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List of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius accessories

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The following is a list of accessories that appears in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Iron Gloves
FFBE Iron Gloves
Power Wrist
FFBE Power Wrist
Hyper Wrist
FFBE Hyper Wrist
Silver Armlet
FFBE Silver Armlet
Cat's Bell
FFBE Cat's Bell
Muscle Belt
FFBE Muscle Belt
Gold Armlet
FFBE Gold Armlet
Rune Armlet
FFBE Rune Armlet
Champion Belt
FFBE Champion Belt
Twenty-sided Die
FFBE Twenty-sided Die
Morale Talisman
FFBE Morale Talisman
Hanzo's Gloves
FFBE Hanzo's Gloves
FFBE Artefact
Celestial Gloves
FFBE Celestial Gloves
Genji Gloves
FFBE Genji Gloves
Raijin Manual (雷神の戦術書)
FFBE Unknown Accessory 2
Enables usage of: Crush Accessory, Sword Spirit: Spirit Blade, Ultima Sword
NulBlaze Ring
FFBE NulBlaze Ring
NulShock Ring
NulTide Ring
FFBE NulTide Ring
NulFrost Ring
FFBE Unknown Accessory
Germinas Boots
FFBE Germinas Boots
FFBE Unknown Accessory 3
Meteor Survivor Ring
FFBE Meteor Survivor Ring
Scion Thief's Hand Glove
FFBE Scion Thief's Hand Glove
Soul of Thamasa
FFBE Soul of Thamasa
Dragon Knight Gauntlet (竜騎士の篭手)
Ashe's Ring
Elven Glove
Mysterious Skull
Portal Charm
Gold Hairpin
Parade Gorget

Attribute resistanceEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Star Pendant
FFBE Star Pendant
Silver Glasses
FFBE Silver Glasses
FFBE Headband
White Cape
FFBE White Cape
Black Choker
FFBE Black Choker
Gold Anklet
FFBE Gold Anklet
Fairy Ring
FFBE Fairy Ring
Jeweled Ring
FFBE Jeweled Ring
Fire Ring
FFBE Fire Ring
Blaze Ring
FFBE Blaze Ring
Ice Ring
FFBE Ice Ring
Frost Ring
FFBE Frost Ring
Spark Ring
FFBE Spark Ring
Lightning Ring
FFBE Lightning Ring
Water Ring
FFBE Water Ring
Tide Ring
FFBE Tide Ring
Gale Ring
FFBE Gale Ring
Squall Ring
FFBE Squall Ring
Earth Ring
FFBE Earth Ring
Clay Ring
FFBE Clay Ring
FFBE Ribbon
Rabbit's Foot
FFBE Rabbit's Foot
Quake Ring
FFBE Quake Ring
Angel Earrings
FFBE Angel Earrings
FFBE Fujin Ring
Vitality Apparatus
FFBE Vitality Apparatus
Water God Amulet
FFBE Water God Amulet
Safety Bit
FFBE Safety Bit


Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Mythril Gloves
FFBE Mythril Gloves
Protect Ring
FFBE Protect Ring
Barrier Ring
FFBE Barrier Ring
Regen Ring
FFBE Regen Ring
Shining Bracer
FFBE Shining Bracer
Moon Bracer
FFBE Moon Bracer
Hero's Ring
FFBE Hero's Ring
Miracle Shoes
FFBE Miracle Shoes
Growth Egg
FFBE Growth Egg
Charm Bangle
FFBE Charm Bangle
Angel Ring
FFBE Angel Ring
Wall Ring
FFBE Wall Ring
FFBE Earrings
Defender's Bracer
FFBE Defender's Bracer
Black Belt
FFBE Black Belt
Thief Armlet
FFBE Thief Armlet
Flash Scarf
FFBE Flash Scarf
FFBE Bracer
Magistral Crest
FFBE Magistral Crest
Defense Bracer
FFBE Defense Bracer
Grimoire Hat
Monarch Ring
FFBE Monarch Ring
FFBE Domination Ring
Ruler Ring
Exceed Ring
Ifrit's Claws
FFBE Ifrit's Claws

Ability UsageEdit

Name Attack Defense Magic Spirit Effect Obtain
Backpack Pouch (リュックのポーチ)
Enables usage of: Chaos Grenade, Eccentric, Panacea

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