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Invisible NPC FFI

The invisible woman of Cornelia, a glitch in the original Final Fantasy.

Various bugs and glitches appear in the Final Fantasy series, referring to programming errors that result in behavior not intended by the programmers. Glitches can be harmless and only manifest as incorrectly displayed graphics, or they can be hazardous and game-breaking, effectively ruining the player's save file.

"Glitching" is the practice of a player exploiting faults in a video game's programming to achieve tasks normally impossible if the game's script runs as intended, such as running through walls. Glitching can be used to gain an unfair advantage over other players in multiplayer games.


Final FantasyEdit

The Intelligence Bug and the Critical Hit Bug are the most game-changing bugs in the original Final Fantasy. As a result, physical attacks are substantially more powerful on average than they would have been had the correct critical rates been used. The Intelligence stat is broken, meaning Red Mages are just as powerful spell-casters as White and Black Mages. The Critical Hit bug has been retained through various remakes, but the Intelligence bug has been fixed in recent releases.

The spells intended to raise effectiveness of physical attacks and evasion are glitched in the NES version, as is the item House, which saves the player's progress before it restores their spell charges. Several weapons are also bugged in the NES version, in which the weapons' intended special effects do not take effect.

Most of the glitches have been fixed in later remakes, apart from the Critical Hit Bug, leading to the assumption it being a conscious choice by the programmers, and thus can no longer be viewed as a "glitch." The remakes also add some bugs of their own: in the Dawn of Souls Whisperwind Cove dungeon, the Angel Ring can never be obtained, as the piece of floor that is supposed to lead to it never appears.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

The Target-Cancel Bug is the most game-changing bug, but is fixed since the Dawn of Souls release. The bug would allow the player to level up their weapons and magic effortlessly by simply choosing a command and then cancelling it straight away.

A similar exploit is to purposefully finish battles with low HP and MP to gain more of these stats; this isn't really a glitch, as much as an exploit of the game's character development system. Most other bugs are only present in the original NES version, which had bugs related to equipment, spells and the dual wielding system with weapons that didn't work as intended.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Various equipment and spell bugs were still present in the original NES release of Final Fantasy III, where certain spells and weapons don't behave as intended and the player could duplicate spells. The biggest exploit in the original NES version is the Item Upgrade Glitch, which would potentially let players get access to the game's most powerful equipment right at the start of the game.

The DS version is an entire remake and thus doesn't suffer from the glitches present in the original version, but it has a whole new glitch of its own, the Item Duplication Glitch.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Final Fantasy IV has been released multiple times on different platforms, and smaller and bigger glitches can be found across versions. Final Fantasy IV was the first Final Fantasy game to feature the Active Time Battle system, but in the original SNES version, it didn't have the time bar indicating the characters' turn order. When this feature was added in the Game Boy Advance version, the system was bugged.

In the original SNES version, there are various bugs concerning equipment, ranging from weapon effects that never take effect, and the Avenger weapon that, among many other glitches, fails to update the character's attack stats to those in the Avenger weapon, retaining whatever stats the character had in the previously equipped weapon, to weapon duplication glitches.

An especially hazardous glitch is the possibility of losing the Lunar Whale airship on the Red Moon. Another fatal glitch is the Save Glitch, which erases all save files on a cartridge.

The Quake spell is bugged in the Advance version, and always hits the enemy party even when the caster is confused. In the Advance version, when using the Smoke spell, the smoke particles may not appear over the whole party, although it doesn't affect the ability's success.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

There is a glitch during the third battle against the Creator in which the Crystal, the item necessary to be able to attack the Creator, cannot be selected for use against the boss, and is instead used on the character attempting to use the item. The cause is unknown, but as this results in a battle where no party will attack it makes the battle never-ending. The only way to escape this is to reset the game.

Another glitch occurs when equipping the Protect Ring and the Fire Scarf. The Protect Ring resists elemental damage, while the Fire Scarf absorbs fire damage. The game can only keep track of one resistance tier per character with absorb taking priority. This is why the Cursed Ring when worn additionally with an elemental resisting item (e.g. Diamond Armor) results in the element being absorbed. The drawbacks of wearing the Cursed Ring balances this, but this was not accounted for when designing the Fire Scarf, thus equipping the scarf and Protect Ring simultaneously has the character absorb all elemental damage.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Final Fantasy V doesn't have glitches that largely affect gameplay like in previous Final Fantasy games, but it does have its fair share of oversights. The most hazardous glitches are the ones where the player may permanently lose their airship, wind drake or black chocobo. If the player loses their airship, they are unable to finish the game. The encounter glitch lets the player avoid random encounters, and berserking Exdeath with the Kiss of Blessing Bug lets the player skip fighting the game's true final boss, Neo Exdeath. Most of the glitches have been fixed in the GBA remake.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

The Super Nintendo version of Final Fantasy VI has over one-hundred different glitches and bugs that were found by hackers, both graphical and gameplay in nature. A few major bugs were not fixed until the Advance port: the Evade Bug that makes the units' regular evasion stat do nothing, and the Vanish-Doom Bug where the invisibility status overrides any unit's instant death immunity, making all enemies in the game easily beatable by this method. One of the most notorious bugs in the whole Final Fantasy series is the Sketch Bug that has various unpredictable results that rendered the use of the whole command risky until it was fixed in the Advance version.

The game has a number of small glitches, such as Gau being unable to use the Tonberries Rage. Another bug makes it so that "invert damage if undead" attack property only affects healing abilities and so some attacks and statuses don't work correctly. The end result is that the majority of undead absorb Poison-elemental damage, when there were supposed to be a few select spells that hurt the undead, and that Sap hurts both the undead and the living.

While the GBA port fixes most of the bugs, it introduces some of its own to the mix, such as the Level Reset Glitch.

Here are some external links to sites of Final Fantasy VI bugfix patches (including patches for countless minor bugs not listed on this wiki, as well as some patches that are more hacks than they are bugfixes):

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Final Fantasy VII has various glitches, ranging from harmless graphics glitches to beneficial or even hazardous.

The W-Item Duplication Bug and its many forms and uses is one of the best known beneficial bugs in the Final Fantasy series. It allows the player to infinitely duplicate virtually any item in the game, apart from key items. Final Fantasy VII also has a notable instance of the overflow glitch, where Barret and Vincent can overflow damage with their ultimate weapons, killing anything in the game in a single hit. Another beneficial glitch comes with the use of the Gil Plus Materia: The player will always get twice as much gil from battles, even if the Materia only has one star.

The Magic Defense bug renders all Magic Defense values in all armor useless, as the stat is never used when calculating damage on a target. This was fixed for the 2012 PC re-release. Another glitch occurs when a character uses an Elixir in battle, which triggers the Cover ability, where the character with the Cover Materia steps in to receive the Elixir instead of the intended person. The status Darkness halves the physical accuracy of weapon-based attacks, but due to a bug, the status only affects the commands Attack, Morph, Deathblow, Mug, Slash-All, Flash, 2x Cut, and 4x Cut. Because enemies do not use the above commands they are unaffected by it, making inflicting opponents with the status pointless.

A potentially hazardous glitch is the Save Crystal Glitch, which may permanently ruin a player's save. Another dangerous glitch lets the player avoid fighting Diamond Weapon, but it will ruin the player's save file. If the player enters the menu and saves their game exactly when the battle against Diamond Weapon is going to start, and then loads their game normally, Diamond Weapon has vanished. This leads the player unable to finish the game as the barrier over North Crater is still intact.

The phenomenon of seeing Aeris's "ghost" in the Sector 5 Church is associated with glitches, although the ghost itself is intended to appear. Some enemies have glitched attack patterns where they are meant to use a certain attack but never do. These bugs go largely unnoticed by players.

If Sneak Attack is used to revive fallen party members their ATB bars will never fill up.

There is a glitch that lets the player skip the entire returning to Midgar scenario all the way up to the boss battle against Helletic Hojo. When the player approaches the North Crater on the Highwind after defeating Diamond Weapon, a scene will trigger where Reeve Tuesti is in the Shinra Headquarters' conference room and will call Professor Hojo on his cellphone and a scene of Hojo operating the Sister Ray's controls is meant to play. The player can trigger the boss battle with Helletic Hojo straight from the scene where Reeve phones Hojo, because during scenes like this the game is meant to cancel character movement, but in this scene if the player holds down, right and run buttons while the scene fades to Hojo's field, the game will consider the player to move towards the location and starts the boss battle.

Another glitch is the Repeating Boss Glitch that allows one to fight almost any boss on field maps twice (so the Weapons except Diamond fought on the world map are excluded). To do this, one must skip a random battle by opening the menu the instant the game wants to give a random encounter on a field map. This trick can be useful since it allows players to get the battle spoils twice.

All glitches present in the PS version are also in the PC versions of the game. The original PC version has a humorous graphics glitch that occurs if Vincent is in the party at Aeris's death, where his character model is stuck with one leg extended out into the air, although this was fixed in the 2012 re-release. Another glitch exclusive to the PC versions is the "Yuffie Warping Glitch."

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

The original PC-version of Final Fantasy VIII has many glitches not present in the PS version, ranging from the game crashing easily to minor graphical errors. A patch was released to fix the surfaced issues. Without the patch, when the player would cast Double or Triple, the game would say "Doppel" and "Trippel" during the spell animation, instead of the spells' proper names; also the animations displayed for the Devour command would be in German.

There were also issues of certain cards mysteriously disappearing from the card inventory, and the automatic scenes not starting; for example, when the player approaches Galbadia Garden stationed near Edea's Orphanage, the Battle of the Gardens is supposed to ensue; some players found that the scene triggering the war never begins, thus leaving them stranded.


Player's Ragnarok stuck.

The player may run into a game-breaking bug where they lose their Ragnarok airship by landing it too near a structure on the world map, tangling the airship with it making it impossible to board again. Because the player needs the Ragnarok to invade Lunatic Pandora with, they can become stranded if they lose their airship.

Another known oddity is the Dummy enemy, a leftover test enemy in the game's data. Another thing that is rather more of an exploit than a glitch is the chance to duplicate items in Chocobo World. In general, Final Fantasy VIII has fewer glitches than most of its predecessors, and the only big glitch, the Junction Glitch, was fixed for the western releases.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

The best known glitch in Final Fantasy IX is the Thunder Slash Glitch, where if Steiner uses the move it has an accuracy of 0%. Another, more uncommon glitch, occurs when the player boards the airship after entering the quicksands. After leaving the ship, the player will be stuck in the middle of the ocean, unable to move. The only way to fix this is to start a new game.

If the eidolon, Fenrir's Terrestrial Rage attack is summoned on Bombs, sometimes when they use Grow, their graphic will disappear and they become invisible. If the player then inflicts them with Poison or Darkness, only the status effect's graphics float in the air.

These glitches have been fixed to the most recent PAL-versions, but the Thunder Slash Glitch is still present in the game's most recent release in North America via the PSN.

A rumor of a glitch is the "Gold Chocobo Bug," supposedly allowing the player obtain a gold chocobo to skip a portion of the storyline. However, this has been determined to be a hoax.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy X doesn't have many glitches compared to the previous games. The only big glitch is the Home Glitch or "New Game Plus Glitch" it is sometimes referred as, which lets the player jump back in time and replay portions of the game by returning to Home at a time it shouldn't be possible any more. This glitch was fixed in the PAL (European and Australian) release, and only works in the Japanese International version.

In the International version, during the encounter against Dark Valefor a glitch will occasionally crash the game on either the cutscene before or after the fight. If this glitch happens once, it will always happen in that save file, effectively preventing the player from fighting Penance. The glitch was fixed in the PAL release.

The game also has some minor graphical glitches. For example, if Wakka is petrified by his own attack via the Stonestrike ability, his ball is stuck petrified high above his head, hovering in mid-air. Wakka's ball stays up in the air even after he is healed from petrification, although it doesn't hinder his ability to attack with it.

The Abyss Worm's Regurgitate attack is glitched and may end up making party members invisible until the swallowed characters have left the battleground for a summon or the battle ends, provided a character is under the effect of Guard or Sentinel when Abyss Worm uses this ability. This glitch does not affect gameplay.

If a character with Auto-Potion in their armor is KO'd, they will still lose the item even if it isn't ever actually used. If the player has 8,000 gil or more they can fight Fenrir for free; no matter what the result is, the player won't lose any money.

Kimahri can learn Thrust Kick as an Overdrive, which the game describes as able to Eject enemies; however, due to an oversight by the developers either on the programming side or on the side of the persons who did the game text, Kimahri's Thrust Kick does not inflict Eject, it only does damage. Similarly, the game describes Shiva's Heavenly Strike attack able to inflict delay, but it actually inflicts Threaten status. Likewise, a minor error in the in-game description of Tetra Elemental item erroneously says it works on the party, but it only work on a single party member.

The blitzball minigame has a glitch where the player takes the ball and stays behind the goalkeeper of his team, the opponents will never try to take the ball. If the player's team is leading, the player can wait there until the match end and easily win. Square Enix never fixed the bug even in the later versions, such as the International and the HD Remaster versions.

The Catcher Chocobo minigame has a bug where the player can hang the chocobo at the edge of the Calm Lands until the limited time (2 minutes) is almost up, then continue the race and take a hit from the bird on purpose just right before the time is up. By doing this the player will never get hit by birds in the next race. This bug only happens in the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2.

The HD Remaster version for PlayStation 4 has the background music not resume where it left off after a battle, but starts the track from the beginning again. Glitches concerning this version's random number generator have also been reported.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

The most notable bug in Final Fantasy X-2 is the Episode Complete Bug, that if the player gets Episode Complete in Zanarkand Ruins they are not transported back to the Celsius, meaning if Zanarkand is the last location the player goes to get Episode Complete, the scene where the Gullwings are given the Mascot dressphere never triggers, and the player misses out on it even if they fill the requirements.

Due to a bug, the Dark Knight can avoid damage from the Darkness command by equipping the Ragnarok accessory.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Immobilize Glitch can cause enemies to disappear in the field, and also allow characters to "teleport" within large zones. Another useful glitch is the Zone Out Glitch, which tricks the game into thinking a dead monster has not been spawned yet, and thus respawns it. The Dead Character Glitch on the other hand sends a player character into a kind of limbo of having been flagged defeated, but still remaining on the screen, which messes up enemies' attack patterns.

If a player is riding a chocobo and the time is running out, they can get more time in the timer by quickly entering the menu at when the timer has 0.0 seconds left, enter the Equip menu and change equipment (it's easy to just use the remove all equipment command and then immediately choose the optimize option), come back to the field, and the chocobo timer has gained 1.8 more seconds. The player can do the trick again and again to ride a chocobo for as long as they like if they are patient enough.

Another notable thing that may be a glitch is that petrified enemies don't break the battle chain, but their loot drops are still calculated by the current battle chain. This means the player can rake a high battle chain with common enemies, and then go and petrify some rarer enemies to collect their improved loot drops without the chain breaking.

There is a glitch that occurs in the NTSC version of Final Fantasy XII, but seems to have been fixed by the PAL release, where the player may get stuck behind a standing Garif Herder in the Lull of the Land area of Jahara.

If an Etém is afflicted with both Disable and Confuse, it will continuously teleport without pause. They cannot be killed or dispelled, and the status effects will not wear out, as they are paused while the enemy is teleporting.

An example of a purely cosmetic glitch is the "flapping hair woman" in Rabanastre, close to the bridge near the Sandsea, wherein a NPC, when spoken to, will have wildly flapping hair for no apparent reason. One also exists in the Rabanastre Aerodome, but will only rarely be activated. Something that is more of a mistake than a glitch, is Dyce in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. Before defeating the Garuda Dyce looks completely different than how he appears afterward.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Final Fantasy XIII has some glitches regarding the computer controlled units' AI on the field. The player may find the enemy soldiers continually running around in circles, or party members getting stuck in a jumping motion, endlessly jumping back and forth over a gap. The glitches are merely visual and don't hamper gameplay.

There is a glitch that renders Snow Villiers's weapon outside of battle, letting him have a "different" coat on the field. If the player kills a beast on a mission with the Eidolon of another character, and the summoning is executed while the beast is attacking Snow, Snow's weapon stays on him, even on the field.

There is a glitch where while doing Mission 6 "No Place Like Home" one can kill the Munchkin Maestro without it completing the mission.

In the PC-version, playing at a resolution higher than 1280x720 results in the "Notes"-section of the enemy intel-screen not being displayed properly.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

There is a bug regarding the Live Trigger in the Archylte Steppe in the Year Unknown: it doesn't allow the player to collect a missing adornment when the Live Trigger scene occurs after the battle with Faeryl, and if the player does not select the comedic response on the first playthrough of the area, they will not be able to obtain a monster adornment if they replay the area and select the comedic response.

There is a glitch regarding Yaschas Massif where if character will stand on a certain part of stair, the character will shake. This glitch is harmless and can be dispelled by moving the character away.

Some players have reported Mog getting stuck hovering or spinning in place in A Dying World. Since Mog cannot be thrown in the area and the Historia Crux only allows the player to visit Serendipity and the Coliseum at the time, he remains unable to uncover necessary people and elements in the area, and the player cannot move forward in the story.

In battle, performing the Friendly Fire Feral Link with monsters such as the Circuitron will sometimes render the Auto Battle option unusable in the turn afterward. If the player attempts to select the Auto Battle option, the sound effect that plays when Auto Battle actions are queued will play, but no actions will be queued and the player will not be taken to the target selection screen. Players can still manually input abilities and use items, and after the turn has passed, the Auto Battle option will work as normal.

Final Fantasy XV Episode DuscaeEdit

In the original version it was possible to leave the intended demo bounds to venture outside the map and approach the large crystal in the area. If the player ventured too far off the map they got an error message and a Game Over. One way to leave the map was to use the cars driving around by running in front of them at the boundaries to push Noctis out. The demo was later patched.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

The original PS version had some glitches that were later fixed to the War of the Lions remake. The Quickening Glitch is more of an exploit of game mechanics than a glitch, and can still be performed in the War of the Lions remake.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Final Fantasy Mystic QuestEdit

The most famous glitch is Benjamin's Cure when cast on the final boss, causing the Dark King to take over ten thousand damage due to the Overflow Glitch. The player can also gain a free level up from Battlefields that reward EXP, by leveling up during the final fight of the Battlefield. The EXP prize will cause the player to level a second time, even though it is not high enough to raise the player an entire level.

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

There is one known glitch in the game:

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

The most famous and peculiar bug in this game is the Saw Bug.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

There are two known glitches, both of which can harm the player's game and render it unplayable if the player exploits them. There is also a glitch related to the Sound Test. A bug occurs where the save-counter value from the loading screen is carried over if the player happens to go there first, leading to overflow and illegal values for the Sound Effect option.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

There are two known glitches in the game:

Dissidia Final Fantasy & Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Final Fantasy had a number of harmless graphics glitches, which were fixed in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The biggest glitches, however, the Double KO glitch and the Holy Glitch, exist in both games.

The Mirage Sandsea contains some errors in its terrain, the most notable being in the forest northeast to the Gateway Forgotten Trail, which will leave the player stuck, the only way out being resetting the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

There is one known glitch in the game:

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