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This is a list of items found in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-.

Consumable itemsEdit

Name RP Exchange GP Exchange Effect
10 Restores 200 HP.
50 Restores 500 HP.
200 Restores to max HP.
100 Restores 100 MP.
500 Restores 200 MP.
Turbo Ether
400 Restores to max MP.
Restores to max HP and MP.
Phoenix Down
Restores to max HP when user is incapacitated.
Guard Drink
100 Raises Defense for 30 seconds.
Power Drink
Raises Attack power for 30 seconds.

Possession itemsEdit

Name RP Exchange GP Exchange Effect
Raises Magic power by up to 30%.
100 Raises chance of critical hits.

Miscellaneous itemsEdit

Name RP Exchange GP Exchange Effect
1/1000 Highwind
(1/1000スケール ハイウィンド)



Chocobo itemsEdit

Name RP Exchange GP Exchange Effect
Gysahl Greens
Krakka Greens
Tantal Greens
Pahsana Greens
Curiel Greens
Mimmett Greens
Reagan Greens
Sylkis Greens
Pepio Nut
Luchile Nut
Saraha Nut
Lasan Nut
Pram Nut
Porov Nut
Carob Nut
Zeio Nut

Excavation itemsEdit

Name RP Exchange GP Exchange Effect

Deadly Waste
Dragon Scale
Fire Fang
Bird Wing
War Gong
Earth Drum
Vagyrisk Claw
Star Pendant

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