Link attack with Gladiolus

Link attack with Gladiolus.

Link-strikes (リンクアタック, Rinku Atakku?, lit. Link Attack) and blindside-links (バックアタック, Bakku Atakku?, lit. Back Attack) are co-op attacks the player can perform with party members and their Level 10 chocobo in Final Fantasy XV.


The player can perform link-strikes with the three default party members, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, but also with guest party members. Linked attacks can trigger when blindside-attacking an enemy, or when parrying an enemy attack. Link-strikes can be performed with a party member nearby who isn't incapacitated by a status ailment or in Danger. Link-strikes can be initiated when Noctis wields a sword, greatsword, or a lance; royal arms never trigger link-strikes.

Once a link-strike initiates they cannot be halted and the participants cannot be hit for its duration. The Friendship Band accessory allows link-strikes to initiate even across a distance. It is often the easiest to trigger link-strikes with Ignis because his AI behavior has him stay closest to Noctis. He also has the most powerful link-strike if Noctis strikes an enemy from behind with a greatsword. Blindside-linking with Prompto with a greatsword can also result in an especially powerful link-strike.

When triggering a Blindstrike without linking, the player can momentarily stop attacking until Noctis starts the "put away weapon" animation, and then attack again for another chance at triggering a link-strike. The player can also change weapons right before pressing Attack as different weapon types have different link-strikes, some of them especially strong.

The Critical Link Ascension ability makes all link-strikes critical hits. Limitless Link allows link-strikes to break the damage limit, and Link Up boosts link-strike damage. Super Link Up further boosts link-strike damage.

Performing a blindside-link the first time earns the Blind Spot achievement/trophy. Initiating a link-strike after parrying yields Noct You Like a Hurricane.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XV: Episode GladiolusEdit

Gladiolus can perform link-strikes with Cor Leonis. Doing it five times earns the Master and Pupil achievement/trophy.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode PromptoEdit


"Beauty of Teamwork"

The player can perform link-strikes with Aranea Highwind. The Beauty of Teamwork Archive Highlight is obtained on the bridge in the room before the Barbarus corridor when the player performs a link-strike.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode IgnisEdit

Ignis can perform link-strikes with Ravus Nox Fleuret.

Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's FestivalEdit


Noctis and Prompto perform blindside-link.

Noctis and Prompto can perform a blindside-link against a cactuar in Whack-a-Cactuar 2. Doing this to the Gigantuar nets 4,000 points.

Close Encounter of the Terra KindEdit

Noctis Sarah link-strike from FFXV x Terra Wars collab

Noctis and Sarah do a link-strike.

Link-strikes are unlocked after the second battle, after which Noctis and Sarah find a way to be "in sync" in battle. The player can still "link" with Sarah in the first battle, but the link-strike will fail: Sarah jumps onto Noctis who was not expecting it and he falls over, and both call out the other. After the two are "in sync" the player can link with Sarah with any weapon, unlike in the main game where only certain weapon types are compatible with link-striking.



  • Cor and Iris share a link-strike of a high spinning kick.