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Zell- Dolphin Blow

Zell performs Dolphin Blow, one of his Limit Breaks.

VIII The Limit command selects and uses a character's Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. Unlike Final Fantasy VII, where the character had to take damage to build up a gauge, the Limit Break system for Final Fantasy VIII works similarly to the Desperation Attack system in Final Fantasy VI where the attacks trigger randomly when the party member is low in health.

Each playable character has a unique set of Limit Breaks, and learn and use them in distinctive ways.

Mechanics Edit

Using a Limit Break Edit


When the prompt for a Limit Break appears depends on Crisis Level.

The Limit command has a low chance of appearing when a character is around 25% of their HP, but the odds improve the lower their HP is, and the odds can be further increased by having the Aura status. When a Limit Break is available an arrow appears next to the Attack command and choosing Right reveals the Limit command. The player can reset a character's turn by pressing Triangle, and repeatedly doing so until a Limit Break shows up can be used when a player wishes to unleash one.

Limits are unusable while a character is under the Curse status, or in Ultimecia Castle when the Limit command is sealed.

Crisis Level Edit

The Limit Break's chance of appearing is determined by a hidden stat known as the Crisis Level. The character's Crisis Level rises the lower their HP is, the number of KO'd party members, and the more status ailments they are afflicted with. With knowledge of the Crisis Level system the player becomes able to easily manipulate the Limit Break system, able to unleash Limit Breaks almost at will.

Limit BreaksEdit

Each character has a unique Limit Break, and permanently playable characters have unique Limit commands as well; Laguna's party only has one Limit Break each, and unleash their attacks via the basic Limit command.

Playable charactersEdit


See the Limit Break sequences here.


Squall's Limit is Renzokuken. Depending on the Limit Level, the Limit Break is activated and will do anywhere between 4-8 hits on a selected enemy. The hits are indicated by a bar of light that sweeps through the gauge at the bottom of the screen, and pressing the R1 when the light passes into the box on the left will make that particular hit a critical hit.

After finishing Renzokuken, depending on the gunblade Squall currently has equipped, he may perform one of four finishing moves, each with their own properties. The finishing moves are: Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone, and Lion Heart.


See the Limit Break sequences here.
Laser eye ffviii

Laser Eye, Quistis's initial Blue Magic.

Quistis's Limit Break is Blue Magic, which allows her to use various enemy abilities for a wide arrange of effects, ranging from healing, buffing, debuffing, or damaging. Blue Magics must be learned via use of specific items in the inventory, although Quistis starts with Laser Eye. There is a total of 16 Blue Magic spells to learn, and the power and effects of each are affected by Crisis Level, outside of White Wind and Degenerator.


See the Limit Break sequences here.

Punch Rush, one of the initial Duel abilities.

Zell's Limit Break is Duel, which consists of inputting various commands within a time limit to continue the Limit. To learn new Duels, the player must collect and read Combat King magazines found from around the world and purchased in Esthar City book store. The abilities can be used before being unlocked by inputting the correct button combination, but they will not appear as an option. Duel has four finishing moves: Burning Rave, Meteor Barret, Different Beat, and My Final Heaven. The amount of time given for Duel and the starting move varies upon the Crisis Level.


See the Limit Break sequences here.

Full Cure, one of the unique Slot abilities.

Selphie's Limit Break is Slots, which randomly gives a spell and amount of uses for that spell upon selecting it and each time "Do Over" is selected. The spells chosen and amount of uses for the spell vary depending on what slot the player is in, as well as the Crisis Level at the time of using Slots. Any spell cast via Slots does not count towards Selphie's stock magic. There are four unique spells to Slots: Wall, Full Cure, Rapture, and The End.


See the Limit Break sequences here.

Angelo Cannon, Rinoa's initial Combine ability.

Rinoa has access to two Limit Breaks: Combine and Angel Wing.

Combine is Rinoa's default Limit Break, and calls forth her dog Angelo to perform various abilities. Angelo Cannon and Angelo Rush are learned by default and the other abilities must be learned by finding and reading Pet Pals magazines, then selecting the ability to learn from Rinoa's Status window, and finally by walking around on the world map or field while Rinoa is in the party. Each ability takes certain number of steps to learn, and once learned, will randomly be chosen when Combine is activated. Not all Angelo skills can be used from the Combine command, however, as the healing, item searching and counterattack abilities only activate randomly during battle when certain criteria are met.

Rinoa limit break

Angel Wing.

Angel Wing is Rinoa's second Limit Break gained after the events on the Ragnarok. It will put Rinoa into a Berserk-like state where she will constantly attack using random magic from her stocked magic without expending them. The power of these spells is increased and the status cannot be removed outside of KOing or petrifying her. If Rinoa has no magic stocked she will attack with physical attacks instead, and her attacks deal increased damage. Rinoa will never use curative or buffing magic during Angel Wing.


See the Limit Break sequences here.

Scatter Shot, one of Irvine's Shot abilities.

Irvine's Limit Break is Shot, in which the player is prompted to select an ammo and use the R1 to fire off as many bullets as possible in a given time limit. Each ammo has a different delay between shots and various effects. The max limit for items is 100, and to use a given Shot Limit, the player must collect the corresponding ammo. Shot cannot be performed if the player does not have any ammo in their inventory.

Temporary charactersEdit


See the Limit Break sequences here.
FFVIII Demon Slice

Demon Slice, one of Seifer's Limits in a boss fight.

Seifer is playable during the Siege of Dollet. His Limit Break is Fire Cross, for which only No Mercy is available for the player to use. It inflicts heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies with a base power of 80. The other Fire Cross abilities are used during boss fights against Seifer, including Demon Slice and Bloodfest.

Seifer is unique in that he can unleash his Limit Break without needing to be in critical health. The attack Seifer performs in the opening FMV resembles his Limit command, as he always starts it by casting a fire spell, although the spell is not actually an elemental attack when used as part of his Fire Cross.


See the Limit Break sequences here.

Laguna and his friends are playable during dream scenarios. Laguna's Limit Break is Desperado, in which he inflicts massive damage to all enemies with a base power of 140.


See the Limit Break sequences here.
Kiros FF8 Blood Pain

Kiros Seagill's Limit, Blood Pain.

Kiros's Limit Break is Blood Pain, in which Kiros attacks one enemy multiple times for moderate damage.


See the Limit Break sequences here.
Massive Anchor FF8

Ward Zabac's Limit, Massive Anchor.

Ward's Limit Break is Massive Anchor, which inflicts massive damage to all enemies with a base power of 150. It hits once.


See the Limit Break sequences here.
Ice Strike FFVIII battle

Edea Kramer's Limit, Ice Strike.

Edea is playable briefly during the time the party crosses the Great Salt Lake and during the Siege of Esthar. Edea's Limit Break is the Sorcery skillset, in which there is only one subset, Ice Strike. Ice Strike inflicts massive non-elemental damage to one enemy with a base power of 120 and is unaffected by Crisis Level. Edea uses her Limit Break once in a cutscene.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy VIII demoEdit

The PlayStation demo takes place during the Siege of Dollet where Rinoa replaces Seifer and Selphie for the portions they are playable in the final game. She has no Limit command and Angelo never appears to counterattack. Squall has Renzokuken and Fated Circle, and Zell performs a scripted Duel instead of allowing the player to input the commands.

In the PC version demo Squall's and Quistis's Limit Breaks work as normal, but their range of abilities is limited and they cannot learn new ones.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008) Edit

Dissidia Squall uses his Renzokuken moves from Final Fantasy VIII and his EX Burst is Lion Heart, the ultimate Renzokuken finisher from his original game.

Ultimecia's EX Burst could be seen as her Limit Break, although she doesn't use one in Final Fantasy VIII.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Dissidia012 Squall's Limit Break moves return, albeit slightly changed. Laguna's EX Burst is Desperado, which the player has to aim to land as many hits as possible before time runs out.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015) Edit

Dissidia Squall can use his Renzokuken abilities in the arcade version of Dissidia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit


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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit


Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

FFAB Characters from Final Fantasy VIII use their Limit Breaks when they are summoned as Legends. In addition, players can obtain certain Limit Breaks to use as abilities.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy Artniks Edit


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Final Fantasy All the Bravest Edit

ATB Squall has access to his Blasting Zone Limit Break as his attack, while Rinoa has access to her Angelo Cannon Limit Break as her attack and Seifer has access to his No Mercy Limit Break as his attack.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK The party members from Final Fantasy VIII can use their Limit Break abilities.

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World of Final FantasyEdit


WoFF Lion Heart
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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

Squall (under the name Leon) uses his Rough Divide Limit Break.

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