A list of FATEs found in Mor Dhona in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Mor DhonaEdit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
Among Giants 45 North Silvertear Slay Enemies Gigas Bonzes, Gigas Shramanas, Gigas Sozus
Driven south by the cold weather and lack of prey, many gigas have taken a foothold on the northern shore of Silvertear Lake, much to the chagrin of the Sons of Saint Coinach who are currently in the area studying the ancient ruins and crystalline phenomena. The Sons seek assistance in driving the colossi from the area.
Another Day, Another Demon 46 North Silvertear Slay Enemies Hippogryphs
Most only simple naturalists─their wits the sharpest weapon in their packs─the Sons of Saint Coinach are finding it difficult to carry out their research when it seems like every day they are being hunted by some pack of mythical wild beasts. Today's excitement─a flock of hungry hippogryphs.
Another Notch on the Torch 48 North Silvertear Boss Porus
Gorer of a thousand guts, Porus of the redhorns has taken refuge in the Singing Shards after being pursued halfway across Coerthas by a band of bounty hunters─the bounty hunters his 997th, 998th, 999th, and 1000th victims. See that you aren't his 1001st.
Black and Nburu 45 Fogfens Boss Nburu
The adventurers of Revenant's Toll whisper rumors of a long-dead spirit who is damned to roam the Tangle for eternity, preying on the souls of the living out of pure spite─his name, Nburu.
Gone with the Shadow 46 North Silvertear Boss Gwyllgi
Over the course of the past three nights, three Sons of Saint Coinach have gone missing from their tents. The guards claim they saw nothing but shadows, but perhaps therein lies the answer to this mystery. Let the dark hunt begin!
Good to Be Bud 44 Fogfens Slay Enemies Budding Morbol
When a morbol begins to bud, it can only mean one thing─more morbols. The realm does not need any more morbols.
Home Is Where the Horn Is 46 North Silvertear Slay Enemies Hapalits
Hapalits, foul cousins of the ogres, are on the move in search of a new lair, far from the levinbolts of their former abode. The violent creatures have a natural tendency to tear anything moving into two, and so while one might sympathize with their plight to find a new home, it is for the best that they are not allowed to set up camp anywhere nearby.
Lightning Strikes - Anubys Assault 45 North Silvertear Slay Enemies Anubys
The mindless tide of chaos threatens to flood the realm of Eorzea. Fight at Lightning's side as she seeks to repel the Anubys invaders that herald the coming of unthinkable doom.
Note: Part of the Lightning Strikes event. "Lightning Strikes - On Wings of Chaos" begins upon completion.
Lightning Strikes - On Wings of Chaos 45 North Silvertear Boss Aspect of Chaos
The mindless tide of chaos threatens to flood the realm of Eorzea. Fight at Lightning's side as she faces a terrible incarnation of chaotic energy.
Note: Part of the Lightning Strikes event. Begins upon completion of "Lightning Strikes - Anubys Assault".
Mud about You 44 Fogfens Slay Enemies Mudpuppies
The endless maze of roots and trees already creates enough trouble for those travelers who brave the Tangle; the last thing any of them want to think upon is how to fend off a pack of hungry mudpuppies. Clear the waters of these wavekin, but ware the morbols lurking nearby.
One Giant Leap 46 North Silvertear Defense Gigas Bonzes, Gigas Shramanas, Gigas Sozus
It has recently been discovered in ancient Sharlayan documents that the gigas believe the Crystal Tower a holy place, and that is the reason why the colossal beings have begun gathering in north Silvertear. This, unfortunately, has made it difficult for the Sons of Saint Coinach to conduct their research, what with the gigas constantly destroying their findings.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Porter.
Standing Guard 46 Fogfens Slay Enemies Magitek Vanguard H-3s
Garlean engineers are constantly at work modifying and improving the design of their machina. A new make of vanguard, the H-3, has recently been deployed into the field for testing. Destroy it and stall the march of imperial progress.
That's What Adventurers Are For 46 North Silvertear Boss Dione
The Sons of Saint Coinach find themselves in a bind once again, this time thanks to one Dione─a gigas high priest rumored to be older than time itself. The naturalists won't sleep easy until this menace is resting at the bottom of Silvertear Lake.
The Prodigal Son 45 North Silvertear Escort Hippogryphs, Lake Cobras, Lightning Sprites, Gigas Bonzes, Gigas Shramanas
One of the Sons of Saint Coinach requires an escort deep into dangerous territory so that he may continue his research on the acoustic properties of the aetherial manifestations of the area.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Rugged Researcher.
Toll Collector 46 Fogfens Slay Enemies Nixes
An adventurer returned to Camp Revenant's Toll to see if she could locate items abandoned there five years past has found the site overrun with poisonous gigantoads. She seeks assistance in clearing away the wavekin.
V for Vinedetta 44 Fogfens Boss Voluptuous Vivian
More than one weary adventurer has wandered into the Tangle, lured by the sweet smell of a noblewoman's perfume, only to find the gaping maw of Voluptuous Vivian─a massive morbol with a taste for the flesh of man.