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The following is a list of elements in Final Fantasy Adventure.


Game Element Type Effect
Flame Chain-Flail Fire-elemental.
Fire Magic This magic shoots a fireball at a monster. When performed, the fireball will automatically chase and hit a nearby monster.
Flame Attack Item Fire attack.
Blaze Attack Item Fire attack.


Game Element Type Effect
Ice Sword Ice-elemental.
Ice Magic This magic shoots an icicle at a monster and turns it into a snowman. After shooting the icicle, control it with the control pad to hit the enemy.
Blizrd Attack Item Ice attack.
Frost Attack Item Ice attack.


Game Element Type Effect
Thunder Spear Lightning-elemental.
Lit Magic This magic shoots a thunderbolt at a monster. Unlike Ice, the thunderbolt can only be shot in a straight line.
LitBlt Attack Item Lightning attack.
Thunder Attack Item Lightning attack.

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