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Abilities in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade consist of varying magic spells and physical skills from previous or future Final Fantasy games. Abilities originate from chocobos that have collected one of the many scattered crystal shards within their pouches following the Crystal's destruction. Feeding and befriending these chocobos will yield the abilities contained within the shards, providing many uses to individuals who obtain their awesome powers.

Each job is given a type or two. These types correspond to certain ability groups, namely those of STR, AGI, and INT. Every job can use every type of ability, but each job has one or two ability types in which they gain a bonus to the ability's ATK and DEF values.

Abilities are divided into the following three types which may provide different bonuses depending on the jobs an individual might possess:

  • STR: Focuses on Strength-related abilities.
  • AGI: Focuses on Agility-related abilities.
  • INT: Focuses on Intelligence-related abilities.

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