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Name Image Attack Defense Element Growth Rate
All Creation FFAB All Creation - Yuffie UR
Angelo Cannon FFAB Angelo Cannon - Rinoa UR
Army of One FFAB Army of One - Lightning UR
Blitz FFAB Blitz - Edge UR
Cold Blood FFAB Cold Blood - Sazh UR
Dark Messenger FFAB Dark Messenger - Squall UR
Demon Slice FFAB Demon Slice - Seifer UR
Double Impact FFAB Double Impact - Reno &amp; Rude UR
Dragon Power FFAB Dragon Power - Lenna UR
Dragoon's Pride FFAB Dragoon&#039;s Pride - Kain UR
Element of Treachery FFAB Element of Treachery - Balthier UR
Feral Strike FFAB Feral Strike - Fran UR
Fervid Blazer FFAB Fervid Blazer - Firion UR
Final Heaven FFAB Final Heaven - Tifa UR
Finishing Touch FFAB Finishing Touch - Cloud UR
Gaian Salvo FFAB Gaian Salvo - Vanille UR
Heartless Angel FFAB Heartless Angel - Sephiroth UR
Hyper Shot FFAB Hyper Shot - Irvine UR
Jackpot Triad FFAB Jackpot Triad - Ace UR
Light of Judgment FFAB Light of Judgment - Kefka UR
Lucky Seven FFAB Lucky Seven - Zidane UR
Magitek Missile FFAB Magitek Missile - Terra UR
Mirage Dive FFAB Mirage Dive - Locke UR
Oblivion FFAB Oblivion - Yuna UR
Oversoul FFAB Oversoul - Warrior of Light UR
Paladin Arts FFAB Paladin Arts - Cecil UR
Raging Inferno FFAB Raging Inferno - Ramza UR
Reaper FFAB Reaper - Kadaj UR
Red Card FFAB Red Card - Setzer UR
Scoop Art FFAB Scoop Art - Zidane UR
Shockstorm FFAB Shockstorm - Rikku UR
Shockwave Pulsar FFAB Shockwave Pulsar - Quistis UR
Sketch (Blue Dragon) FFAB Sketch (Blue Dragon) - Relm UR
Sketch (Tonberry) FFAB Sketch (Tonberry) - Relm UR
Spellblade-Dual Wield-Rapid Fire FFAB Spellblade-Dual Wield-Rapid Fire - Bartz UR
Star Prism FFAB Star Prism - Relm UR
Supernova FFAB Supernova - Sephiroth UR
Thievery FFAB Thievery - Zidane UR
Thunderfall FFAB Thunderfall - Lightning UR
Weaponsmaster FFAB Weaponmaster - Firion UR
Wild Fang FFAB Wild Fang - Shadow UR
Wind Slash FFAB Wind Slash - Gilgamesh UR
Zantetsuken FFAB Zantetsuken - Gilgamesh UR
Zantetsuken FFAB Zantetsuken - Lightning UR

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