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BD The following is a list of command abilities in Bravely Default.

Main commandsEdit

The following commands are available to all four playable characters.

Command Description Image
Attack Attack with the equipped weapon.
Abilities Use an ability.
Brave Spend BP to increase your actions.
Default Go on the defensive and increase your BP.
Summon Friend Summon or send to a friend.
Items Use an item.
Special Use a special move.
Run Try to run away. Bravely Default Run
End End command phase.

Job commandsEdit

Job commands appear within the Abilities menu.

Command Job Description Image
Miscellany Freelancer Use various helpful abilities.
Martial Arts Monk
White Magic White Mage Use healing and supporting magic.
Black Magic Black Mage Use damaging magic.
Chivalry Knight Boost defense and attack.
Thievery Thief Steal items and health.
Commerce Merchant Attack with powerful and costly moves.
Sword Magic Spell Fencer Add elemental damage to your weapon.
Time Magic Time Mage Use magic to control time and gravity.
Hunting Ranger Use attacks that damage certain families more than others.
Summoning Summoner Use powerful summons that cost a lot of MP.
Acrobatics Valkyrie
B/W Magic Red Mage Use black and white magic.
Piracy Pirate
Medication Salve-Maker Use items to their full potential.
Singing Performer Boost allies with song.
Bushido Swordmaster Reduce damage, then counterattack.
Ninjutsu Ninja Use many sneaky ninja technique.
Ritualism Arcanist Do damage to enemies with a certain status ailment.
Spiritualism Spiritmaster Protect allies with magic.
Holy Arts Templar
Vampirism Vampire Use genome abilities.
Dark Arts Dark Knight Attack with powerful moves that cost HP.
Invocation Conjurer

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