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This is a list of enemy abilities that appear in the game Final Fantasy All the Bravest. All abilities are one-hit knockout abilities, but some of them target multiple targets.


# - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - K - L - M - O - P - R - S - T - U - W


Abilities Edit

# Edit

Ability Description Enemy
3 Needles Kactuar
1,000 Needles Cactuar

A Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Aeroga Deathgaze, Orphan

B Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Back Attack Scarmiglione
Bad Breath Malboro
Beatdown Behemoth, Braska's Final Aeon
Big Bang Zeromus
Bite Silver Lobo
Blizzaga Kraken, Kum Kum, Neo Exdeath
Body Slam Microchu, Picochu
Breath Nidhogg
Brutal Bound Mover

C Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Caress Flan Princess
Cat Scratch Gaelicat
Claw Coeurl, Sahagin
Critical Jackanapes
Crush Adamantoise, Demon Wall
Cyclone Chaos

D Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Death Strike SOLDIER 1st Class, List of Final Fantasy All the Bravest enemies#SOLDIER 2nd Class
Dive Garuda, Zu
Double Machine Gun Sweeper

E Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Elbow Gigas
Elixir Thirst Magic Pot
Evil Eye Ahriman, Floating Death

F Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Feeler Kraken, Ochu, Sucker
Firaga Two explosion, each hitting roughly 3 targets each for a total of 6. Flowering Cactuar, Kefka, Marilith
Flamethrower Armored Fiend
Flare Dark Flan, Exdeath, Lich, Lord Kefka, Safer Sephiroth
Forsaken Hits around 8+ characters. Lord Kefka
Full Swing List of Final Fantasy All the Bravest enemies#SOLDIER 3rd Class

G Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Glare Rubicante
Grand Cross Neo Exdeath

H Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Havoc Wing Hits 3 characters. Lord Kefka
Heave Behemoth King, Beta Behemoth
Holy Deathmask, Orphan
Horn Crazy Horse
Hose Dhorme Chimera, Flamehound, Frostbeast
Hurl Behemoth King
Hyperdrive Siegfried

I Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Incisor Nut Eater, Skull Eater

K Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Knife Master Tonberry, Tonberry
Knock Silly Lord Kefka, Thanatos, Ultima Weapon

L Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Leaping Swing Iron Giant
Lick Leap Frog
Lightning Shinryu
Left Jab Elm Gigas
Levinbolt Tiamat

M Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Mad Rage Tyrannosaurus
Maelstrom Barbariccia, Neo Exdeath, Sandcrawler
Magitek Missile Magitek Armor
Matra Magic Death Machine
Merciless Judgment Orphan
Metal Cutter Killer Mantis
Meteor Golbez, Intangir, Ultima Weapon, Zeromus
Missile Prototype

O Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Open Fire YAT-97, YAT-99

P Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Pain Anima
Peck Cockatrice
Perforate Zeromus

R Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Rapid Fire Black Knight, Marilith
Ray Crew Dust, Lich
Really Bad Breath Great Malboro
Right Claw Gold Bear
Roller Magna Roader
Root Lash Triffid
Rush Mushussu

S Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Saw Corvette, Sword Dance
Scissor Iron Claw
Shadow Flare Ultimate Weapon
Shock Wave Anima, Safer Sephiroth, Zeromus
Shuriken Ninja
Slap Bomb, Crawler, Flan, Grenade
Snort Typhon
Spin Armor Construct, Ghast, Tiamat
Stab Black Knight, Gilgamesh
Starfall Emperor
Stone Enchanted Fan
Stone Blade Objet d'Art
Supernova Safer Sephiroth
Sweep Garland, Gilgamesh, Orphan, Safer Sephiroth

T Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Takedown Goblin, Iron Giant, Safer Sephiroth
Talon Dive Basilisk
Tentacle Ultros
Throat Jab Gigantos
Thundaga Hein, Neo Exdeath, Yellow Element
Tidal Wave Shinryu
Thrash Braska's Final Aeon, Taxim
Turtle Gil Turtle
Thwack Sand Worm

U Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Ultimate Jecht Shot Braska's Final Aeon

V Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Vacuum Wave Neo Exdeath

W Edit

Ability Description Enemy
Wave Cannon Cloud of Darkness, Omega
Whirlpool Cagnazzo
Wing Attack Bloody Eye, Floating Eye

Gallery Edit


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