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Link attack with Gladiolus

Link attack with Gladiolus.

Link-strikes (リンクアタック, Rinku Atakku?, lit. Link Attack) and blindside-strikes (バックアタック, Bakku Atakku?, lit. Back Attack) are co-op attacks the player can perform with party members and their Level 10 chocobo in Final Fantasy XV. The player can perform link-strikes with the three default party members, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, but also with guest party members. Linked attacks can trigger when blindside-attacking an enemy, or when parrying an enemy attack. Link-strikes can be performed with a party member nearby who isn't incapacitated by a status ailment or in Danger.

Once a link-strike initiates they cannot be halted and the participants cannot be hit for its duration. The Friendship Band accessory allows link-strikes to initiate even across a distance. It is often the easiest to trigger link-strikes with Ignis because his AI behavior has him stay closest to Noctis.

The Critical Link Ascension ability makes all link-strikes critical hits. Limitless Link allows link-strikes to break the damage limit, and Link Up boosts link-strike damage. Super Link Up further boosts link-strike damage.

Performing a blindside-link the first time earns the Blind Spot achievement/trophy. Initialting a link-strike after parrying yields Noct You Like a Hurricane.