★★★★★ - A throwing weapon that resembles the rising sun.
A disc-like weapon much like the chakram. Many peoples have regarded the sun and the light it shines in the heavens as a blessing upon the world, revering this celestial object as the center of their religions. The weapon known as the rising sun was made by a tribe with similar beliefs, which used it to hunt animals that would serve as offerings to the sun god. This weapon, as any others of a similar nature, is very effective for targeting foes mid-air.
Ninja's Trump
FFBE Ninja's Trump
28 75 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 3,000 FFBE Candy
Effect: None. (Exclusive: Popoi)
A top quality boomerang, considered the best in its realm. It can be obtained in the Mana Fortress, located in a distant realm.
Battle Hoop
FFBE Battle Hoop
50 20 Buy: King Mog (The Auracite Chosen) 6,000 FFBE Red Orb
Effect: Grants Graceful when equipped by Soleil.
A throwing weapon consisting of a battle ring specially designed for use in war. Though similar in appearance to the chakram, it is larger in size and has thicker outer blades. Also able to be used as a rudimentary shield, making it an easy choice for both offense and defense, it is favored by those who demand the dexterity it offers.
Fixed Dice
FFBE Fixed Dice
1 Trust: Setzer
Effect: Damage range (120% - 650%). Two-handed weapon.
A set of gambling dice from a distant world. They can also be used on the battlefield to amplify any damage dealt to enemies. If good fortune is with the wearer, a big roll could lead to immense amounts of damage inflicted upon his or her foes. Apparently, these fixed dice once belonged to an elegant gambler from another world who favored thrills and romance beyond all the money in the world.
Switch Hitter*
FFBE Switch Hitter
Hyper Ball*
FFBE Hyper Ball
Over the Top*
FFBE Over the Top
Slick Dart*
FFBE Slick Dart
Platinum Edge*
FFBE Platinum Edge
FFBE Hawkeye Weapon
36 42


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
FFBE Altair
20 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt (weapon & recipe); Industrial City Dilmagia
Reward: "For Members Only"
Craft: Fire Cryst x3, Iron Ore x5, Lumber x1, 96 gil (1 hour)
480 FFBE Gil
144 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★ - A pistol given the name "The Soaring Eagle."
Guns are relatively novel weapons. These relics from another world are currently being analyzed and researched, and while small progress has been made to increase their practicality, they are yet to be safe enough to make them readily available to the public. Guns are believed to hold the potential to overtake the bow and arrow as better long range weapons, but an efficient way to manufacture them must be first established before this can take place. Research facilities are currently naming these weapons after stars from another world.
FFBE Capella
26 Buy: Felicitas Town (weapon & recipe); Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts
Reward: Grandshelt's Vault (Earth Key #3)
Craft: Fire Cryst x5, Iron Ore x5, Lumber x2, 96 gil (1 hour)
480 FFBE Gil
144 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
★★ - A rifle given the name "The She-goat."
The product of the analysis of and experimentation on otherworldly relics conducted by a research facility. Scientists ran various studies on techniques from other worlds in order to design this gun, which was then built from scratch. As it is not a real relic, like the guns found before its construction, the capella holds less fire power. However, since it doesn't depend on the physical or magical ability of its owner to function efficiently, this weapon can be used by anyone to inflict a fixed amount of damage. Thus, many look forward to how the capella will evolve further.
40 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Underworld Gaberada
Find: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion
1,200 FFBE Gil
Effect: None.
★★★ - A pistol given the name "The Vulture."
The product of the analysis of and experimentation on otherworldly relics conducted by a research facility. Having been damaged and subsequently repaired, it includes many original pieces from the ruins which boost its accuracy and power. However, since currently the technology required to develop a weapon of this class doesn't currently exist, its production is seen as a fluke. It is a simple, no-frills piece.
FFBE Sirius
46 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Raven's Hideaway
Reward: Zoldaad's Vault (Flamering Key #5) (recipe)
Craft: Fire Cryst x10, Silver Ore x5, Mythril Ore x5, Lumber x3, 240 gil (6 hours)
1,200 FFBE Gil
Effect: None.
★★★ - A pistol given the name of the brightest star in the sky.
The product of the analysis of and experimentation on otherworldly relics conducted by a research facility. Similar to Vega, it was found damaged and subsequently repaired.. As its name implies, this pistol exudes a beautiful shine, but also boasts of great firepower. Its beauty and rarity make it a prized collectible for dilettantes, though many forgeries are also available for purchase.
FFBE Betelgeuse
56 Find: Aquapolis Olderion
Effect: None.
★★★★ - A pistol given the name "The Hunter."
A relic from another world miraculously discovered in functional condition, and thus coveted by researches and collectors alike. The firepower of this piston is guaranteed to inflict enough damage to pierce through an average piece of armor. On the other hand, the fascinating otherworldly methods so obviously used to create it make any repairs on it extremely difficult. Therefore, owners of this weapon should always handle it with the utmost care.
Hyades Magnums
FFBE Hyades Magnums
58 Buy: King Mog (The Hanging Edge) 5,000 FFBE Trochoid Gear
Effect: Enables use of Cold Blood and Heat Blitz. (Exclusive: Sazh)
A powerful gun able to blast apart even the strongest of hulls. Though its ATK is high, the recoil from its powerful shots leaves the shooter more open than usual to enemy counter-attacks. Because of this, only those aware of its unique characteristics can wield it.
Candy Gun
FFBE Candy Gun
65 Reward: A Frosty Offensive (reach 10,000 pts)
Effect: Fire-elemental attack.
★★★★★ - A shotgun wrapped in candy, but please don't eat it.
A shotgun that was forged with candy as its main component. Boasting of fire elemental properties, this weapon can be used by its wielder to provide comforting warmth in the cold. Legend has it that this shotgun once belonged to a man who always donned red garments.
Romandan Pistol
FFBE Romandan Pistol
107 Trust: Mustadio
Effect: None.
In another world full with legends of holy stones live people known as "machinists." Their mission is to recover the legacy of civilizations from ages past, and study their ancient abilities in hopes of recreating them. For this reason many assume that machinists are fascinated by weapons such as firearms, as most are ancient relics which have been painstakingly restored. The romandan pistol is believed to have been named after the region it originates from.
Rune Trigger
FFBE Rune Trigger
52 Buy: King Mog (Akademeia) 5,000 FFBE Phantoma
Effect: MP +15%.
★★★★★ - An otherworldly gun that increases MP.
A gun that made its way from the far away world of Orience. It is a special kind of weapon known as a "Magicite Pistol," which shoots magic crystals instead of bullets. The gun itself is imbued with a strange power which allows it to boost its wielder's MP. It is said to be a special reward given out by Akademeia in Orience for carrying out a special mission.
Ras Algethi
FFBE Ras Algethi
52 Reward: Zoldaad's Vault (Flamering Key #4)
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
A lost relic from another world. It is a rare item having been found in useable condition. It's [sic] name is said mean the "head of he who kneels," though no one knows where this name originated. However, since this gun has the power to bring any shot by it to their knees, currently it is thought that its name serves as a symbol of that.
FFBE Sparky
120 Trust: Olive
Effect: Lightning-elemental attack. Grants Doublehand.
★★★★★★★★ - A heavy hand cannon that packs a powerful punch.
While cumbersome in battle, the deafening blast of this mighty hand cannon is able to shaken the most stoic of hearts. Sparky imbues its payload with an electrical charge before discharging them, putting targets it hits into critical stasis. It is considered by some to be the most fearsome weapon forged in recent history.
Dragon's Roar
FFBE Dragon's Roar
72 Reward: Vision of Bahamut (recipe)
Craft: Shadow Bahamut Wing x1, Shadow Bahamuts Ore x80, Shadow Bahamut Fang x70, Shadow Bahamut Heart x80, 250,000 gil (9 hours)
Effect: Grants Dragon Killer and Waking Instinct
★★★★★★ - A gun named after the cry of a dragon.
A relic from another world miraculously discovered in functional condition. It is named after the cry of a dragon which the sound of enemy-shattering shots from it closely resemble. Given the incredibly powerful punch it packs, anyone who witnesses this being shot is quick to surrender and beg for their life should it be pointed at them.
FFBE Magnati
42 Buy: King Mog (The Battle of Judecca) 1,000 FFBE Blue Phantoma
Effect: Grants Composure when equipped by King.
A set of twin pistols from the distant world of Orience. The Magnati are well-engineered pistols that can survive even the harshest of environments, and proof of the high quality weapons that Orience has to offer. They are said to have been given as a reward by Akademeia to those who were successful in special missions, with one young man being able to claim the prize and promptly using it on the battlefield.
FFBE Rigel
60 Find: Sorcerer's Hideaway
Effect: None.
A relic from another world miraculously discovered in functional condition. Although guns are incredibly useful when attacking enemies from great distances, their frailty requires a knowledgeable owner that can properly do any upkeep necessary for their maintenance. Since spare parts for these are so scarce, gun users are also believed to be quite rare.
Machine Gun+
FFBE Machine Gun+
120 Trust: Jean
Effect: Two-handed weapon.
A high quality gun made by a talented blacksmith. Capable of rapid fire and boasting of little to no recoil, this gun can be used with ease even by women. Its ability to take out large numbers of enemies at once on massive battlefields makes it the perfect weapon for war. This particular model was created using technology from the airship building nation of Dilmagia, making it more powerful and durable than most firearms.
FFBE Arcturus
FFBE Spica
Shark Gun*
FFBE Shark Gun
FFBE Quasar
60 60
Assault Gun*
FFBE Assault Gun
Platinum Musket*
FFBE Platinum Musket
★★★★★ - ??
FFBE Valiant

Valiant II*
FFBE Valiant II


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Bronze Mace
FFBE Bronze Mace
14 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandshelt Catacombs
Reward: "Bleeder of the Pack"
Craft: Copper Ore x4, 36 gil (5 minutes)
180 FFBE Gil
54 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★ - A mace forged from bronze.
A mace of bronze that is fairly easy to obtain. Unlike the hammer, the mace was manufactured as a weapon from the very beginning, though both are used to deal heavy blows. The mace is not limited to one shape, and its design depends highly on its maker. However, the more uneven the shape, the more damage it deals, and thus many odd looking versions of this weapon have been created.
Iron Mace
FFBE Iron Mace
19 Buy: Grandport (weapon & recipe)
Find: Grandport
Craft: Iron Ore x6, 72 gil (1 hour)
360 FFBE Gil
108 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★ - A mace forged from iron.
A mace made in the same manner as the bronze mace, but with iron instead. Since iron is harder and lighter than bronze, this version is much more powerful than its predecessor. The iron mace is also used during ceremonies, though its shape for such occasions is kept mostly circular and without any sharp edges. Regular soldiers are the ones who mainly wield this weapon, while higher ranking soldiers usually carry maces made of materials such as mythril.
FFBE Werebuster
25 Buy: Felicitas Town
Find: Magi Nation Mysidia (recipe)
Reward: Colosseum · BGN C-3
Craft: Thickened Hide x5, Otherworldly Bone x1, Silver Ore x8, 180 gil (6 hours)
900 FFBE Gil
Effect: Grants Beast Killer.
★★★ - A mace effective against beastmen.
There are many mysteries surrounding werebeasts that are party human and part animal. Legends tell of the existence of such beings, but these accounts can probably be better attributed to humans falling under the influence of a curse or illness. However, when livestock begins to suddenly die of unnatural causes, it could be a sign that a werebeast is lurking nearby. It is best to tread with caution if that is the case.
Mythril Mace
FFBE Mythril Mace
30 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion (weapon & recipe); Town of Kolts, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Reward: Colosseum · INT C-3
Craft: Mythril Ore x11, 180 gil (6 hours)
900 FFBE Gil
270 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★★ - A mace made of mythril.
Battering weapons such as maces have the power to smash through tough armor, but their own great weight hinders those who lack the physical prowess to use them. However, since this mace is made of mythril, its weight presents no problems for the wielder. Its beautiful silver shine and subtly decorated head has also seen the mythril mace used as a staff by bishops.
Lunar Pestle
FFBE Lunar Pestle
60 15 Buy: King Mog (Festival of the Autumn Moon) 30,000 FFBE Mogcake
Effect: MP +25.
Once an apparatus used to crush peppers and other herbs into powdery mush, this former companion to the mortar grew in size thanks to lunar magic and now serves a different purpose: beating the tar out of monsters, while also empowering its wielder's magic power. According to folklore, a scholar of unknown origin who wanted powdered herbs for his dinner, accidentally mistook a chunk of moonrock, the broken fragments quickly latched onto each side of the pestle. It then grew six times larger, breaking the mortar it was in, as well as the scholar's foot.
Thorned Mace
FFBE Thorned Mace
78 Reward: Attack of Antenolla
Effect: May inflict Poison (70%). Grants Man-Eater.
★★★★★★ - A mace laced with poison.
Finding methods to create stronger weapons must be an endless struggle for weapon makers. This mace is said to have been created with that idea in mind. Seeking to bring out its ultimate potential, its manufacturer added thorns to its design to amplify its destructive power. In addition to that, the thorns themselves were laced with poison to maximize damage. This all resulted in the incredibly powerful, yet ominous looking thorned mace.
Skull Crusher
FFBE Skull Crusher
35 Buy: King Mog (Operation MA Demolition) 1,200 FFBE White Phantoma
Effect: None.
★★★★ - An otherwordly mace able to powderize enemies.
An otherworldly mace said to be able to crush enemies to dust. Its head is large, and extremely heavy. Its long handle was constructed so that one could use centrifugal force to produce great power with it. Though all it takes to properly wield this weapon is the strength to lift it, it is quite a difficult weapon to master, but its ATK still makes it highly valued.
FFBE Vesper
60 Reward: Mysidia's Vault (Aurora Key #4)
Effect: None.
A weapon named after the brightest star in the evening sky of another world. The vesper mace was owned by members of the clergy and other influential men as a beacon of hope shining amidst the darkness born from confusion and despair. As its function was mostly ceremonial, it is quite a hefty weapon that when used by those with enough strength to wield it can cause a great amount of damage.
Platinum Mace*
FFBE Platinum Mace
Thoth's Wand*
FFBE Thoth's Wand
Nail Bat*
FFBE Nail Bat
★★★★★★ - ??
Zeus Mace*
FFBE Zeus Mace
★★★★★★★★ - ??
Replica Zeus Mace*
FFBE Replica Zeus Mace
FFBE Fangbreaker


Name ATK DEF MAG SPR Obtain Cost
Bronze Knuckles
FFBE Bronze Knuckle
16 Buy: Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin
Find: Town of Mitra
Reward: "Return Flight" (recipe)
Craft: Copper Ore x3, 40 gil (5 minutes)
200 FFBE Gil
Effect: None.
★ - Gloves with knuckles reinforced with bronze.
Created before the development of weapons, boxing is the most primitive form of fighting. Later, as fighting for sport became increasingly more popular, a more systemized way of boxing was established. This naturally led to the creation of equipment meant to protect competitors' fists in battle as they began to use more power in the ring. The bronze knuckles are an example of this equipment, and although fairly easy to use, do not deal a great amount of damage.
Metal Knuckles
FFBE Metal Knuckle
20 Buy: Village of Kol (weapon & recipe)
Find: Village of Kol
Craft: Iron Ore x5, 80 gil (1 hour)
400 FFBE Gil
120 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★ - Gloves with knuckles coated in metal.
An enhanced version of the bronze knuckles coated in metal to give them more power. Originally, fist fighting had been used for personal fights only. However, later on courageous warriors began using their fists to fight the monsters constantly menacing their world. They would need both physical and mental strength in order to stand against the beasts' sharp fangs and claws.
Cat Claws
FFBE Cat Claws
42 Buy: Lost Village of Marlo (weapon & recipe)
Craft: Otherworldly Bone x3, Silver Ore x8, 600 gil (12 hours)
3,000 FFBE Gil
900 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★★★ - Bladed gloves that belonged to a thief.
Once there lived a thief known as "The Cat" who fashioned his daggers to look like claws. The name of his weapon may sound adorable, but it held great power. The Cat was incredibly sly and elusive, until one day his spontaneous visits suddenly stopped. Legend has it that a dagger similar to the ones in his Cat Claws was found next to the carcass of a large mountain cat shortly afterwards.
Kaiser Knuckles
FFBE Kaiser Knuckles
101 Trust: Xiao
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
Many monarchs throughout history have been known for their valor, but few are known to have used their own fists in a fight. The kaiser knuckles belonged to an emperor who placed more importance in training his body than in ruling his empire. In his search for a way to further improve the attacks he had already developed to their full potential, he found he could do so by quickening them with the power of the wind.
Poison Knuckle
FFBE Poison Knuckle
40 Find: Abandoned Orphanage (recipe); Maranda Coast
Craft: Dark Megacryst x5, Mythril Ore x10, 200 gil (6 hours)
Effect: May inflict Poison (30%).
★★★ - Claws equipped with poison.
Among weapons which can be equipped to ones knuckles, claws are special for their cutting ability. One could even inflict their opponent with poison if it were to be applied to the tips of a set of claws. It was thanks for this idea that the poison knuckles were created. Though cherished by those who make their living carrying out assassinations, they are fiercely detested by fair-fighting martial artists who view their use as unfair.
Mythril Claw
FFBE Mythril Claw
42 Buy: Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion (recipe); Village of Ambel
Craft: Mythril Ore x10, 200 gil (6 hours)
1,000 FFBE Gil
300 FFBE GilRecipe
Effect: None.
★★★ - Claws forged from mythril.
The weapons known as claws are fighting gloves originally meant for enhancing physical attacks with the addition of beast-like nails. The mythril claws were designed to cut and shred, rather than to inflict direct brute force, and the precious material they are made of renders them durable, yet light. Its sharp claws also glisten in a silver light that never fades away. This weapon was made to toy with foes by injuring them with swift attacks, instead of having to calculate how to ravage them with heavy blows.
Sonic Knuckles
FFBE Sonic Knuckle
51 Reward: Dirnado's Vault (Gale Key #1)
Effect: Wind-elemental attack.
In the historically rich Kingdom of Pharm, having warriors battle each other for entertainment was once in fadhion. Legend has it that one warrior in particular accumulated as many as 58 victories in a row. Apparently, he always finished his opponents in a matter of seconds, as his consecutive strikes hit them faster than the speed of sound. This is where the sonic knuckles draw their name, now left behind by their legendary master of posterity.
Winged Saint
FFBE Winged Saint
56 44 Reward: The Hanging Edge · ADV (recipe)
Craft: Uraninite x1, Iridium Plug x50, Paraffin Oil x40, Crystal Oscillator x30, 4,000 gil (72 hours)
Effect: None.
★★★★★★ - A crest that strengthens the wearer's defense.
A mysterious crest made from a material alien to this world. This garment has the incredible power of enhancing both the wearer's attack and defense simultaneously. The details of how this emblem is able to affect the wearer's faculties remain unknown, but it is believed that the advanced otherworldly techniques used to create it must boost its owner's latent abilities.
Beast Cestus
FFBE Beast Cestus
51 10 Reward: Lunar New Year
Effect: None.
A cestus made from the hide and claws of nian beasts. These two materials are very rare, as only the most experienced and skilled warriors are able to defeat nian beasts and claim their spoils.
Aura Glove
FFBE Aura Glove
45 32 45 Buy: King Mog (Mana Mystery) 7,000 FFBE Candy
Effect: None. (Exclusive: Primm)
A top quality battle glove, considered the best in its realm.
FFBE DQ Weapon 6
Fairy's Claw
FFBE Faerie Claws
47 Chest: Snowy Woods
Effect: May inflict Confuse (30%).
Claws imbued with the protection of fairies. These were the product of a small, child-like fairy who tried and failed to inject them with magic power capable of surprising their wielder, leading to a magic explosion which caused it to change shape. They are thought to have been based on the mythril claws, but now only the fairies know the truth. They have been imbued with a magic power and are capable of confusing anyone they're used on.
Guts Knuckle
FFBE Guts Knuckle
88 Reward: March on Titan (reach 97,200 pts) (recipe)
Craft: Desert Mineral x20, Old Jungle Tree x10, Sealed Box x10, Crimson Wing x8, Azure Corundum x3, 2,000 gil (instant)
Effect: HP +10%, MP +10%. (Exclusive: Yda)
★★★★★ - A fist weapon brought from another world. (Yda only)
A weapon used by people known as pugilists from the faraway world of Eorzea. It is known for its easy to wield grip construction, and its three points which each deliver a piercing blow. Made to be long lasting and easy to wield, it is a favorite of the female pugilist member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
FFBE Devastator
FFBE Override
Wyvern Claws*
FFBE Wyvern Claws
FFBE Retaliators
FFBE Unknown Fist
Broken Arm*
FFBE Broken Arm
★★★★★ - ??
Dragon Claws*
FFBE Dragon Claws
Type-3 Fists*
FFBE Type-3 Fists
Holy Glove*
FFBE Holy Glove
★★★★★★ - ??
Reflect Knuckles*