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Name Image Attack Defense Element Growth Rate
Ardor FFAB Ardor - Ashe UR
Bahamur FFAB Bahamur - Arc UR
Bahamut FFAB Bahamut - Ramza UR
Beast Flare FFAB Beast Flare - Vincent UR
Chaos Wave FFAB Chaos Wave - Terra UR
Death FFAB Death - Vanille UR
Diamond Dust FFAB Diamond Dust - Yuna UR
Disintegration FFAB Disintegration - Terra UR
Doomsday FFAB Doomsday - Vivi UR
Firaga FFAB Firaga - Rydia UR
Flare FFAB Flare - Refia UR
Flare FFAB Flare - Aerith UR
Flare FFAB Flare - Penelo UR
Flare XVI FFAB Flare XVI - Maria UR
Freeze FFAB Freeze - Aerith UR
Grand Summon (Megaflare) FFAB Grand Summon (Megaflare) - Yuna UR
Holy FFAB Holy - Lenna UR
Holy Blade FFAB Holy Blade - Lenna UR
Judgement FFAB Judgement - Aerith UR
Megaflare FFAB Megaflare - Luneth UR
Megaflare FFAB Megaflare - Yuna UR
Meteor FFAB Meteor - Rydia UR
Play Rough FFAB Play Rough - Shantotto UR
Scourge FFAB Scourge - Ashe UR
Seal Evil FFAB Seal Evil - Aerith UR
The End FFAB The End - Selphie UR
Thor's Hammer FFAB Thor&#039;s Hammer UR
Ultima FFAB Ultima - Minwu UR
Ultima FFAB Ultima - Terra UR
Ultima FFAB Ultima - Alma UR
Ultimate End FFAB Ultimate End - Cloud UR
Water FFAB Water - Selphie UR
Zodiark FFAB Zodiark - Agrias UR

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