A zone-by-zone list of FATEs found in Coerthas in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Coerthas Central Highlands - Coerthas Western Highlands


Coerthas Central HighlandsEdit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
A Fire in the Distance 37 Providence Point Slay Enemies Will-o'-the-wisps
Nothing is worse than being caught in a snowstorm at night and falling into a bottomless ravine because you thought you spied a lantern in the distance...which actually turned out to be a will-o'-the-wisp. The wisps must be slain, for the safety of travelers throughout the realm.
A Freeze Is Coming 39 Whitebrim Boss Lutin
The fall of Dalamud brought an endless winter to the hills of Coerthas, and with the cold there came creatures of pure ice whose mere existence further rimes the land. Lutin is one of those creatures.
A Log Up 35 Dragonhead Defense Thrustaevis
The Dravanian Horde launched a brutal assault on the Observatorium just as her astrologians began moving this moon's astroscope logs to the lower library. Adventurers are needed to fend off the attack while protecting the scattered logs from the thrustaevis' all-consuming flames.
Baa Baa Black Sheep 36 Dragonhead Boss Downy Dunstan
A legend amongst local Coerthan shepherds, Downy Dunstan is said to have wool as black as night and as soft as cloud. The problem is, most are never able to get close enough to the sheep to shear him properly, and those who are usually end up sacrificing a finger or two in the attempt. If someone were to pacify the beast, there would surely be those who would pay generously.
Behold Now Behemoth 50 Whitebrim Epic Boss Behemoth
The legendary behemoth has left its mountaintop dominion to hunt...and we are his prey. Gather your blades and your wits and pray to the Twelve for strength, for you will need it to quell the beast's infinite rage.
Note: "He Taketh It with His Eyes" begins upon completion.
Bellyfull 39 Providence Point Boss Gargamelle
A ferocious fiend named Gargamelle, rumored to have devoured twelve sick orphans being carried to the Warmwine Sanitorium for treatment, has been spotted hiding in an ice cave known as the Ogre's Belly. Put a blade through its black heart before it can claim any more innocent victims.
Coming to a Head 37 Dragonhead Slay Enemies Thrustaevis
The Dravanian Horde has begun surrounding Camp Dragonhead. The knights stationed at the outpost seek aid in driving back the scalekin, for they do not believe their reinforcements from Ishgard will arrive in time.
Croc-y Road 36 Dragonhead Slay Enemies Feral Crocs
A porter on his way to Camp Dragonhead has had his way blocked by a bask of feral crocs. He doesn't dare stray too far from Haldrath's March for fear of being assaulted in the wild, but unless the crocs are dealt with, he will be unable to proceed to his destination.
Does Anyone Hear It 48 Natalan Slay Enemies Clearcut Lumber, Ixali Boundwings, Ixali Fearcallers
The Ixal are looking to expand their settlement of Natalan and have begun clear-cutting the nearby forests for wood. Infiltrate Natalan and destroy the lumber so as to slow the expansion's progress.
Eggcelsior 46 Boulder Downs Boss Scrambling Spriggan
You know what they say about spriggans with big eggs: they have big prizes. Now go and get it!
Note: Part of the Hatching-tide event.
Front and Center 40 Whitebrim Slay Enemies Dragonflies, Thrustaevis
The Dravanian elders have ordered their minions to attack Whitebrim Front. Hold the line until Ishgardian reinforcements arrive or the elders sound the retreat.
Gavial 35 Dragonhead Boss Gavial
Nobles and their pets. One day they will see some tiny creature from the window of their pillowed carriage and simply have to have it...that is, until it grows too large and violent for their quaint seaside villa, at which time they order their majordomo to toss it back into the wild, it now having learned to loathe all who might take advantage of it once again, until it finally has to be put down.
Giant Seps 40 Whitebrim Boss Seps
Many fine Ishgardian knights have fallen to the Dravanian Horde, but one dragon in particular has claimed more lives than most─its name, Seps. The winged aberration must be slain if the souls of its victims are to rest in peace.
He Taketh It with His Eyes 50 Whitebrim Epic Boss Behemoth
The behemoth has taken flight back to its dominion. Make chase and finish the legendary beast once and for all.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Behold Now Behemoth". Grants the achievement "Locking Horns" upon completion.
If This Wall Could Talk 40 Whitebrim Slay Enemies Ice Sprites
With a team of naturalists from across the realm working day and night to discover the origins of Snowcloak and how it might be destroyed, there is one thing they have uncovered─that energy from ice sprites actually works to increase the thickness of the wall. The research team seeks volunteers to clear the area of the pesky sprites.
In the Saint's Wake 45 Boulder Downs Boss Rongeur
Every year, pilgrims enter Coerthas to trace the steps of Saint Daniffen, who, long ago, journeyed across the realm, aiding the less fortunate. And, every year, a lustful creature known as Rongeur hides in the shadows along the roads to prey on these pilgrims.
Inspector Hatchet 49 Natalan Boss Gozol Itzcan the Hatchet
Gozol Itzcan the Hatchet is infamous for his endless raids into the Twelveswood to fell ancient sentinels. Track down the feathered fiend while he is perched in Natalan, and see that he never swings an axe again.
Judge, Jury, and Executioner 39 Whitebrim Slay Enemies Dragonflies
Dragonflies of the Dravanian Horde have gathered before Ishgard's final line of land defense─the Gates of Judgement. If the bastion is compromised, the Horde's wingless ground troops will gain entry to the city-state and thousands of lives will be lost. The gates must be defended at all costs.
Lightning Strikes - Dread on Arrival 38 Providence Point, Whitebrim Boss Clockwork Dreadnaught
A magitek-like machine is running rampant, threatening all nearby with its uncontrolled thrashing. Join Lightning in dismantling this dreadful contraption.
Note: Part of the Lightning Strikes event.
Riddle Me This 40 Whitebrim Slay Enemies Giant Loggers, Giant Luggers, Giant Readers
Giants demanding answers to their riddles three are preventing a party of naturalists from returning to Snowcloak. The problem is that even though the naturalists─learned men and women by trade─(somewhat) correctly answered all three riddles, the giants still refuse to let them pass. The only remaining solution is clear─answer the riddles with steel.
Note: Begins upon talking to the House Fortemps Guard.
Roc of Ages 39 Whitebrim Boss Roc
Skyfishing is the sole means of survival for countless Ishgardian skyfishers, the strange denizens of the Sea of Clouds crucial to maintaining the fishers' livelihoods. This is why when a giant bird with a seemingly insatiable appetite appears and begins devouring them all, the skyfishers take notice.
Simply Red 38 Providence Point Slay Enemies Redhorn Ogres
A party of redhorn ogres has left its mountain lair to raid the smallfolk villages. It is not enough that they steal their food, but they kidnap their women and children as well. The poor farmers have no means of stopping these voidsent creatures, their fate balanced on the kindness of strangers.
Spring Forward, Fall Back 38 Providence Point Gather Items Water Sprites
A Coerthan merchant come to the Weeping Saint to collect holy water has found the spring guarded by mischievous sprites. Not willing to return to Ishgard empty-handed, he is offering to purchase any phials filled from the pool.
Stay Frosty 47 Boulder Downs Defense Igniter Imps
Fire-imbued imps are determined to reduce the wayward snowman to a muddy puddle. To defeat them and save the Starlight Celebration, you must armor yourself in the snow being thrown by the treants. The treants will not relinquish the snow willingly─you know what must be done.
Note: Part of the Starlight Celebration event.
Svara's Fall 38 Providence Point Epic Boss Svara, Thrustaevis
The mighty dragon Svara has landed and begun its relentless attack on the Ishgardian defenses. Fight alongside Bertha to turn the tide of battle in your favor.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Svara's Fear". Grants the achievement "Ring of Fire" upon completion.
Svara's Fear 38 Providence Point Slay Enemies Thrustaevis
The engineer is in position and has begun readying the dragonslayer cannons; however, deadly threats approach from all sides. Fend off the encroaching horde so that the engineer can finish his preparations.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Svara's Flight". "Svara's Fall" begins upon completion. "Svara's Fury" begins upon failure.
Svara's Flight 38 Providence Point Escort Thrustaevis
The Observatorium reports that the dragon Svara has been seen flying in the direction of the Steel Vigil. Protect the engineers moving into position to ready their siege machines.
Note: Begins upon talking to the House Fortemps Engineer. "Svara's Fear" begins upon completion.
Svara's Fury 38 Providence Point Epic Boss Svara, Thrustaevis
The mighty dragon Svara has landed and begun its relentless attack on the Ishgardian defenses. The cannons that were meant to aid the Ishgardian forces, however, have all been destroyed. It appears your blades are the only thing that can prevent utter defeat this day.
Note: Begins upon failure of "Svara's Fear". Grants the achievement "Ring of Fire" upon completion.
The Bigger They Are 46 Boulder Downs Boss Klythios
Klythios, a leader and champion amongst the giants, has been spotted in the Coerthas highlands. If he is defeated, his dull-witted brethren are certain to think twice before venturing too deep into Ishgardian territory. Find the colossal warrior and send him toppling.
The Eyes Have It 39 Whitebrim Epic Boss Steropes, Second Eyes
After proving his might on the shores of Turtleback Island, the cyclops Steropes has returned to Eorzea, but this time with a personal army of giants who call themselves the Second Eyes. Defeat Steropes before he can cause any real damage.
Note: Grants the achievement "On the Ropes" upon completion.
The Four Winds 49 Natalan Boss Sateli Hueloc of the South Wind, Sethuli Hueloc of the West Wind, Sotoli Hueloc of the East Wind, Sutali Hueloc of the North Wind
The four sisters of the Hueloc high clan are feared even by their fellow Ixal for the lack of mercy they show their victims. Though it would be doing the beast tribe a favor, it will not only be the Ixal who benefit from the slaying of the Huelocs.
The Grey 38 Providence Point Escort Snow Wolf Pups
Since getting his leg caught in an iron trap, a sentry of House Fortemps has been tracked by a pack of wolves following the scent of his blood. The pack is right on his heels and without aid, he will not make it back to Ishgard alive.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Injured Fortemps Sentry.
The Storm Caller 49 Natalan Boss Kozol Nomotl the Turbulent, Natalan Boldwings, Natalan Fogcallers, Natalan Swiftbeaks
Kozol Nomotl the Turbulent, chief among the rank of Ixali occultists, has come to Natalan to personally preside over the summoning of the primal Garuda. Slay the Ixal that the land might be spared a stormy fate.
The Taste of Fear 40 Whitebrim Boss Sebek
Since breaking its way into one of the Skyfire Locks and devouring an entire family of refugees as they escaped the flames of the Dravanian Horde, the horrible scalekin Sebek has been sought by the knights of Ishgard to pay for its heinous crimes.
Tower of Power 45 Boulder Downs Slay Enemies Giant Loggers, Giant Readers
As if Ishgard already did not have its hands full with the Dravanian Horde, hostile bands of giants from the north have also descended on Coerthas to wreak their havoc. House Haillenarte guards seek assistance in driving one such band from the area surrounding Monument Tower.
Note: Begins upon talking to the House Haillenarte Guard.
Turn Off Your Hearthlight 47 Boulder Downs Slay Enemies Giant Loggers, Giant Luggers, Giant Readers
Giants in search of fire to cook their prey have begun a chaotic march toward the hearths within the Observatorium. Join the House Durendaire guards in repelling the onslaught.
Twelve Ilms of Snow 35 Dragonhead Slay Enemies Snow Wolf Pups
A pack of starving snow wolves has descended from its hunting grounds on the Nail to prey upon those who reside in and around the Observatorium. Drive the pack back to the mountains before there are any more casualties.
What's on Your Mind 47 Boulder Downs Slay Enemies Pure Energies
Very little is known about the void other than that the laws that govern our realm do not always apply. In addition to one-eyed monstrosities, peculiar balls of fur, and nightmarish demons, oddities such as floating orbs of energy also periodically break through the boundaries that separate this realm from the void. Make no mistake, however, everything through those rifts does not belong in Eorzea and must be destroyed.
Whiteout 36 Dragonhead Slay Enemies Highland Goobbues
A blinding snowstorm on Abalathia's Spine has caused a pack of goobbues to lose its way and wander down into the more heavily populated areas of the Coerthas highlands. The creatures have already begun feeding on the locals' stock, and if not dealt with soon, there will be nothing left with which to survive the coming winter.
Wish Upon a Star 36 Dragonhead Escort Feral Crocs, Highland Goobbues, Snow Wolf Pups, Thrustaevis
The previous evening's star readings are complete, and an astrologian from the Observatorium seeks well-armed adventurers to escort him as he delivers the findings to a courier at Camp Dragonhead, who will take them into Ishgard.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Ishgardian Astrologian.

Coerthas Western HighlandsEdit

Name Level Area Type Enemies
A Dung Deal 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Steinbocks
A noblewoman who recently visited the Pike and Anvil lodged a formal complaint with the Falcon's Nest garrison commander, threatening to strip him of his land and titles after stepping in a rather ripe pile of dung left by the steinbocks which graze in the area. The message is clear─either the beasts go, or he goes.
Note: Begins upon talking to the Garrison Knight.
A Stihi Situation 56 Red Rim Boss Stihi
There are very few dragons the Convictors do not dream of slaying─the cold and calculating Stihi being no exception. The knights, however, while skilled at dreaming, have been less than successful at actually subduing the creature...
Abominable Me 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Lone Yetis
On especially cold nights, yetis from the Slate Mountains will journey down to Dragonspit to find warmth in the thermal pools. On their way back, they will oft raid nearby farms, stealing livestock and the occasional child, whom they keep alive until back in their dens so they may drink the blood hot.
Apparent Trap 50 Riversmeet Boss Yetitrap
While the name "yetitrap" implies that the seedkin is physically capable of actually trapping a full-grown yeti, it is highly unlikely that even a Lalafell's forearm would fit in the plant's mouth. That does not mean, however, that they should be left to roam free nipping at Lalafell limbs.
Dawn of the Mylodons 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Upland Mylodons
Upland mylodons have lumbered their way atop Black Iron Bridge to bathe in the short winter sun, and refuse to budge, impeding the progress of supply wains going to and from Falcon's Nest. Drive the beasts back so that the deliveries might recommence.
Note: "Don of the Mylodons" begins upon completion.
Dishonored 51 Twinpools Boss Ser Werner the Cowardly
Ser Werner and Ser Beaudonet of the Convictors have come to an impasse regarding who dealt the killing blow to a dragon (pup) that wandered into their camp (with a broken leg). Unwilling to even agree to disagree, Ser Werner has dishonored the Convictors and must be punished.
Note: Begins upon talking to Ser Beaudonet the Blunt.
Don of the Mylodons 50 Riversmeet Boss Peluda, Upland Mylodons
Displeased by their violent displacement from the sunbaked stones of Black Iron Bridge, the upland mylodons have lumbered back, this time accompanied by their great elder, Peluda.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Dawn of the Mylodons".
Eye in the Sky 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Deepeyes
Many of the knights stationed in the Coerthas western highlands to watch the skies for Horde activity complain of a constant feeling of being watched giant furry eyes nonetheless. Search the area for the peeping prowlers and provide them with a slightly more permanent form of “shut-eye.”
Follow the Sleet 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Sleet Traps
The endless winter brought by the Calamity has rendered the once lush Gorgagne Holding a frozen wasteland where naught but man-eating sleet traps thrive. But, as the saying goes, an empty wasteland is better than one teeming with deadly seedkin, so take up your swords and slice away.
In Command 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Ice Commanders
If anything is worse than being maimed by an ice commander, it is being buried alive in an avalanche caused by an ice commander and wishing in the final moments before suffocation that you had instead been maimed by an ice commander. Rid the area of ice commanders, and alleviate the need to worry about either.
Land of the Freeze 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Ice Sprites
Ice sprites blown off the windswept Gorgagne Holding and into Camp Riversmeet are freezing all the outpost's drinking water. Slay the spirits and ensure thirsts stay slaked.
No Ifs, Ands, or Butts 50 Riversmeet Boss Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt
Newly knighted Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt cannot understand why people are always laughing behind his back, so to prove he is worthy of their respect, he seeks a battle-hardened opponent with whom he may cross steel.
Note: "Null and Void" begins upon completion.
Null and Void 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Bergthurs
Summoned eons ago and then forgotten, bergthurs are voidsent trapped in a realm not their own, determined to tear their way back to the void even if it means destroying this world in the process.
Note: Begins upon completion of "No Ifs, Ands, or Butts".
One Whiskey, One Goat, One Spear 50 Riversmeet Boss Heidrun
After stumbling upon a barrel of whiskey stored outside one of the Convictors' tents, Heidrun became one of the happiest mountain goats in Coerthas. Once the whiskey had disappeared, however, he transformed into one of the angriest, destroying large stocks of supplies in a futile search for another sip.
Panic Rheum 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies White Gelatos, White Rheums
A voidsent by any other name would still be as unsweet as the deceptively sweet-sounding gelato. Case in point, the rheum (though its name is not very sweet-sounding to begin with). In addition to not being very sweet, both are also very deadly, and if the first is not reason enough to cull their numbers, the second definitely is.
Note: "Sugar, Sugar" begins upon completion.
Pico de Gallows 51 Twinpools Boss Picolaton, Archaeornis
While swift adventurer action has left the archaeornis flock in a state of disarray, the effort may have come too late, as scouts now report the arrival of Picolaton─a terrifying creature known to lay waste to entire companies of knights without suffering more than a few ruffled feathers.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Unsilent Vigil".
Requiem for a Dragon 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Polar Bears, Wooly Yaks
Ever since its exposure following the Calamity, the ice encasing the Dreaming Dragon of Ashpool has been slowly melting, releasing into the nearby air the fetid stench of rotting dragon flesh─a stench that is now driving local fauna into a frenzy. Slay the slavering wooly yaks and polar bears drawn to the dragon before they set their sights on you.
Run, Riders, Run 50 Riversmeet Slay Enemies Silver Wolves
Outriders belonging to House Durendaire have been spotted fleeing from a pack of silver wolves which, despite losing over half of its number to the knights' steel, remains in pursuit, knowing the knights cannot run forever. Hurry to the outriders' aid before their legs fail them.
Sick Pack 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Silver Wolves
When the climate in the highlands changed, once fiercely independent wolf packs began doing the unthinkable─combining, forming super packs so as to increase chances of survival in their new harsh environment. These super packs now pose a serious threat to the knights stationed in the area, and assistance is sought in controlling their numbers.
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia 56 Red Rim Slay Enemies Ice Sprites, Sorbets
The change in climate experienced by Coerthas after the fall of Dalamud has done more than freeze rivers and prevent the growth of foliage─it has made the region more hospitable for a myriad of terrible creatures normally only found dwelling atop the highest of mountains─creatures that have proven naught but headaches for the residents of the western highlands.
Sugar, Sugar 50 Riversmeet Boss Tartufo, White Truffle, White Gelatos, White Rheums
One can tell how well fed an area's residents are by listening to the names given to everyday creatures─playful monikers such as tartufo and white truffle suggesting that starvation-induced delirium is causing everything to resemble food. Unable to fight on empty stomachs, the people of Coerthas seek a better-nourished hero to save them.
Note: Begins upon completion of "Panic Rheum".
The Polar Express 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Polar Bears
Food is scarce in the snow-covered north, so when Ishgardian knights bring in large quantities of rations to outfit their camps, it is only a matter of time before all manner of hungry creatures descend from the mountains looking for a bite. Drive away the beasts to keep the knights' bellies full.
True Convictions 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Archaeornis
Ever yammering about how they seek the glory one might obtain by slaying a dragon, the moment a few archaeornis descend on their camp, the Convictors turn pleading eyes to nearby adventurers, seeking assistance in escaping the day with their lives...and to a lesser extent, their dignities.
Unsilent Vigil 51 Twinpools Slay Enemies Archaeornis
Several archaeornis have flown over Lancegate and begun gathering near the Dusk Vigil. Fearing an attack by the Dravanian Horde near, the knights in the area have put a call out to adventurers requesting assistance in dispersing the flock.
Note: "Pico de Gallows" begins upon completion.
We Fought a Dzu 51 Twinpools Epic Boss Dzu-Teh, Silver Wolves
Numerous are the legends that tell of Dzu-Teh─a yeti as tall as the Craving Tree and as fast as the Swiftrun River. With a temper as hot as the waters of Dragonspit and a heart as cold as the rime-locked Ashpool. With hair as white as the flour once ground at the Gorgagne Mills and... In other words, he must needs be slain.
Note: Grants the achievement "A Day at the Dzu" upon completion.
What You See Is What You Get 50 Riversmeet Boss The Beholder
It is said that when gazing into the eye of the Beholder, a man can see his deepest desires─those desires usually involving escape from the iron grip of the Beholder's wicked claws.