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A zone-by-zone list of FATEs found in Dravania in Final Fantasy XIV.

Abalathia's Spine - Black Shroud - Coerthas - Dravania - La Noscea - Mor Dhona - Thanalan

Churning Mists - Dravanian Forelands - Dravanian Hinterlands

Dravania Edit

Churning Mists Edit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
Aevis Has Left the Building 54 Four Arms Slay Enemies Cloud Aevis
Enraged at seeing their brethren sent back to their lairs with their tails twixt their legs, a pack of slightly less witless, yet far more arrogant cloud aevis have come to seek vengeance for pride wounded.
Note: Begins upon completion of "How to Cane Your Dragon".
Ain't Misbehaving 54 Four Arms Boss Mogoosh the Misbehaving
Mogoosh is back to his misbehaving ways, this time picking on someone his own size, a brood of newborn dragonlings nesting in Zenith. The good moogles of Moghome have tried reasoning with the mischief-maker, but now seek a more...painful form of persuasion.
As the World Burns 56 Ohl Tahn Boss Kucedre
As if slaughtering defenseless Ishgardians was not enough, the high dragon Kucedre will go out of his way to defile the most sacred of Ishgardian monuments, so that we may ever be reminded of his power. Slay the unforgivable villain and bring peace to the land once again.
Asah, I Came, I Conquered 54 Landlord Colony Boss Cuelebre
The road to Asah is already perilous enough without an adamantine monstrosity blocking passage and sucking the marrow from the bones of unfortunate travelers. Slay Cuelebre and ensure that if travelers are to have their marrow sucked, it will not be because of a road-blocking dragon.
Coin Toss 55 Landlord Colony Gather Items Opulent Syrictas
Some moogles are slaves to fashion, others to fortune. And then there are those who are slaves to both and create their fashion out of other's fortunes─in this case, a necklace made of old coins on a string. Coins collected by you, of course.
Corporal Pomishment 54 Landlord Colony Boss Mogoosh the Misbehaving
A thorough scolding by Mogpo the Magnificent was not enough to convince Mogoosh the Misbehaving that his recent run of mischief has put the lives of all Moghome's moogles in peril. Mogpo has asked you to rough up the rascal until he repents.
Darkscale Descendeth 55 Ohl Tahn Epic Defense Darkscale
Vowing to see Zenith suffer no more at the ravaging claws of the Horde, Hraesvelgr has summoned the mighty Vedrfolnir to do his bidding. Join the white dragon in defending the ancient spire from Darkscale─one of Nidhogg's most fearsome generals.
"Darkscale Disappeareth" begins upon completion.
Darkscale Devoureth 55 Ohl Tahn Epic Defense Darkscale, Dark Levin Crystals
Tapping into the aetherial energy of a nearby crystal deposit has filled Darkscale with newfound strength. Engage the unyielding dragon in one last battle to the death.
Begins upon completion of "Darkscale Disappeareth". Grants the achievement "Tipping the Scales" upon completion.
Darkscale Disappeareth 55 Ohl Tahn Epic Defense Etamin, Rastaban, Thuban
Both body and pride wounded, Darkscale has ordered his three captains to guard his retreat from Zenith. Focus your efforts on the minions before the healing properties of the general's dragon blood see him to a full recovery.
Begins upon completion of "Darkscale Descendeth". "Darkscale Devoureth" begins upon completion.
Don't Know Wyvern 56 Ohl Tahn Slay Enemies Elder Wyverns
Elder wyverns serving the Dravanian Horde have returned to the Churning Mists after completing a deadly assault on Ishgardian settlements in Coerthas. Attack the creatures while their wounds are still fresh, and see that they never return to the lower realm.
End of the Rainbow 54 Ohl Tahn Defense Etamin
It appears curiosity is not only suited for killing cats, but dragon pups as well. An ill-advised adventure far from his den has placed Rhei End in the face of imminent danger. Hurry to the pup in peril and see that his inquisitive nature is not the end of him.
Notes: Begins upon talking to the Zenith Dragonling
From Dusk Till Gone 55 Ohl Tahn Boss Minaruja
One of the final, and most infamous Horde assaults on the Dusk Vigil before the stronghold's eventual fall was the massacre helmed by the merciless wyvern Minaruja. Since that day, the knights of Ishgard have sworn vengeance. Mayhap this is the day it shall be had.
Glycon Air 54 Landlord Colony Boss Glycon
Direct descendant of the vengeful Tioman, Glycon's blood runs as black as that of his progenitor. Slay the dark dragon and grant his troubled soul peace.
How to Cane Your Dragon 54 Four Arms Slay Enemies Lower Skylords
A small band of lesser dragons serving the mighty Nidhogg has begun assailing Zenith in a rather futile attempt to topple the spire and please their ever-wroth master. Show the dragons the glimmer of your steel and drive them off before any grave damage is done.
Note: "Aevis Has Left the Building" begins upon completion.
Infamous 55 ? Defense ?
The Horde has temporarily turned its vengeful gaze from Ishgard to the few dragons who still maintain their allegiance to Hraesvelgr─Galar of the Second Sun being one such acolyte. Aid the aged dragon in driving back his assailants before he succumbs to the wounds already dealt him.
It's the Moogle, Reinvented 54 ? Escort Cloud Aevis, Lower Skylords
Bound by ancient covenant entered with Hraesvelgr, the moogles of the Churning Mists will periodically make the journey to Zenith to clean the sacred spire of any defilement done at the hands of Nidhogg's underlings. A recent increase in Horde activity, however, has made the journey impossible without escort.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Mouthing-off Moogle.
Mogicide 54 Landlord Colony Boss Thuban
Another of Darkscale's captains has launched an assault on Zenith, but instead of focusing his attacks on the spire itself, the dragon seeks to slaughter Zenith's moogle caretakers.
Rastaban Vibration 55 Ohl Tahn Slay Enemies Cloud Aevis, Dragonets, Lower Skylords, Moss Dragons, Vouivres
Led by Darkscale's trusted Captain Rastaban, a sizable knot of dragons has begun advancing towards Zenith. Slay Rastaban's minions and put an end to the assault before it can begin.
Say it Tulihand 54 Landlord Colony Slay Enemies Tulihands
The Dravanian Horde is gathering forces for an aerial attack on Ishgard proper. Scatter the tulihands as they arrive, putting an end to the assault before it begins.
Note: "Vouivre Believre" begins upon completion.
Sprite Club 54 Eil Tohm Slay Enemies Lightning Sprites
It has been observed that increased activity by lightning-aspected dragons is accompanied by an increase in sprites of the same charge. Slay the sprites and restore aetherial balance to the area.
Supper Time 54 Eil Tohm Slay Enemies Archaeosaurs
There is one thing that an archaeosaur enjoys more than feeding, and that is feeding on plump, juicy moogles. Stop the slavering scalekin before they make their way into Moghome.
The Nuts 54 Eil Tohm Slay Enemies Archaeosaurs
In retrospect, stuffing an archaeosaur's nostrils full of kupo nuts while it slept probably wasn't the best of ideas. So sayeth the mischievous moogle currently fleeing for its life from a pack of bloodthirsty scalekin.
Treehouse of the Spirits 55 Ohl Tahn Slay Enemies Gnarled Melias
Blood spilled in recent battles has soaked the dry soil of the Churning Mists, drawing forth thirstful spirits such as the arboreal meliae. As always, satisfaction will not be found in the amount retrieved, and they will soon turn to attacking the living to wet their tongues.
Vedrfolnir Devoteth 56 Greensward Epic Boss Vedrfolnir
Thoroughly impressed with your valor in the slaying of Darkscale, Vedrfolnir has granted you a boon─the honor of matching strength on the field of battle with the white dragon himself.
Begins upon completion of "Darkscale Devoureth", "End of the Rainbow", "Mogicide", and "Rastaban Vibrations". Grants the achievement "A Worthy Adversary" on completion.
Vouivre Believre 54 Landlord Colony Slay Enemies Vouivres
Infuriated at the foiling of their plot, the vouivres who called for the tulihand assault on Ishgard's walls have gathered to mete punishment on the meager mortals who would so foolishly stand against the Horde.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Say it Tulihand".
Waiting for Fjalar to Stall 55 Ohl Tahn Slay Enemies Lower Skylords, Moss Dragons, Thrustaevis
Mistdragon Fjalar, loyal subject to Hraesvelgr, maintains his vigilant watch over Zenith and the Churning Mists as he awaits the return of his lord. There are those, however, who would see Fjalar fail at his task─minions of the hate-driven Nidhogg.
Note: Begins upon talking to Fjalar.
Waugyl Waugyl Waugyl 54 Eil Tohm Boss Waugyl
Master of the Monsterie, Waugyl the Warring has descended from his perch to prey on those bold, or foolhardy, enough to make the winding journey through the Landlord Colony.
Wave Good-bye 54 Eil Tohm Slay Enemies Opken
Wavekin in the clouds? It matters not how they arrived, only that they leave─now─before the residents of Moghome find themselves pom-deep in slimy scales and flapping fins.
Whole Food 54 Landlord Colony Boss Abelisk
No, that frantic flurry of “kupos” you hear is not your imagination, but the sound of an unlucky moogle swallowed whole by Abelisk─a towering archaeosaur with an insatiable appetite. Help slice open a path to freedom before the big lizard's bile does its work.

Dravanian Forelands Edit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
Bear Apparent 52 Chocobo Forest Slay Enemies Brown Bears
Brown bears are eating all the salmon returning upriver to spawn before they can lay their eggs. If this continues, there will be a shortage of harvestable wavekin next season. Bloody the bears' noses so that they might seek sustenance elsewhere.
Birds of a Feather 52 Chocobo Forest Gather Items Bandersnatches
It takes a feather to catch a feather, or so say the hunters of Tailfeather who use the fallen plumes of wild chocobos to fletch their arrows. A fair sum will be paid for any feathers delivered, but beware of bandersnatches lurking in the bushes!
Note: Begins upon talking to the Tailfeather Hunter.
By the Horns 52 Chocobo Forest Boss Bull Chocobo
From the day he is born, a chocobo hunter dreams of capturing an elusive bull chocobo. Fortunately, bull chocobos are abundant enough to provide all with the opportunity to fulfill this dream...whether it be yours or not.
Cerf's Up 53 Avalonia Fallen Slay Enemies Forelands Hippocerfs
Not quite a hippogryph and technically not a griffin, the hippocerf is the awkward little cousin in the lion-eagle hybrid family. Ever trying to prove their worth, they engage in reckless behavior that, while oft simply annoying, will sometimes prove deadly, especially when that behavior involves fragile dragon eggs.
Coeurls Chase Boys 57 Chocobo Forest Epic Boss Coeurlregina
It appears Coeurlregina's first attack on Tailfeather was naught more than a calculated feint to gauge the collective strength of those defending the hamlet. Now privy to the settlement's weaknesses, she returns with her army's true strength.
Note: Begins 4 hours after completion of "Long Live the Coeurl". "Coeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls" begins 4 hours after completion. Changes weather to Royal Levin while active. Does not appear on the map.
Coeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls 60 Abalathia Foothills, Avalonia Fallen, Mourn Epic Boss Coeurlregina
Her main offensive a tactical failure, Coeurlregina has sounded the retreat. However, if allowed the luxury of escape, it will only be a matter of time before the wicked beast is conspiring another assault. Make chase, and end the queen's reign here and now.
Note: Begins 4 hours after completion of "Coeurls Chase Boys". Changes weather to Royal Levin while active. Does not appear on the map. Grants the achievement "Short-lived, the Queen" upon completion.
Come to My Arms 57 Abalathia Foothills Slay Enemies Bognarious Bandersnatches, Thunder Dragons
A pack of peaceful bandersnatches have begun to clash with several thunder dragons over control of a watering hole. Use the confusion as an opportunity to slay the dragons and calm the bloody waters.
Dead Meat 52 The Smoldering Wastes Slay Enemies Loaghtans
Exiled from the Gnath after losing their ties to the Onemind, the Vath must fare for themselves if they are to survive, and if that means looking to an adventurer for aid in slaying loaghtans, they are not too proud to ask.
Drone Under 52 The Smoldering Wastes Slay Enemies Gnath Cultivators, Gnath Firedrones, Gnath Steeldrones
Ever looking to expand the Onemind, the Gnath have sent forth a small parade of drones to seek out and claim new lands. Engage the beastmen and hold the line until the enemy sounds the retreat.
El Miacid 53 The Smoldering Wastes Slay Enemies Miacids
A Vath hates three things, and two of them involve the pesky miacid. Aid the Nonmind in clearing the area of the beastkin and alleviate approximately sixty-seven percent of their worries.
Elephant in the Brume 53 Avalonia Fallen Boss Svarog
Many a wall in Ishgard's Brume still bear the scars of Svarog's numerous assaults on the city-state proper, as do many a heart of those who have lost kin to the fell wyrm's flames. It is time the deeds were repaid.
Glawackus On, Glawackus Off 52 Chocobo Forest Boss Glawackus
Glawackus─a bandersnatch so greedy it was set upon by its own pack─now wanders the forelands alone, devouring anything it can wrap its claws around...which is most often chocobo hatchlings. Hunt down the beast and slay it once and for all.
Hearing Voices 53 Mourn Slay Enemies Vinegaroons
Scholars claim that the voice of a dragon somehow manipulates the wind aether upon which it is carried─the aether providing the voice with added potency which, in turn, extends range and authority. Heightened vinegaroon activity in the forelands is believed to be in direct correlation with this phenomenon.
Ladies First 52 Chocobo Forest Slay Enemies Banished Hunters, Hunting Hounds
A band of chocobo hunters banished from Tailfeather for trapping only female chocobos has been spotted near the Chocobo Forest doing what they do best. See that their next banishment is from the realm of the living.
Long Live the Coeurl 52 Chocobo Forest Epic Boss Coeurlregina, Coeurls of the Royal Clowder
The queen of the coeurls has declared war on Tailfeather and leads an assault on the settlement and its inhabitants. Confront Her Majesty and deliver the kiss of regicide.
Note: "Coeurls Chase Boys" begins 4 hours after completion. Changes weather to Royal Levin while active. Does not appear on the map.
Nothing but the Truth 52 The Smoldering Wastes Boss Truthspeaker Huibairten
Huibairten is overtaken with madness upon seeing the bodies of his loyal servants strewn across the forest floor. The anger sends his tainted blood a-boiling, hastening his transformation into the beast which now looms before you. Slay the heretic before he sees Tailfeather burn.
Note: Begins upon completion of "The Whole Truth".
Run, Run Away 52 Chocobo Forest Boss Yowie
Swift legs and sharp beaks all but ensure that chocobos can survive the dangers of the Dravanian forelands. Some creatures, however, are simply too much for the majestic cloudkin, Yowie being one such terror.
Special Tarasque Force 53 Avalonia Fallen Epic Boss Tarasque, Barbs of Tarasque
While rare, the dragon Tarasque will occasionally descend from the Churning Mists to foul the weak minds of heretics seeking truth in the words of the enemy. This opportunity to slay the master manipulator cannot be allowed to slip through our fingers.
Note: Grants the achievement "Falling Down" upon completion.
Stamp the Yard 53 Avalonia Fallen Slay Enemies Gallimimuses
Driven from their territory by Horde dragons, a herd of gallimimuses has begun to stampede. If allowed to reach the forelands' lower elevations, they will most certainly flatten all in their path, from newly planted crops to unsuspecting children. Head off the heated creatures and attempt to slow the rampage.
The Migas Touch 52 The Smoldering Wastes Boss Migas, Clearwater Nankas
Returning from the hunt to find half her clutch being slurped down by a party of hungry Vath has sent nanka matron Migas into a frenzy, and now she threatens to lay waste to all of Loth ast Vath. Assist the Nonmind in pacifying the pond-dweller.
The Mourning After 53 Mourn Boss Bloodbearer Robairlain
The half-man, half-dragon abomination Bloodbearer Robairlain has laid claim to the sacred cavern known as Mourn, slaying several of its peaceful guardians in the process. The Horde and its mindless minions cannot be allowed a foothold so near Ishgardian territories. Find this heretic and expel him from Sohm Al.
The Rite Stuff 52 The Smoldering Wastes Slay Enemies Dravanian Aevis
Crazed heretics who have forsaken Halone's guidance to befoul their bodies with the blood of the enemy have made a pilgrimage to Mare's Oath─to no doubt perform some horrible pagan rite. Find the mangled creatures, and send their souls to the Fury for final judgment.
The Whole Truth 52 The Smoldering Wastes Boss Truthspeaker Huibairten, Huibairten's Harriers
A band of heretics led by the overzealous Huibairten has gathered near Tailfeather, their sights set on the lightly defended hamlet and its bounteous stores of provisions. Slay the wild-eyed men and women before their leader arrives and the assault is commenced.
Note: "Nothing but the Truth" begins upon completion.
Ware the Maiden Fair 57 Avalonia Fallen Boss Dragon Maiden
Once a beautiful young Elezen with skin like snow and hair like an autumn sun, the dragon maiden was driven to sip the blood of the Horde after being set upon by a pair of highborn knights (who were subsequently tried and hung for their crimes). Since then, she has grown into one of the most ruthless of all wyrm-blooded heretics, attacking even innocent children. Deliver the maiden from this world and give her soul peace once again.
Who's the Moss 52 Chocobo Forest Defense Feather Fleas
If only poor Mossy Peak had the power to attract Roegadyn maids the way he attracts feather fleas. But he doesn't, and so his only company remains scores of bloodsucking vilekin who, if not dealt with quickly, will suck Mossy Peak dry before he can arrive home.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Mossy Peak.

Dravanian Hinterlands Edit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
Cockatrice Block 59 The Ruling Quarter Slay Enemies Cockatrices
Several domesticated cockatrices have escaped from their coop and taken up residence in the Great Gubal Library, tearing apart priceless tomes to create makeshift nests atop guano-striped bookshelves. The cloudkin will, however, emerge to hunt, offering a rare opportunity for capture.
Come Shells or High Water 59 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Bifericeras
Without any natural predators in the Dravanian hinterlands, the population of bifericeras introduced to the area by goblins for harvesting has increased exponentially. The residents of Idyllshire are seeking brave men and women to cull their numbers.
Dobharch Did It for the Best 58 The Makers' Quarter Boss Dobharch
Drawn to the dying screams of her children, Dobharch─ratel matron─has come seeking payment in blood for the lives lost in the previous day's culling.
Feed Me, See More 58 The Makers' Quarter Boss Ruginis
While most of Eorzea's carnivorous plants are immobile, limiting the danger they pose to other creatures, narbrooi are not bound to the soil, making them possible threats to the realm's inhabitants─Ruginis being the biggest...and hungriest threat of all.
Frog Days of Summer 59 The Ruling Quarter Slay Enemies Poroggos
When abandoning their Eorzean settlement, the Sharlayans left more than their tomes and their tuffets, they left their poroggo familiars, who now, after waiting patiently for their masters to return home, have decided it is time to release over thirty summers of pent up rage.
Gets the Red Out 58 The Makers' Quarter Boss Epaphus
Thought to have been bred by a Sharlayan alchemist who was working on an improved recipe for eye drops, Epaphus was abandoned by his master during the exodus which emptied the northwestern city-state, leaving the beast to wreak havoc on the lives of those few who remained.
How Do You Feed a Hungry Manlike Monster 59 The Ruling Quarter Boss Oplo Opken
A remarkably ravenous breed of opken, the oplo opken will devour upwards of a hundred fish a day to fill their seemingly bottomless bellies, moving on once an area has been gutted. Though they appear manlike, the opken are more monster than man─the end of a blade the only reason they will heed.
Infant Vangob 58 The Makers' Quarter Slay Enemies Espertype Magitek Vangob G-IIIs
Trouble with the jangletype vangob (namely that its jangling would give away its position to the enemy) has prompted the Illuminati to develop a new model of vangob─the espertype, supposedly capable of anticipating the movements of its targets. Destroy the prototypes before the goblins can begin mass production.
Makes the Very Best...Nests 59 The Ruling Quarter Slay Enemies Damselflies
The absence of bibliothecaries in the Great Gubal Library since the Sharlayan's mass exodus back to their homeland has allowed all manner of vilekin─including the damselfly─to use the remaining tomes as nests. Exterminate the pests so that further damage to the library might be lessened.
Metal Gears Revengeance 58 The Makers' Quarter Slay Enemies Illuminati Revengers
Seeking retribution for whizzlepops fizzled, a party of Illuminati revengers has been dispatched into the Arkhitekton. Slay the gate-crashing goblins and put an end to their virulent vendetta.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Metal Gears Rising". "Metal Gears Revengeance 2" begins upon completion.
Metal Gears Revengeance 2 58 The Makers' Quarter Epic Boss Jangletype Magitek Vangob G-III
The old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold unfortunately does not translate well into gobbiespeak, and the Illuminati have deployed a massive magitek vangob, seeking further revenge for the quashing of their first (failed) attempt at revenge.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Metal Gears Revengeance". Grants the achievement "Neverlasting Gobstopper" upon completion.
Metal Gears Rising 58 The Makers' Quarter Gather Items ?
Rumors of a new “whizzlepop” gear being developed by the diabolical Illuminati have Idyllshire inhabitants worried for their well-being. All they need do now is acquire several whizzlepops from Illuminati members to find out exactly what the contraptions are and if there actually is any cause for concern.
Note: Begins upon talking to Sticktrix Gobnanimous. "Metal Gears Revengeance" begins upon completion.
Morbol Man 59 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Great Morbols
Seedlings forgotten in the Saint Mocianne Arboretum have since grown into ferocious great morbols. If that was not enough, southerlies off Mount Gubal carry the stench from their maws directly into Idyllshire where the unmasked residents are doomed to suffer until the winds change...or kind adventurers lend a helping hand.
Olympus Has Pollen 58 The Makers' Quarter Slay Enemies Narbrooi
Despite their heavy-duty masks, the good goblins of Idyllshire have recently been plagued with watery eyes and sniffly snouts─the culprit believed to be the pollen of the narbrooi. Until the beastmen can retool their masks to filter this irksome irritant, a bounty has been placed on the seedkin's heads.
On Melancholic Hill 58 The Answering Quarter Boss Melancholic Moira
What tragic event brought unbalance to poor Moira's humours, resulting in a excess of black bile is unknown. What is known is that the overgrown morbol has already devoured three goblins, four Lalafells, and a rolanberry cake baked to celebrate the nameday of Idyllshire's oldest resident. The seedkin must be stopped before any more pastry is lost.
Out of the Woodwork 58 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Crawlers
Crawlers have infested the Saint Mocianne Arboretum and are transforming the entire building into a giant cocoon from which more crawlers will eventually emerge. Squash the vilekin...and don't forget to wipe your buskins on the grass.
Pop Goes the Whizzle 58 The Collectors' Quarter Defense Espertype Magitek Vangob G-IIIs, Goblin Gliders
After failing to revenge the failed attempt at revenging the theft of their whizzlepops, the Illuminati have given up on revenge and simply decided that if they can't have the items, no one can, sending a small army to destroy them. Help the goblins of Idyllshire protect the whizzlepops, if only to simply spite the Illuminati.
Note: "Revenge of the Vengeful Revengeance" begins upon completion.
Poroggo Stuck 59 The Answering Quarter Escort Cockatrices, Okeanises, Opken, Sun Leeches
Sent on an errand by her master to fetch eye of newt and toe of frog, Maro Roggo finds herself unable to return with the items, for the road home is now bristling with blood-lusting beasts. Escort the poor poroggo safely back to her master and receive a hefty reward.
Ratel and Hum 58 The Makers' Quarter Slay Enemies Ratels
Drawn to the waste piles of Bigwest Shortstop, a pack of diseased ratels has descended from the surrounding mountains to feed. As even a single bite will bring on a dread fever, it is crucial that the beasts be put down swiftly and without mercy.
Revenge of the Vengeful Revengeance 58 The Collectors' Quarter Boss Moundrinx Eightclinks, Espertype Magitek Vangob G-IIIs
Unable to exact revenge, exact revenge for an inability to exact revenge, or destroy crates because of an inability to exact revenge for an inability to exact revenge, the Illuminati have dispatched the highly decorated Moundrinx Eightclinks in a last ditch effort to prove they are not nearly as incompetent as everyone now thinks.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Pop Goes the Whizzle".
Silkworm 58 The Answering Quarter Boss Habetrot
The cyclopean crawler Habetrot is a weaver most wicked, and will spin his silk about anything that moves, including his own kin. It is high time the vilekin's threads were snapped.
Sun Bear, Sun Bear, What Do You Eat 58 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Sun Bears
It is said that once a sun bear acquires a taste for the flesh of man, it will eat nothing else. Two missing Miqo'te lovers who were last seen in the Answering Quarter─an area now overrun with violent sun bears─suggest that taste has already been acquired.
Tarantula Hawk, Pro Stinger 58 The Ruling Quarter Slay Enemies Tarantula Hawks
A lack of tarantulas in the Dravanian hinterlands has tarantula hawks seeking other potential victims to serve as nourishment for their larvae. Exterminate the swarm before they set their compound eyes on puppies or kittens or baby Lalafells.
The Bear Up There 58 The Answering Quarter Boss Dubhe
Dravanian folklore tells of a mighty Hellsguard forty hands tall who wrestled with Dubhe─the deadliest sun bear on all Abalathia's Spine. Nothing more is mentioned of the Roegadyn, but Dubhe still terrorizes the land today.
The Birds and the Bears 58 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Curved-beak Cockatrices, Sun Bears
Sun bears will often raid the nests of cockatrices looking for eggs to crack open and devour. This practice, obviously, is not looked kindly upon by mother cockatrices who will furiously defend their broods to the death. Bears weakened from cockatrice attacks, however, make easy prey for adventurers looking to earn a little extra coin.
Toad Alone 59 The Answering Quarter Boss Bero Roggo
Poor Bero Roggo is just one of many poroggo familiars abandoned by their masters when the Sharlayan exodus took place. Bero, however, never forgot the pain of waking up alone, and has since sworn revenge on anyone who even reminds him of his former life.
Tome Raider 58 The Answering Quarter Gather Items Opken
On his way back home from the Great Gubal Library, a school of opken attacked young Browfix Turnalot, ripping from his grasp the ancient folios he had collected from the abandoned house of tomes. Browfix seeks assistance in retrieving what he rightfully stole.
Note: Begins upon talking to Browfix Turnalot.
Toss 'Em Back 58 The Answering Quarter Slay Enemies Opken
A school of migrating opken have infested the waters of the Dravanian hinterlands, eating anything and everything the wavekin can fit their maws about, including fish harvested by the goblins of Idyllshire. Seek out the scaled abominations and send them back to the sea.
Wild Wilde Death 58 The Makers' Quarter Slay Enemies Wild Ratels, Wildebeests
What does one do when two breeds of pests known for destroying crops and raiding pens are found fighting each other for territorial dominance? Why, use the opportunity to slay both, what else?