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Script error Liquid Flame is a boss in Final Fantasy V. Appearing in the Fire-Powered Ship, the Liquid Flame tries to stop the party from reaching the Fire Crystal. The Liquid Flame can be fought again in the Phoenix Tower, this time with higher stats.


The Liquid Flame will constantly change form. The human form will mostly focus on offense, the hand form will focus on defense, while the tornado form will focus on healing itself with Fira.

When damaged, the human form will counter with Blaze, the hand form will counter with Fira and the tornado form will counter with Magnet. It will then change to another form.

The form in the Phoenix Tower can be slain later by the party's Necromancer to obtain the Dark Art Meltdown.


Having high level Blizzard magic will help: having Black Mages cast Blizzara and the Mystic Knight should charge up Blizzara Sword. If the player has it, Shiva will also prove useful. The player can break some Ice Rods as they should deal a lot of damage too. The hand form, however, is immune to Ice. When Liquid Flame switches to tornado form, the player should fully heal the party since it will not attack, and wait for it to exhaust its MP.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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FFRK Liquid Flame FFV

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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