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The following is a list of characters representing Final Fantasy XI in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Unit Equipment Traits Limit Burst Acquisition
No. 097
FFBE Shantotto
Weapon Types: Stave, Rod, Mace
Armor Types: Hats, Clothes, Robes
Tiny Torrent Summon
A Tarutaru sorceress from the distant world of Vana'diel. Possessed of formidable magical powers, she serves as minister of the Orastery, Windurst's Department of Magic. Her petite and charming exterior belies a proud, fiery, vainglorious personality that can prove hazardous to friends and enemies alike. Few things are more dire than being caught in a blaze of Shantotto's fire.
No. 098
FFBE Shantotto 2
Weapon Types: Stave, Rod, Mace
Armor Types: Hats, Clothes, Robes
Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water, Aero, Stone, Bio, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Watera, Aerora, Stonra, Biora, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Aeroga, Stonga
Ruin Impulse Summon
A formidable black mage from the distant world of Vana'diel. One of the most brilliant minds in Windurst, she serves as a professor of magical arts in and heads the Orastery, the republic's Department of Magic. Known for being "as high-and-mighty as Yutungah's fiery mountain, and as rough-cut as the rocking Gustaberg Ranges-wanges", she is a veritable force of nature who wreaks havoc on both friends and foes without discrimination. It is rumored that her one regret is never marrying, but don't bring this up on her presence without proper havoc-resistant armor.
No. 551
FFBE 551 Shantotto
No. 552
FFBE 552 Werei
No. 553
FFBE 553 Werei
No. 554
FFBE 554 Werei
No. 555
FFBE 555 Kupipi
No. 556
FFBE 556 Kupipi
No. 557
FFBE 557 Kupipi
No. 558
FFBE 558 Prishe
No. 559
FFBE 559 Prishe

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