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Name Image Attack Defense Element Growth Rate
Aeroga FFAB Aeroga - Faris UR+
Chaos Wave FFAB Chaos Wave - Terra UR+
Diamond Dust FFAB Diamond Dust FFV UR+ - - None -
Flare FFAB Flare - Refia UR+
Flare FFAB Flare - Onion Knight UR+ - - None -
Heaven's Wrath FFAB Heaven&#039;s Wrath - Ashe UR+
Holy FFAB Holy - Lenna UR+
Judgement FFAB Judgement - Aerith UR+
Maelstrom's Bolt FFAB Maelstrom&#039;s Bolt - Ashe UR+ - - None -
Megaflare FFAB Megaflare FFIII UR+ - - None -
The End FFAB The End - Selphie UR+
Ultimate End FFAB Ultimate End - Knights of the Round UR+ - - None -
Zodiark FFAB Zodiark UR+

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