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The following is a list of armor that appears in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Light shieldsEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Leather Shield
FFBE Leather Shield
Small Shield
FFBE Small Shield
FFBE Buckler
Ochre Shield
FFBE Ochre Shield
Stellar Shield
FFBE Stellar Shield
Mythril Buckler
FFBE Mythril Buckler
FFBE Escutcheon
Force Shield
FFBE Force Shield
FFBE Metal Tray
Dragon Shield
FFBE Dragon Shield
Army Shield
FFBE Army Shield

Heavy shieldsEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Bronze Shield
FFBE Bronze Shield
Iron Shield
FFBE Iron Shield
Large Shield
FFBE Large Shield
Thunder Shield
FFBE Thunder Shield
Mythril Shield
FFBE Mythril Shield
Golden Shield
FFBE Golden Shield
Aegis Shield
FFBE Aegis Shield
Flame Shield
FFBE Flame Shield
Ice Shield
FFBE Ice Shield
FFBE Patriot
FFBE DQ Shield 1
Empire Shield
FFBE Empire Shield
Hero's Shield
FFBE Hero's Shield
Genji Shield
Divine Shield


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Leather Hat
FFBE Leather Hat
Feathered Cap
FFBE Feathered Cap
Wizard's Hat
FFBE Wizard's Hat
FFBE Bandana
Twist Headband
FFBE Twist Headband
Celebrant's Miter
FFBE Celebrant's Miter
Green Beret
FFBE Green Beret
Tiger Mask
FFBE Tiger Mask
Hypno Crown
FFBE Hypno Crown
Red Cap
FFBE Red Cap
Mage's Hat
FFBE Mage's Hat
Mystery Veil
FFBE Mystery Veil
Santa's Hat
FFBE Santa's Hat
FFBE Circlet
FFBE Chapeau
Black Cowl
FFBE Black Cowl
Spirit's Diadem
FFBE Spirit's Diadem SoM
Grimoire Hat
Cat-Ear Hood
FFBE Cat-Ear Hood
FFBE Beret
White Brim
FFBE White Brim
White Mask
Black Mask
Prishe's Hair Ornaments
Raven Beret


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Bronze Helm
FFBE Bronze Helm
Iron Helm
FFBE Iron Helm
FFBE Barbut
Mythril Helm
FFBE Mythril Helm
Golden Helm
FFBE Golden Helm
Survivor Helm
FFBE Survivor Helm
Grand Helm
FFBE Grand Helm
Dark Helm
FFBE Dark Helm
Empire Helm
FFBE Empire Helm
Dragon Helm
FFBE Dragon Helm
Rider Helm


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Leather Shirt
FFBE Leather Shirt
Bard's Tunic
FFBE Bard's Tunic
Scholar Robe
FFBE Scholar Robe
Power Vest
FFBE Power Vest
FFBE Kenpogi
Mage's Habit
FFBE Mage's Habit
Survival Vest
FFBE Survival Vest
Ninja Gear
FFBE Ninja Gear
Black Belt Gi
FFBE Black Belt Gi
Mirage Vest
FFBE Mirage Vest
Black Garb
FFBE Black Garb
Santa's Clothes
FFBE Santa's Clothes
Minerva Bustier
FFBE Minerva Bustier
Brave Suit
FFBE Brave Suit
Miko Vestaments
FFBE Miko Vestaments
Antecedent's Attire
FFBE Antecedent's Attire
Demon Fina's Swimsuit
FFBE Demon Fina's Swimwear
Fina's Swimwear
FFBE Fina's Swimwear
Lid's Swimwear
Tabby Suit
FFBE Tabby Suit
Red Jacket
Apron Dress


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Cotton Robe
FFBE Cotton Robe
Silk Robe
FFBE Silk Robe
Traveler's Garbs
FFBE Traveler's Garb
Sage's Surplice
FFBE Sage's Surplice
Wizard's Robe
FFBE Wizard's Robe
Gaia Gear
FFBE Gaia Gear
Cleric's Robes
FFBE Cleric's Robes
Sage's Robe
FFBE Sage's Robe
White Robe
FFBE White Robe
Black Robe
FFBE Black Robe
Magi Robe
FFBE Magi Robe
Lordly Robes
FFBE Lordly Robes
Rainbow Robe
FFBE Rainbow Robe
FFBE Unknown Robe
Siren Robes (セイレーンのローブ)
FFBE Siren Robes
FFBE Unknown Robe 2
FFBE Unknown Robe 3

Light armorEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Leather Plate
FFBE Leather Plate
Copper Cuirass
FFBE Copper Cuirass
Iron Plate
FFBE Iron Plate
Mythril Plate
FFBE Mythril Plate
Silver Cuirass
FFBE Silver Cuirass
FFBE Brigandine
Golden Vest
FFBE Golden Vest
Demon's Vest
FFBE Demon's Vest
Ruby Cuirass
FFBE Ruby Cuirass
Scion Thief's Tunic
FFBE Scion Thief's Tunic
Adamant Vest
Tactician's Magician's Coat

Heavy armorEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Bronze Armor
FFBE Bronze Armor
Iron Armor
FFBE Iron Armor
Paladin Armor
FFBE Paladin Armor
FFBE Maximillian
Force Armor
FFBE Force Armor
Mythril Armor
FFBE Mythril Armor
Ice Armor
FFBE Ice Armor
Golden Armor
FFBE Golden Armor
Reflect Mail
FFBE Reflect Mail
Flame Mail
FFBE Flame Mail
Demon Mail
FFBE Demon Mail
Carabineer Mail
FFBE Carabineer Mail
Army Plate
FFBE Army Plate
Dragon Mail
FFBE Dragon Mail
Parade Cuirass

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