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Player Icons are a feature in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The player can choose a player icon which will then be used to represent them online. Player icons range from the scraps of artwork from all the main series Final Fantasy and spin-offs to in-game screenshots of those games. While there aren't many to choose from at the beginning, more can be unlocked by buying them in the in-game Shop or winning them in special events.

Icon List Edit

# Icon How to obtain Image
??? Dissidia Warrior of Light artwork
Dissidia Warrior of Light artwork icon
??? Dissidia Warrior of Light (13th Cycle)
Dissidia Warrior of Light 13C icon
??? Theatrhythm Warrior of Light artwork (Massive Explosion cover)
Dissidia Theatrhythm Warrior of Light album artwork icon
??? Dissidia Garland artwork
Dissidia Garland artwork icon
??? Pictlogica Sarah artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Sarah artwork icon
??? Duodecim Firion
Dissidia Duodecim Firion icon
??? Dissidia Firion (2017 Tournament)
Dissidia Tournament Firion icon
??? Theatrhythm Firion artwork
Dissidia Theatrhythm Firion artwork icon
??? Dissidia Emperor (2017 Tournament)
Dissidia Tournament Emperor icon
??? Origins Emperor
Dissidia Origins Emperor icon
??? Dissidia Onion Knight artwork
Dissidia Onion Knight artwork icon
??? Dissidia Onion Knight artwork (Sage)
Dissidia Sage Onion Knight artwork icon
??? Pictlogica Cloud of Darkness artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Cloud of Darkness artwork icon
??? Pictlogica Doga artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Unei artwork icon
??? FFIV DS Cecil Harvey
Dissidia FFIV3D Cecil icon
??? The After Years Kain artwork (Holy Dragoon)
Dissidia TheAfterYears Kain Highwind HD artwork icon
??? FFV Bartz & Boco artwork
Dissidia FFV Bartz & Boco artwork icon
??? FFV Exdeath sprite (Tree form)
Dissidia FFV Exdeath Tree icon
??? Record Keeper Faris sprite
Dissidia RecordKeeper Faris icon
??? Record Keeper Galuf sprite
Dissidia RecordKeeper Galuf sprite icon
??? Opera Omnia Terra artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Terra Branford artwork icon
??? Record Keeper Shadow sprite
Dissidia FFVI Shadow sprite icon
??? Record Keeper Locke sprite
Dissidia RecordKeeper Locke Cole sprite icon
??? Advent Children Cloud
Dissidia AdventChildren Cloud icon
??? Advent Children Sephiroth
Dissidia AdventChildren Sephiroth icon
??? Pictlogica Aerith artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Aerith artwork icon
??? Dissidia Squall artwork
Dissidia Squall artwork icon
??? Opera Omnia Squall artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Squall Leonhart artwork icon
??? FFVIII Squall
Dissidia FFVIII Squall icon
??? Theatrhythm Squall artwork
Dissidia Theatrhythm Squall artwork icon
??? FFIX Zidane
Dissidia FFIX Zidane artwork icon
??? FFIX Kuja artwork
Dissidia FFIX Kuja artwork icon
??? Record Keeper Vivi sprite
Dissidia RecordKeeper Vivi icon
??? Pictlogica Garnet artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Garnet artwork icon
??? Pictlogica Quina artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Quina artwork icon
??? Dissidia Tidus artwork
Dissidia Tidus artwork icon
??? Opera Omnia Tidus artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Tidus artwork icon
??? HD Remaster Tidus
Dissidia HDRemaster Tidus icon
??? Pictlogica Jecht artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Jecht artwork icon
??? Pictlogica Yuna artwork
??? Dissidia Shantotto artwork
Dissidia Shantotto artwork icon
??? Opera Omnia Shantotto artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Shantotto artwork icon
??? Theatrhythm Shantotto artwork
Dissidia Theatrhythm Shantotto artwork icon
??? FFXII Vaan
Dissidia FFXII Vaan icon
??? Zodiac Age Vaan
Dissidia ZodiacAge Vaan icon
??? Dissidia Lightning artwork
Dissidia Lightning artwork icon
??? Opera Omnia Y'shtola artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Y'shtola artwork icon
??? Stormblood Lyse artwork
Dissidia Lyse Stormblood Icon
??? Dissidia Ramza
Dissidia Ramza icon
??? Opera Omnia Ramza artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Ramza Beoulve artwork icon
??? Type-0 Ace
Dissidia FFT-0 Ace icon
??? Pictlogica Cid Aulstyne artwork
Dissidia Pictlogica Cid Aulstyne artwork icon
??? WoFF Lann
Dissidia WoFF Lann icon
??? Record Keeper Tyro artwork
Dissidia RecordKeeper Tyro artwork icon
??? Record Keeper Tyro sprite
Dissidia RecordKeeper Tyro sprite icon
??? Dissidia Materia
Dissidia Materia icon
??? Dissidia Materia artwork
Dissidia Materia artwork icon
??? Opera Omnia Materia artwork
Dissidia Opera Omnia Materia artwork icon