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FFA The following is a list of magic spells available in Final Fantasy Adventure. There are eight kinds of magic that are used in this game, chiefly for recovery and attack. Magic spells are not bought in stores or acquired by accumulating experience, but are found in treasure chests or passed along from other characters. Unlike an item, a magic spell in the player's possession can be used consecutively any number of times as long as they have enough MP to perform it.

Magic spells also have special effects on monsters, although some enemies are immune to certain spells. Fire-based enemies are not harmed by the Fire spell, ice-based enemies are not harmed by the Ice spell, etc. If a spell doesn't work on a monster, try using a different kind of magic.

To use a Magic spell, the player will have to equip Sumo with the magic spell of their choice, and press B to execute it on the World Screen. However, some types of magic require manipulation with the control pad (Ice spell), while others need no manipulation. The power of the spell depends on the Will Gauge. If the gauge is full, the strongest effect/damage of the magic spell will be unleashed.

List of SpellsEdit

Name MP Description Found Image
Cure 2 This magic recovers Sumo's HP. More HP can be recovered when the gauge reading is higher, and as the player advances in level. Obtained from Fuji in Kett. FFA Cure Magic
Fire 1 This magic shoots a fireball at a monster. When performed, the fireball will automatically chase and hit a nearby monster. Treasure chest in Cave of Marsh. FFA Fire Spell
Slep 1 Put all monsters on screen to sleep for a limited length of time. However, some monsters are immune to it, and some enemies will continue to attack by weapons or magic while under the spell. Defeating Mr. Lee in Kett. FFA Sleep Magic
Heal 1 When the status is in trouble by Pois, Ston, or Dark. It will restore normal condition immediately. Obtained from Cibba in Wendel. FFA Heal Magic
Ice 2 This magic shoots an icicle at a monster and turns it into a snowman. After shooting the icicle, control it with the control pad to hit the enemy. Treasure chest in Cave of Medusa. FFA Ice Spell
Mute 1 Temporarily block magic attacks by the enemy. Effective over all monster on screen, but some breeds of monsters are unaffected. Obtained from Lester in Jadd. FFA Mute Magic
Lit 2 This magic shoots a thunderbolt at a monster. Unlike Ice, the thunderbolt can only be shot in a straight line. Defeating Golem in Mt. Rocks. FFA Lit Spell
Nuke 3 This magic has the most destructive force of all. Like Lit, it can only be shot in a straight line. Defeating Lich in Sealed Cave. FFA Nuke Spell